July 02, 2023


You tell him you love him but then leave

so did you really even love him? 

Or did you just love the fact that he gave you affection and attention? 

Why did you mentally drain him when you could have just left him alone? He 

cared for you and you threw him away. 

I don't get why you people always drag him down, it just teaches him that no one in this big world will ever love someone like him. 

He becomes heartless, selfish and all for the cost to want to feel something again.

He over thinks and leaves his friends behind only to immediately regret it, he does stupid things in the fear of being left first again. 

He couldn't even say anything without you justg hosting him after you told him it wouldn't work out. 

In this world its just him he says, but in reality he just wants someone to spend

the night, to enjoy him, to give him affection but then they all end up being dry and leaving.

Why did you hurt him? 

Why did you break all of the promises you made to him?