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July 31, 2021
Dear Diary, I want someone in my life...who cares me more than universe and less than parents...who gives me the wings to fly with bright colours and trust me and understand me and always keep talking with me still we have fights too...plz send som
July 30, 2021
Dear Diary, finally I said what I needed to say for some time. I kind of knew it would turn out this way, but I decided to just tag along until it really happened. I have my own shortcomings that I have to deal with, it's about time they admit their
Little birds
Dear Diary, Sometimes, I just want to climb atop of the biggest building in the world and shout out everything I can fully understand and I fully know. Sometimes, I just want to shout the truth about who and what you actually are but you have no
July 30, 2021
Dear Diary, Today suddenly I got overloaded with so much work. My manager asked me to do a code review of someone else's code. Now this is something a senior does in my company. But he kind wants me to learn how to do it. So it will take 2 3 hou
July 30, 2021
DD,hey dahrlin.I woke up at perhaps 2:30 in the noon today.Yesterday I somehow managed eat dinner and go back to sleep.But I couldn't submit the CV.The more I look at the works they've done,the more discouraged I'm getting.They want great motion grap
July 30, 2021 ipersesitivity to madication
Dear Diary, It seems the my problem is confirmed as ipersensitivity to medication... I ask for what to do now, they said that I have too do a lot of exams but the results are not guaranteed because no one really understand what allergies are and ho
July 29, 2021
Dear Diary, I can't take this bullshit anymore and the types of shit I'm dealing with would make anyone kill themselves, foreal. I've never felt so fucking low in my fucking life as much as the fuck I do right now. The constant bullshit that comes
July 29, 2021
DD,Hey love.I went to & fro with the incorporate I was applying. They are funded by silicon valley & few other known brands. I understand their workflow better than others,if they were looking for an all-rounder executive,I would have been their firs
July 29, 2021 D&D Anxiety
Dear Diary, I should play at D&D this evening... Actually I'm not enthusiastic after what I've heard yesterday, even if I think that no-one will start the topic face to face with me and I can just continue to wear my poker face. Anyway remains
Feedback from Manager July 29, 2021
Dear Diary, Today I had mid-year assessment. So I had a feedback call with my manager.  He took feedback from my previous supervisor as well. And they all had very good feedbacks. He said I am very good at R&D work. What surprised him was he
July 29, 2021 to pay the bills
Dear Diary, I have to pay my parent's bills, I have to use my father's money, I already pay part of our bills (like phone and internets connection) and their medical expenses (they forget to refund me) and I can not sustain also this payments.
July 29, 2021 Say 'Hey' to Sweden
Dear Diary,  wir fahren gerade
July 29, 2021
I confronted her about it today instead of letting it grow as a lifelong resentment. Cried uncontrollably the entire time because I bottled up so much up to that point. I poured my heart out and let her know everything I felt up until now. She even t
July 29, 2021
Dear Diary,(1a)IRLAPATISM-A NEW HYPOTHETICAL MODEL OF COSMOLOGY  The creatiin is made up of universes in infinite number, having similar structure and properties, embedded one in each other and extended in ascending and descending order. To explain
July 28, 2021 I'm losing everything.
Dear Diary, I'm continuing to losing everything... I lost my family, I lost all the thing I like (theatres, cinemas, concerts, friends, festivals, the capacity of reading), even if some activities are restarting I'm not capable of enjoying anything