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Week 14 - IUP
hey Diary, back again with me. This time I will explain you about my individual final project of my information system concept course which is related to several labs that I have to take in this information system major along with the course and the
Ello diary, back with me again Narendra!!, remember two weeks ago when I gave you my life plan?. So my first target is to get at least 3.5 of GPA, which means I need to learn harder than ever. Then in 2020, I want to apply for some scholarship and ge
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Alo again diary! Aulia’s back! Remember that two weeks ago, i gave you my life plan, right? My first target is to pass the UPMB subjects. In order to achieve that, i need to study hard and do my best in every subject. Then, i want to apply for some s
Hola diary, i’m back! So i want to tell you about my final project assignment. So the title is “Assalamualaikum Ustadz”. It is an application to connect customer and ustadz or ustadzah. The apps provides services to learn quran, islamic speech, and r
Week14 - IUP
Dear my lovely diaryyy back again with me yuhuu❣ so first, now i will share you about my plan what i need to do to reach my goals. In 2019, I will study harder, learn by practicing last year final exam, and completing my notes so that I can get 3.5<I
Hello again everyone! Back again with me Annelies. I would like to share my future plan and my final project. I will use “The Use of Web Technology for Maximizing Product Designer’s Customer Target”. I want to combining web technologies and the produ
December 12, 2019 This too shall pass
Dear Diary, It's been a while since I was able to sleep properly. Since the mid of September, I have been experiencing insomnia. I go to bed around my normal sleep time 1130-12, then i toss and turn around with loo breaks in between, until its 2 am
Week-14 IUP
G’day Mate, Me back again with my diary. Soo, today I wanna share y’all how I gonna reach my goal in my personal roadmap in last week dairy. In 2019, I am planning to get at least 3.5 of IPK, Which mean I need to learn harder than before to be able
Hello again diary! Cut Viola Amanda (05211942000006) back, and today I want to tell you that I already thought about what am I going to have for final project assignment tittle which is ”ITS Pedestrian that Unrecognized by Google Maps”. In order to
Week 14 IUP
heloo again diaryyy  I'm gonna tell you about my study plan here for the next couple of years and my final project. For the final project I will use "The Effect Of Internal Control Systems To The Quality Of Accounting Information Systems In The C
Week14 IUP
howdy diary i'm back! since i've made my roadmap, i'm gonna tell you about my study plan here for the next couple of i'm about to make a final project assignment for 2023 with the topic "Cyber Security Application for Companies". but before
In my previous post, I shared my life plan including some steps. So in 2019-2021, i will study hard while being active in some organizations to maintain my GPA in 3.7. 2021-2022, I planned to apply on the study exchange program. Maybe I am going to K
Hi guys back again with me, Alan. I’d like to share with you guys about my future plan for the next four years. For the Final Project Assigment, i will use Customer Relationship Management  for Improving Tuner Shop as my title. I want to run my own b
Week 13 - IUP
Hi DIARY,back again with me Muhammad Hisyam. A few weeks ago I have been wrote down my hopes for my dream career and this time I will share you about my life plan to achieve my goals and some interview with one of the ITS information systems alumni.