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November 13, 2019
Dear Diary, So sick of being forced by my shitty body to put my health in front of my education and aspirations.  I want to achieve my goals but each day I spend laying in bed in agony I know I'm a step further away
November 13, 2019
Dear Diary, I don't know where to begin... I'm falling for 2 guys can someone help me!?I don't know what to do...
November 13, 2019
Things are gettong better... I started a new job working nights an uve been working on readjusting... I feel like ive hit the roommate lottery... And thd injunction on justin is good for a year... But it seems like crowds are causing me to break soo
November 12, 2019
It's been a long time since I have had this outlet to share my day with people I may never see in real time. I've missed that part of life. I am now living in the north of Queensland, Australia. A long way from the house beside the bay in Nova Sc
November 11, 2019
Dear Diary, honestly if i dont see his smile faces i dont can be this positive person and happier than before. I dont know why but him give me such a strengths to go on with mylife. Before i just live my life heartlessly because i feel empty inside a
November 11, 2019
Dear Diary, i dont why i like him but i never met or know him personally outside but i really like him. Maybe i like his smile maybe i like looking at his pretty face when his smile shyly maybe i crazy about that. But i keep think and remembering him
November 10, 2019
Dear Diary,  I love the show ounce upon a time my favorite characters are Bella & Emma Swan & Henry Mills &Snow white & Price Charming &The Evil Queen & The Dark One
Drop me in,Deep,So deep,Down deep,Inside,This well. First...Make a wish,Give me a kiss,And swear you'll never tell. I'll only cost you,                              your thoughts.                                                         -Penny
November 09, 2019, Meaning...
Dear Diary, Last week dawrani sent me this quote on insta.  Something like 'Your purpose is not to spend your entire life wandering around looking for the purpose.'.  Then i saw interview of dropbox founder with sal. I was hoping to see that mayb
November 09, 2019
Dear Diary, today I feel like a dumb after a week Mera paper hai or main aisa hu k jis ka parhnay ko dil nai kr than Chalo ek banda hota hai Jo khud nhi to kisi k kehnay par parh leta hai par wesi khoobiyan hum main kahan hen 🤔 Han aj b rozana ki t
November 09, 2019 Home 1
Sup diary,  So last week I moved back home. I had a great farewell at office. I wasnt expecting it, but they were nice to me. Later, my friends and I stayed back and we talked shit about other people for 3 hours. Lol,it was good that they were all a
November 08, 2019
Dear Diary,I texted message aye meray kiya ? She:- I did not get notifications 🙂 is it my problem k us nay notification nai parhay ma din Raat jagta hu ek pal sakon ka ni milta laikin ma hi bura hu kia hr trf Sy pareeshaniya hi pareeshaniya to hen b
November 08, 2019
Dear Diary,i must more organized. But I always hard to find me time to write. 😭😭
November 08, 2019
Dear Diary, I fought with my love as he talk to his past gf...i cant tolerate dat as I ve gvn him 100% frm my side. I nvr did wrng sith him yet... N i gv wht he wanted frm me n i ve fulfill all his wish n dreams till now in my life but then too thi
November 07, 2019
Dear Diary, 11:29 sir ny Mujhe insult kia meray paisY ziada katay salary ma Sy to ma ny job chor di