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September 27, 2022
Dear Diary, Recently my girlfriend has started a way to earn a little bit of money. The method is called epal which is an app for people to order other people to play with.  Had the idea been presented to me like the description I gave of it
get it over with
I hate that there’s  days where I wanna get better and I wanna be a good person who’s actually nice and kind but then there’s day where I want to DESTROY MYSELF like OBLITERATE my mental health.  It’s like I have to be a mean, selfish bitch becau
September 27, 2022 #286
Dear Diary, last night I was cold under my blanket. i want to go walk today. To somewhere feels good. But I have no idea where it is. I can take me a Ferris wheel near me. Last time was before pandemic in Atlanta. It wasn’t that big but I had never s
I wanna be a hot single independent bitch but… I miss him.
I want him back
I want my ex back, he’s an ass and treated me like one. But I miss him :( I miss his touch and I miss him caring about me and “worrying” about me… well he never really gave a fuck but sometimes he did tho
Let me be hot already
I can’t wait for my new wardrobe to arrive. I’m finally gonna be the fag whore I aspire to be🫶🏽 My inner slut is IMPATIENT!!!!
Sometimes I think the people who have no friends are lucky, they can destroy themselves and not worry about being a burden to others. SOMETIMES I wish that was me so I could drink and get high and do whatever I wanted and not give a fuck, but then I
Destroy myself
I have an obsession with destroying myself. But I’m too scared to go through with anything extreme that could genuinely destroy my body and mental health, I’m scared I won’t be to bounce back into a positive state anymore so I don’t do it but I fanta
Sometimes lying is better thing to do for the person you're lying too and I find that really stupid.
I am ✨embarrassingggg✨ and i say  ✨way to muchhh✨ About my ✨feeeelingssss and thoughts and experiencessss etc✨ So i make people ✨uncomfortable✨ And now he ✨thinks im a creeeeep✨ And he  ✨doesnt want to be around meeee✨ And im probably ✨overreacting a
September 26, 2022
Dear Diary, Good day. Sucks having to adult. Bills. Shopping. Etc. I've already almost hit 9000 steps and I still have to get through work where I average 15000 steps a day.  At least I'm finally coming out positive. Worked enough to put asi
September 27, 2022
Dear Diary, Hi, The day was fine but simply wasted. It's enough now, from tomorrow I need to buckle up. I thought to sleep early today, I thought I should read a chapter of that book as soon as I started reading the book, Mandeep called and I was
September 27, 2022 #285
Dear Diary, I stood up for myself. I got yelled at by dad just because he was stressed. This happens sometimes and I had thought I should not have to care about. Because that is not my business. But it’s not really okay because it’s a trigger for me.
Dear Diary,  This is how it actually works. The more work you do upon the world's request, the more the world tells you, the less work you do upon the world's request, the less the world tells you. If you do what the world wants you to do, you
September 26, 2022
Dear Diary, It's a dome. Multi-dimensional dome.