February 14, 2023


Dear Diary,

Recently on a social platform I changed my profile picture from its normal one. It was never of my real face, simply an animated character. Today I changed it to a picture I found cute, because theres 2 characters in it people often assume it means someone else matches their pfp with the other character in the photo. 

My recent ex who I haven't gotten over I think saw it and in retaliation set her status to "my valentine is so hot". Or thats how it feels at least, its like her to publicly say something like that- she very rarely showed me off publicly while I was her boyfriend. Its also hard to believe she already has someone else so soon knowing her, after all I was her first ever.

Its only a guess but it just feels like shes only doing it to hurt my feelings. We aren't on talking terms so I'm not gonna ask her, and I also wouldn't want to give her effort to hurt me any attention to satisfy her intentions.

It is what it is I guess, if It made me angry It might've helped me move on faster but it just hurts because it only saddens not angers me.