Damned's Dear Diary

April 20, 2024
Dear no one, Hello! It's been a while. I have uninstalled this app and kinda forget about this until now.A lot has happened after almost a year. I graduated last September, I am already working, and just recently regularized.I feel like the same
Apr 20
June 21, 2023
Dear No one, Yesterday I had the courage to break up with him once and for all. I set up a trap and he stupidly fell for it. I am so disgusted with him, how willingly he is to cheat, and the realization that maybe he already did. I hate him. I don'
Jun 21
May 25, 2023
Dear No one, I've tried communicating my fears to him, again. Although like always, he reassures me, yet why doesn't it ever feel enough?  Yes, his words calm me. It somehow subsided the storm inside me, but it never last long. Why can't I really t
May 25
March 21, 2023
Dear No one, I don't think I ever believe in 'love'. Maybe it do happens to some people but I doubt it will be the same for me. I am currently in a relationship but I feel estrange from love more than ever. It's like I am only playing a part, a rol
Mar 21
January 21, 2023
I remember the story of your terrarium, one of your personal project It was years forgotten, hidden in your backyard along with your mother's plentiful garden I remember the time you rediscovered it, There was a shortage in power and you had noth
Jan 21
December 19, 2022
Dear No one, As I reflect my life throughout this year, all I could think of is that I am still a shit person, or maybe worse. For sure I have done so many bad decisions, some of them I regret but mostly I don't care anymore. I don't know what I'm
Dec 19
October 08, 2022
I hate my body. I hate my face.I couldn't even look in the mirror. I am afraid to see a camera or to take photos of myself. Most of all, I envy other people. I hate that I hate them. I hate their beauty. I hate the body that they have.  I hate their
Oct 08
September 26, 2022
Dear No one, We aren't talking like we used to before. Most of the nights end up cold and misunderstood. Now I can't tell stories to him, about how my day went. He seems uninterested in my words now. Maybe his love is slowly drifting away. He's onl
Sep 26
September 01, 2022
Dear No one, I lost it. I already gave it to him. I have risk my soul, and if ever it wouldn't work well at the end, i will surely die. I know I should cry, or be condemned. I should be filled with guilt. But all is empty. I can't feel anything. My
Sep 01
August 18, 2022
8:34 pmIn the middle of the night, he messaged me. Hiiii Hellooo, how are you? I'm good Why? Sorry Hahaha, It's okay No, I am saying goodbye Ohhhh, tell me why first It's for the world peace Are you serious? Yes Awww, but it's on you awwwwwts, that'
Aug 18
August 15, 2022
Dear No one, I am crying tonight because my boyfriend thinks I'm a trash and too immature. I was never enough for him. He said he just say things because he's angry but it's still unacceptable and degrading. It's more painful to hear that you are n
Aug 14
August 03, 2022
Dear No one, Can I disappear for a moment? I want to scream in the outer space. I want to badly curse this life. I have never felt free eversince I was born. I don't think I can endure long. I wish I could explode right now. I wish there's a p
Aug 03
July 01, 2022
Dear July 1st,  You didn't give me the best beginning but the worst ending. You gave me heartache in your early hours. I cried and couldn't sleep. You were not so good to me. Yet, you weren't completely bad because a light is still reaching through.
Jul 01
June 30, 2022
Dear No one, Things happened so fast. I've met two different guys and now both of them wanted more. I've been living in lies, I am still lost, and yet why do they still want me? I also kinda know a guy who appreciates me much but he's already in a
Jun 30
June 20, 2022
Dear No one, There's a guy I met online again. We've been chatting for 2 nights now and it's all nothing but flirting. I can sense a bit of depthness to him and he's really fun to talk to but I just don't know if it will continue to be like that be
Jun 20