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Chances Are
Dear Diary, If chances are thousand to one, there's still a chance. If chances are million to one, there's also still a chance. If chances are billion to one, then the chance is slim, but there's still a chance. You should go for it, you should
Dear future me
Dear future me, We both know that I know you better than anyone else, we both know that I know you better than you know yourself. We both know that I know all of your imperfections. We both know that I know how imperfect you are. We both know tha
June 02, 2023
Dear Diary, It's been a while since I've written but to be fair there hasn't been a whole lot of interesting things to write about for the last couple months so I'll give an overall summary of what my life has been for the last 3 months because
June 02, 2023
Dear Diary, I'm worried about my SO but at the same time I know it's inevitable, I have to be prepared. I have lost two important men in my life. I know losing him is going to destroy me. Like the first two, I was warned, so it's not like it will cat
Think about YOU
Dear Diary, Don't do things for the greater good if that means you have to sacrifice your very own happiness.  You deserve to be happy. You deserve to have and you deserve to feel happiness in your life.  Why do you care so much about the
The truth about Nikola Tesla
Dear Diary, Before Nikola Tesla fell in love with the white pigeon he saw at the park he frequently visited, Nikola Tesla was in love with the same woman for over forty years! Can you imagine being in love with the same person for such a long pe
Break yourself free
Dear Diary,   Sometimes you need to let go of things you don't really want to let go of, but you really have to let go of, if you really want to move on with your life, start anew and live anew. Sometimes you need to forget about what was and remin
Your eyes
Dear Diary, Your eyes are a whole lot more than just  windows to your soul. Your eyes reveal all your sincere are dark thoughts that you have, all your sincere or dark emotions that you have, and your eyes reveal all your sincere or dark beliefs
Choose love
Dear Diary, Choose love. That's all I can say. Don't choose your fears, don't choose your doubts, and don't choose your insecurities, because fears, doubts, and insecurities are the Devil's tools he created to make you feel fearful, doubtful, and
June 01, 2023
Dear ghost, No wonder you fascinate me. The way your lily eyes twinkle under the pressure. The way you carry your continence in thorns of the streets. Of all the rugged doll I have chance upon, you seem to be handsomely brave. Mind you, your beauty
Why are we as kind as we are?
Dear Diary, Why am I as kind as I am? Why does my soul have to be as beautiful as it is, why does my mind have to be as beautiful as it is, and why does my heart have to be as beautiful as it is? Why do I have to be as beautiful as I am? Why can'
Choose to be happy
Dear Diary, You don't need a million dollars to be happy. Million dollars is a lot of money, that's true, and million dollars can make you happy, but million dollars cannot make you happy in a long run, because money can't buy happiness in a lo
Dear Diary, There is positive and then there's negative.There's positivity and then there's negativity. Sometimes we consume negativity and thus what's negative and sometimes we consume positivity and thus what's positive. Sometimes we feed our m
May 31, 2023
Self- motivation and self- discipline.  I realized that if I wait for someone or a group of people to motivate me to do some ground breaking wonders in my life. I’ll be waiting forever. I should just do whatever ought to be done rather than planning