February 23, 2023


Dear Diary,

Out of nowhere she (my ex) texted me late at night. "I wanted to tell you that I forgive you for everything bad that you did to me. todays the day i finally moved on. good luck in your future [name]."

I didn't expect a text from her and I honestly didn't want one. I'm so fucking tired of her hypocrital and delusional bullshit. I didn't apologize to begin with nor did I want her forgiveness because I wasn't the one that did anything wrong. In her twisted mind everything was my fault. 

I stayed by her side through everything, through my own struggles, I always put her needs above mine and prioritized what she wanted before my own desires. I gave her everything I had in myself, I became a better person, I shifted my future to align with hers, I worked a shitty job so we both had money and so I could save so we could get a place together and she has the audacity to blame me when all she had to do was wait a while longer so we could start our career goals together. 

She didn't have a single fucking responsibility other than to simply exist in my life however she chose to while I carried us and our future. I've never met someone so selfish and oblivious. She also followed by saying I need to forgive her as if she's every stepped down from her pedestal and apologized for a single thing.

She doesn't deserve my forgiveness and she will never get it.