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The moment the world stopped
Dear Diary, Some people take life for granted. You shouldn't be one of those people. Never. Ever. At all. Don't take life for granted,  don't ever take Your life for granted, for you've only one life, you haven't got two lives, you've only go
June 13, 2021
Dear Diary, Day 1: I don't exactly know what to write, but I think I will update my 75 days of body transformation workout. I have been like a potato couch for the last 12 months my body is so weak.
June 12, 2021
Dear Diary, Kemper left so early again this morning. I think he left on his own because I didn't hear anyone else pull up. He was dressed just like last time, of course. Guns and all too.  I am not against guns, I never have been. I just wonder
Happiness is a luxury
DD, Chasing luxury & comfort seems to be the most common in current world.Whether it takes blood,sweat and tears or your whole life just going after it.On average 24-45 are the years we engage in full time jobs,we build our own home,have a family & b
The price of Fame
Dear Diary, I have to say it, I just have to say it, I just have to say it out loud! I love this system and I love this prison we are all imprisoned inside! I love that my choice is no longer my choice, I love that my action is no longer my actio
June 12, 2021
DD, sometimes everything goes so terribly wrong, you become used to it 😑 Then you become less surprised eventually.Aight Peace🍃
June 11, 2021
Dear Diary, I’m in such a bad mood today. Kemper will leave again early in the morning and be gone for who knows how long.  It is frustrating!  Same thing will happen, Regina will stop over or call every day. He was pretty firm again on that h
Office politics
Dear Diary, You pretend to be nice to me, you talk to me like we are friends, and yet when I am not around, you talk trash about me behind my back. You probably think I don't know but I do know, I know it very well, for I can read the alphabet on
June 11, 2021
Dear Diary, Kemper leaves tomorrow.  We had sex last night and he said he loved me. I said it back too.  Now it hurts even more when he leaves.  This just seems so intense sometimes and real. Our relationship has taken another serious step. A
good enough
Dear Diary, I can't sit down and rest- I know that I didn't earn it. I can't splurge on a new pair of slippers even though my old pair is already loose and torn up, because I don't feel like it's worth it. I scroll online to buy dog food but my cas
June 11, 2021
DD, update: my uncle is about to be hospitalized.His oxygen levels dropped to 90 from 99 in a matter of 3 days.At this point, I'm quite scared... I am well today,better than yesterday.Wish i could do something for him.Currently unable to....
June 11, 2021
Dear Diary, Last night I was watching videos and I was shocked when I realized that horizontal lines on my screen are already gone. How did that happen?! I didn't do anything? LOL But anyways I just thank God for I take it as a miracle. I wa
June 10, 2021
Dear Diary, Kemper is leaving again this weekend. He doesn’t know for how long either.  That ruins the entire weekend.  I hope it isn’t long that he is gone for. I asked if he could handle me leaving for days and not knowing when I would come
June 11, 2021
Dear Diary, Where can I find a loyal and faithful and protective dream guy?
June 11, 2021
Dear Diary, Am I bad for making people feel bad for not giving me what I want?