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August 03, 2020 Some introspection
Dear Diary, Yesterday I was musing to myself and realised how much I had grown up over the last couple years, not physically but emotionally.  A little back story:  Maybe about  6-7 years ago, I felt tired and sick of everything and everyone arou
August 02, 2020
Well, today was the day that DMcD moved from living 20-30 minutes away from me to 3.5-4 hours away from me.  I wish he would've told me that he was going to be moving earlier on in our conversations. I had my distance range on bumble set to "within x
August 03, 2020
Dear Diary, Today is Rakshabandhan , my favourite festival , and my henna  designing is getting better and better , I'm just waiting for my brother to come out of the washroom he spends too much time in there, lol.
August 03, 2020
Dear Diary, I can't sleep since last night. It's already 7:30 and I'm just waiting for 9AM online orientation about the school learning/teaching platform. I guess I'd be sleeping while watching it. I hope my head will  not fall on the laptop's scr
August 02, 2020
Dear Diary, Today I'm doing something new... In the past I've written down my thoughts and stories in other social platforms hoping to find a community full of other writers like myself. Instead I was met with absence so I continued my search for
August 02, 2020
Dear Diary, Today I made gulab jamun guess what, Dad said it was the tastiest gulab jamun he ever tasted 😄😄
August 01, 2020 Mayo mayo
Dear Diary, I cant believe I'm writing's so ridiculous, but if I could, I'd scream from the top of the tallest tower in NYC, that today I made the best mayo in the world. :D It tasted better than any mayo I had tasted in any restaurant
Something's missing.
Dear Diary, So I had a panic attack in front of my mom today. She confronted me and I realized it actually triggers my anxiety a lot more now whenever I'm caught in a conflict. I hate what I've become. I wasn't always this weak. I was a happy kid.
August 01, 2020
Dear Diary, I decided to write again my thoughts in a diary. I don't know, I feel so sad these days and I don't have anyone to talk right now.  I had a call with my mom and lashed out all my frustrations about my aunt and everyone I am temporaril
One month. 31 days. 744 hours. 44,640 minutes. 2,678,400 seconds.
Dear Diary, A month from now my life will start changing. I will no longer be a teacher and I won't be seeing my friends for a long time, probably never. A month from now we will move to a smaller house to continue saving up so we can go back home.
July 31, 2020{ T }
Dear Diary, 🤤 So update from not having an all day text 🤔 , I sent him a song and he sent me another song back! A nice one. He got the hint and we been back and forth with it just sending each other songs. And love songs too.  This is weird co
August 01, 2020
Dear Diary, I feel I want a big house. It just funny with the reason I want new house because I want more privacy and don't want to have neighbours. But I'm not grateful enough to think about homeless who doesn't have their own home. Maybe I need to
Putting a toxic relationship behind
Dear Diary, Was in a toxic relationship(He was verbally abusive) last year and he kept breaking up and coming back to me and made me feel like a terrible person and guilted me like I'm not the type of girlfriend that'll support their boyfriends no
July 30, 2020
What do I need? Honestly? I need to cry, to be held and listened to. To not be judged for my reactions, for my endless rambles. To grieve everything I've lost, so quick in their procession. I know some of them aren't gone but I can't go back to befor
July 31, 2020
Someday everything will make perfect for now laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason !!