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So often the diary is too far away in the shelf back home that you can’t write when you actually want to and then you forget it or don’t feel like writing anymore. But now you can write whenever you want and from wherever you are.

private is private

Your private notes are 100% Private.
Of course you don’t want to share every secret.
You can choose to keep your notes private and only you can read them. We'll hold your secrets safe.

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It can never be lost
Always safe in our secure vaults. You'll never lose your diary.
Secure private notes
All private notes are 100% secure and encrypted. No one else can read your private notes.
Share at your leisure
You can choose to share individual notes publicly and everyone can read that.
No one to Judge you!
There is no like or clap button. No one will ever judge you for what you write in your diary.
Write in your own style
Feel more lively while writing with customizable theme and fonts.
Search in your notes
It's a lot easy to search in your notes using a digital diary.

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