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Dear Diary,           I don’t understand why i can’t wake up! Granted, i have a really hard time getting to sleep. But even when i do, and i get a good solid at least 6 hours, i can not wake up for anything. I set alarm after alarm and they don’
January 23, 2020
Dear Diary,I know I missed church last night I'm sorry god forgive me please....
January 22, 2020
Dear Diary, It been a emotional day have my big exam and I think I failed it plus I hot my business advice going on at me to get a grant I duno what to do and who to turn to 😭😭  Talk to you tomorrow  Pinkystar10078
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The involvement of persons in game playing is existing from several earlier years. Historically, the preference of most of the people is outdoors game titles but now the trend of inside online games are prevailing in today's age group. Currently inno
January 21, 2020
Sick an tired... I'm tired... Not just exhausted from working.. I'm exhausted from trying to maintain the hapoy facade.. For once I km tired of fighting... In tired of fighting .. In every way shaoe an form I am tired of fighting...  Most importantly
January 20, 2020
Because of the situation going on an were we both were at that moment in life..  We're soul friends... If that makes since...  Our siiks recognized kKns another.. Not as soul mates.. But as a reincarnated soul friend..
January 19, 2020
Dear Diary,           I apologize, it seems i went on a rant on the 17th lol. Yesterday was my mother’s birthday (the 18th) and i think i was anxious and just wanted to think of anything else then the fact that i had to call her. Which i still h
January 19, 2020
First Day, My First Diary, Wait Your First Replay, Then Make Foreign Country Friends. High five.
January 18, 2020
I don't really know where to start. I'm 30, male, mixed ethnicity, born and raised in Maine. Pretty much my whole adult life I have experienced some form of unconfirmed mental illness. I think I have ADD, High Anxiety, constant overthinking. Maybe I
January 18, 2020
Dear Diary, So, I'm back... Trying this app out again. Seeing if I can fall in love with it... We'll see!! Anyway, so I had a birthday a few days ago on the 13th. I am officially in my 40s now!! 42 will be my number this year.  I didn't used to mi
January 18, 2020
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January 17, 2020
Dear Diary,           I am all over the place. I am prescribed stimulants at a very low dose. And it is needed. But it gives me such energy and adrenaline and my mind races and i get all these great ideas that i can’t organize or keep up with th
January 17, 2020
As my shit hits the fan... So if I had a soap opera that would be the name of it...  Hust n the last few weeks alone major changes have been made whether willingoy or unwilling... Ive fallen so far down another rabnit hole.  I've landed I. Another a
January 17, 2020
The standards that we put for loving ourselves are way too high than the ones we put for loving someone else..
January 17, 2020
Dear Diary, I've been being so nice throughout the week. I've had no choice but to do it. I've been training for a new job and now I'm on the job immediately afterword, I'm exhausted. I really want to look at someone and tell them to eat my mother fu