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Useless romantic (9/26/23)
Dear Diary, I feel so hopeless any man I've loved has treated me like nothing, why is it okay to discard people like trash, why am I so unlovable. All of my friends have spouses and me I am nothing, I don't really have connections with family me
Winners and losers
Dear Diary, If you want to grow your mindset, and by that I mean, if you really want to grow your mindset, you have to start doing things that can  help you grow your mindset, you have to stop doing things that cannot help you grow your mindset.
i want a boyfriend {September 26, 2023}
Dear Diary, why can't i find a boyfriend? i just really want to experience what having one even feels like...please get me one 😭
September 26, 2023 #460
Dear Diary,  Does someone likes the French movie  “Amélie”?  My body and health are not balanced these days. Things I don’t have to care bothers me. And it bothers me and annoys me because that makes me feel like I am so small like a little child.
We are all ONE
We are all one, we are all connected. Doesn't matter where you are, doesn't matter where I am, I'm just as connected to you as you are connected to me, you are just as connected to me as I am connected to you. If the Universe wants us to meet each ot
September 25, 2023 Diar Diary, i am so confused about my feelings. I don't know why but nothing feels that goes well in my life
The truth shall set you free
Dear Diary, Sometimes you are right, and sometimes you are wrong. You can't be always right, but you also can't be always wrong. The important thing is that when you are wrong, you admit that you are wrong, and thus also admit you're not right, b
It. Can. Be. Done.
Dear Diary, You have the power to make a difference in your life, so here's what I don't understand, why don't you make a difference in your life? What's stopping you, what's preventing you from making a difference in your life? Because the thi
September 25, 2023
Dear Diary, This is hard. I've been living in a slump lately. I am disappointed in myself. Everyday is same. I badly want to change to be better but this is soooo freaking hard. It's like my mind couldn't tell my body to react. My soul is almost si
Magic of the present moment
Dear Diary,  The most dangerous thing about the past is that the more you are actually thinking about it, the less you are actually thinking about the present. You see, the more you are thinking about the past, harder it is for you to let go of t
One Day, Day One
Hi. Just a living reminder that at whatever point of your life you are right now, keep in mind that you used to pray for this moment in the past. And now you're living in it. So relax, take one step at a time, and don't ever forget that the present i
Choose positive over negative
Dear Diary, There's negativity and then there's positivity. The more positive you are, the less negative you are, the more negative you are, the less positive you are. It's that simple. If you choose to surround yourself with negativity and if
Open your mind or keep it closed
Dear Diary, People only believe in what they see. It's simple. If you show the the lie and convince them you are showing them the truth, they will believe it's the truth, and they won't know, they won't know at all, it's the lie. So, the more y
September 24, 2023
It's typical in Asian families that daughters would make the biggest sacrifice because women are expected to be 'selfless'. My aunt gave up on her education and worked her bones to support her other siblings. Mind you she had an older brother who pur
September 24, 2023
Dear ghost, I can smell the stench of doe caught in the headlights. As I hold my cry in my throat,I realized why doe freezes in fornt of the headlight. Why they cannot move but just wait for death. It is  light that fascinates them but in that mome