App's Dear Diary

February 02, 2023
Dear Diary, I'm so sick of being upset over how the relationship turned out. I'm so sick of her trying to victimize herself to justify the breakup and blaming me for it. Making me out to be some toxic monster when she was the toxic one, but I di
Feb 03
January 31, 2023
Dear Diary, I wish it was okay to not be "okay", to say no when someone asks how I'm doing, to not feel forced to give a positive answer because the response that will follow from the other end of the conversation.  "Why? What happened? (Or
Jan 31
January 26, 2023
Dear Diary, Since I've been away from here, some things are sort of coming to the surface, things I was blind to and didn't see before. That seems to be how it goes in all my relationships, once they end I see the flaws, I see it from an outside
Jan 26
January 21, 2023
Dear Diary, I ended up asking about the bracelets. Turns out I was right about it, it only showed hers was connected because it was close enough to her phone to connect. The day I asked her she was quite hostile towards me, I guess she was u
Jan 22
January 18, 2023
Dear Diary, Today I was going to ask her why she's still wearing our long distance couples bracelet. I was so certain that she was but I'm thinking maybe there are other reasons why it still says she's connected to it. I actually did ask.. so
Jan 18
January 17, 2023
Dear Diary, For the past couple days we haven't spoken a word, our last discussion started about a streak we had going, 439 days I believe it's at as I speak. The conversation was a debate regarding whether we should keep the streak going or not
Jan 17
January 09, 2023
Dear Love, We broke up... no you broke up with me, you asked me to stay in your life, you said you needed me and would spiral without me there but if thats the truth you never would've left. I don't know if I'm disappointed, I should be but like
Jan 10
January 07, 2023
Dear Diary, It didn't take me long to realize in our relationship that she wasn't relationship ready.  What I mean by this is that relationships take full commitment and supporting each other the best you can during that relationship but instea
Jan 07
January 02, 2023
Dear Diary, It's crazy how one day you randomly meet someone and then a few months down the line they've become a huge part of your life. You can barely imagine a life without them in it. Fate really does bring the right people together when its
Jan 02
October 17, 2022
Dear Diary, I'm so happy with us, the way she makes me feel, the mercy she gives when I make mistakes, the love radiating out of her all the time. I love the way she can be fully herself with me but doesn't with anyone else. This is the love I'v
Oct 17
September 27, 2022
Dear Diary, Recently my girlfriend has started a way to earn a little bit of money. The method is called epal which is an app for people to order other people to play with.  Had the idea been presented to me like the description I gave of it
Sep 27
September 10, 2022
Dear Diary, Life sucks.
Sep 10
September 06, 2022
Dear Diary, Something I've really been thinking about on my drive home, and I guess a little bit throughout my entire life is the way certain things only exist for me, something simply because of what a first person does or says. For example, th
Sep 06
August 30, 2022
Dear Diary Ok, first of all, since I'm doing this with text to speech, hey, might be weird for a little bit, well, not for a little bit, but some stuff might not make sense because the voice recognition thing didn't pick it up correctly, or maybe
Aug 30
August 28, 2022
Dear Diary, I don't think I'm unhappy, but I'm sometimes frustrated with my relationship.  I've been conditioned to the rules that being unsatisfied makes me ungrateful and that shes never enough. If I speak against how she feels then I'm inval
Aug 28