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December 08, 2023
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#12 December 08, 2023
Dear Diary, (Perfectionism) One asks oneself what it's like being a perfectionist. One looks at oneself and finds oneself in misery. One is struggling, one is suffering. One wonders if being an imperfectionist is one's reality.
#11 December 08, 2023
Dear Diary, (What are they thinking?) Life is not about what they might be thinking. Life is not about what they will think. Life is all about the realization of the illusions one's mind creates. One is not afraid of what others might be thinki
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December 08, 2023
Dear Diary, I think I know that I was complete n enough before SM came to my life in school. But now after him I think I'm left with a hole even after almost 3 years.  I'm happy but I feel there's something that I crave but I want to let that go but
December 07, 2023
Dear ghost, So am I and so are you. Battered by the chasing time.  I read about sick maiden on an ash and throns of her decay. I met a girl like a floating cloud: so calm and diligent yet she wavered often and darkened in some days. I met a girl so
December 05, 2023 . It's tough here but I want to remember. So that I can work on my life more.
Rick, come and find me. I think every f*ing thing is complicated around me. I think no one ever gonna love me. I'm certain about that. Coz I'm just an additional pain to them. Here again with my toxic family. I got a toxic younger brother who trigge
December 06, 2023
Dear Diary, If you are red then I am grey. If you are the flame then I am the ash, if you are the rose then I am it's thorn, if you are the maidens cheek then I am her illness. I am decay, you are the resurrection.
December 06, 2023
Dear ghost, As expected, I only have pain in my legs and an ache in my heart. I remember losing my breath as I climbed the trailing footpath tucked between trees. We headed towards the monastery atop. It was a monastery so sacred throughout the hist
December 06, 2023
Dear ghost,  This thirst to solve the puzzle you offered; the dying need to be acknowledged, the desire and the greed i have stored at the pit of my anxiety. Tomorrow or should I say today, I feel the need to prove my self. To thrive rather than sur
December 05, 2023
Dear Diary, I cleared MPSET 🥳🥳 I'm sooo happy. Rishita n I both cleared.  So I talked to my Prof, she called me... She said to apply in her university cause the HOD there is Vishal sir. He was our HOD in our graduation college. I hope on the basis
December 04, 2023
Dear P, ughhhhh im so fucking annoyed broooo. How am I having boy problems with no boys in my life. How do these guys just come for a brief moment and fuck the shit out of my mind. I guess I am better off alone. Everyone sucks, everything sucks. I s
December 03, 2023
Dear Diary, sooo, S is done with me finally I guess. Oh god! 😆 I'm not even upset about it. I feel so relieved that he's going to block me. He hasn't yet but he will I know.  I was not feeling it with him n he's also 2 years younger than me. I know
December 03, 2023 worst feeling ever but I'm used to it.
Dear Diary, I'll call you Rick from now on. Coz I want share everything to a person. As you know I can't even imagine a person in my mind or in my dreams. Atleast all I can do is: giving a name to a "can't even imagine" person.  I understood a
December 03, 2023
Dear Diary, And today i went to my ininstitute around 6.30. My frnd didnt come. I note down what i have to complete. I realised all r in mess. Uuugh ..  God help me