Appux's Dear Diary

July 29, 2021
Dear Diary, Sigh... Things didn't work out how I planned them to.  My gf and I have been keeping our relationship a secret and finding ways to text even when her phone has been permanently taken.  We've been doing this since July 14th which w
Jul 29
July 27, 2021
Dear Diary, A couple days ago one of my gf's co-workers gave her one of their old phones to use since hers got permanently taken. I'm super glad she did, was very nice of her. She told me that her friend was worried about her and I replied with
Jul 27
July 22, 2021
Dear Diary, Since she got her phone taken, she's found an alternative way to communicate till school starts back up. A laptop that her mom never touches, "covered in dust" she said. She brought it up to her room and we talk often through out the
Jul 22
July 21, 2021
Dear Diary, After all the relationships I've been through, and having all of them fail the same way was starting to make me think I could never really be happy.  I finally found her though, happiness came my way and damn was she amazing. Som
Jul 22
July 20, 2021
Dear Diary, I'm so depressed and mentally unhealthy. I think if I don't find a way out of it, its gonna ruin what life I have left. That life being my relationship with my significant other and my future after senior year as well as maybe even s
Jul 21
July 19, 2021
Dear Diary, After not being able to discuss the things I had found that my girlfriend had been doing behind my back for 7 days because she got her phone taken by her witch of a mother, today we finally got to talk. I had written a whole lot for
Jul 20
July 19, 2021
Dear Diary, My girlfriend being only 17 is still under the control of her mother, that being said she still hasn't gotten her phone back that was taken 6 days ago and probably won't get it back for a long time. Her mother also had been peste
Jul 19
July 17, 2021
Dear Diary, The last few days have been really really hard for me. I recently found out my girlfriend has been talking to other people as if I didn't exist or even worse, telling them she hates her love life because I'm a horrible boyfriend who'
Jul 17
July 16, 2021
Dear Diary, Hola, back after a year of silence. Just got done rereading all of my past entries just to remind me of what was going on when I left. Looking forward to writing publicly again, as I have been writing on a private folder on my c
Jul 16
August 25, 2020
Depression.Its something I've delt with a lot in my life, it runs in my family so I guess I can't be surprised to have a mental disorder related to it. I thought for a while I might have gotten rid of it... I was indenial. Depression like heroin, met
Aug 25
August 23, 2020
Dear Diary, What is with feminism? Do girls think that only they are victimized?  I just finished watching a documentary called "The Red Pill". the "pill" reference is from a movie called "The Matrix". In the movie, the world most people believ
Aug 23
August 08, 2020
This is for the people that aren't "educated" so to speak, on Covid 19. As you know the virus  is spreading across the world, we all know that and the only thing the media tells you to do is to wear masks and keep a 6ft distance from other people, an
Aug 08
August 06, 2020
Story time, How I lost my virginity... (Btw this is excessivly long, fully understand if you don't wanna read, but its about the beginning and end of how I met a girl and ended up losing my v-card, also its not as obvious as you would think *wink wi
Aug 07
August 06, 2020
Dear Diary, Todays write is kinda just to make sure I keep up with it. Today has really just been the same as any other day. Last night I had a dream about the girl from my past. Someone I had and still might have conflicting feelings about, th
Aug 06
August 05, 2020 3:30am
Dear Diary, I have to record this moment. So im currently working on a big story to post and i accidentally hit a button and i didn't know which option to choose because my brain just isnt working at this hour, so I picked one and it closed the ent
Aug 05