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December 04, 2020
Dear Diary, I made a new friend today 🐌
December 03, 2020
Dear Diary, I've decided to start a diary/journal in hopes it will help with therapy and keeping my life in line. I've stayed away from writing for too long anyway. I am 25. I am a lesbian. I have a bachelor's degree in English/Creative Writ
Silence Plus Patience
Dear Diary, In my previous two post I had written about the Art of Silence and Patience, so it's time now to write not just about Silence and not just about Patience, but about Silence AND Patience. You see, they are both equally powerful, Your
Dear Diary, Ive been watching this recommended video on youtube where random strangers get asked of their secrets as I asked myself what i would share if i was on that spot, being interviewed.   Recently ive been contemplating whether or not to q
Dear Diary, Silence, my friend. Silence is very powerful and I covered this in my previous post, but there's something else that's even much more powerful than silence and that something else is patience. For, just like silence, patience can also
December 03, 2020
Dear Diary, Where is my angel? The end of the day Someone come and save me, please A weary sigh of a tiring day I guess everyone's happy Can you look at me, 'cause I'm blue and grey. The meaning of the tears reflected in the mirror. My color
December 03, 2020
I miss everything even though there's nothing good to miss about,I miss you even though you didn't do anything good that would make me miss you.I grew up so fast, I'm sorry I couldn't give you love you wanted.I'm sorry I couldn't make you happy, but
December 03, 2020
Dear Diary, Check out my brand new mirror. It looks a bit like a car's wing mirror but I think it looks nice, very modern like. I got it for $4.90 that was actually the huge part of the reason why I was drawn to it. But there's something about t
December 03, 2020
Dear Diary Today I 'm little happy because my father will come to see me. ..but little scared also if all does not go well...actually I'm very careful with my relationship with my father because after my mother's death he is the only person who l
December 03, 2020
Dear Diary, well today was pretty good. I was talking to my bff about how we can get out of this depressing life we made for ourself and start moving towards a better future. To be honest, we had so many goals in our minds as kids, but after about
December 02, 2020
Dear Diary,Yesterday was the first of december which was pretty cool and the temperature dropped really cold in florida so we got to enjoy some sweater weather, school went good and we got the photo for our yearbook staff taken and since im the edito
December 02, 2020
Dear Diary, If someone hurts you in a very bad way and that someone is very close to you then how you console your heart....i want to ask you all because I am not able to handle this pain  I think today's day is not for me... From morn
------ wants a platonic romantic relationship with someone. Platonic cuddles and playing with hair, just as bros tho. Im totally up for that, but I dont know if I can give them that because Im pretty sure its something Ive barred myself from. In the
I could literally scream right now. I want to. Its crawling inside me. I have no motivations. No hope right now. I wish I could drop out of school, stop eating, maybe just disappear. I know it wont fix anything though. I want to talk about what I wri
Me corte hoy. 10:15 pm el mulso, hombro, y cadera izquierda. No sabe exactamente por que, pero lo hice. Creo que soy adicto. Quiero sentir la sensacion una vez mas. Soy enferma. I wonder why humans were created. My wording of that makes me wonder