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June 28, 2022
Dear Diary, It's morning and it's freezing cold.I'm still sick with flu.  I do lots of adult colouring - but I have some kind of weird ocd with colouring books.Everything has to be coloured inside the lines, I dislike going over the lines .But I'
Just play dumb
Dear Diary, I don't want people to think I'm smart, that I'm a very brilliant, a very intelligent man, I want people to think I'm dumb, that I'm a moron, that I'm a brainless idiot. Not a genius of any kind but incredibly stupid man. Because peo
Bitcoin (BTC) Signals for 48% Upside With Target at $61,000
<figure></figure> In today’s long-term analysis of the Bitcoin (BTC) price, we look at the 5-day chart and its associated technical indicators: the BBWP and the Stochastic RSI. Over the past year, their combination has several times provided a signa
June 27, 2022 #205
Dear Diary, I wanna write now but I get headache so I just leave this like this and somehow I make this  public. Writing diary open makes me feel like “I am really exist like this!” and I need the feeling. Otherwise I feel like I am fake I don’t know
See it
Dear Diary, When you see it, you see it. When you don't see it, you don't see it. What you see, is there for You to see it, what you don't see, is also there to see it, but it is not for You to see it, it's for those to see it who know and are v
The world
Dear Diary, Often times when I speak of it, when I write of it, I feel very sad for those that are still part of it, and strangely very relieved that I'm not part of it anymore. I feel for them because I know what they feel, I feel for them beca
Dear Diary, There are those who pretend to know and there are those who pretend not to know, there are those who pretend to be aware and there are those who pretend not to be aware. But to know what, to be aware of what, not to know what, to not
June 27, 2022
Dear Diary, I had a break from this good app, because I was writing in a physical diary. But I decided to come back to this app because it's a good one.  I recently bought a lot of stuff from amazon- especially notebooks. I love buying notebooks b
June 27, 2022
Dear Diary, I just don't know what to do anymore. My lonelines is driving me insane. I can't even sleep much even more because I'm constantly awake trying to find some possibility that I haven't considered yet. Having that kind of relationship I want
Our eyes truly are
Dear Diary, If you seek for the truth, stop seeking it where you can not find it, and instead, start seeking it where you CAN find it. Start seeking it in the eyes, for eyes truly are the window of all windows into the person's soul. Eyes reveal
June 26, 2022
Dear Diary, I took my meds and now I am dozing on the couch. I should do some homework but I don't feel up to it. I think after my laundry dries, I am going to go to sleep.  It is bad to think of dying but it is all I think about anymore. I
June 26, 2022
Dear Diary, I had an accident two weeks ago. Still there is severe pain in my right foot. My mother thinks there is no pain, i'm just pretending. I was hurt so much by this and out of anger, I told my mother, nobody should get a mother like her. Sh
Mild Indifference
I was in the bathroom of the motel he took me to when I heard the TV from inside the room start to play. Hmm.. I wondered what movie he could be playing. Upon my getting out, he had already settled into bed in his shirt and boxer shorts under full br
That world
Dear Diary, Let me tell you about the world you admire so much, for whatever reason you admire it so much. It's all fake and it's all filled with secrets. It's filled with truths you can not say and can not be said and lies you have to say, that
June 26, 2022 Home..
Dear Diary, She was in her essence.. his mind was her Oracle. They’ve been Orbiting for 88 days around the sun. For she was the nearest to Ra. then any being. He was out of his  density realm. for they were 35.98 million no away from Ra. He was water