Lydia Rose 's Dear Diary

September 23, 2023
Dear Stranger,  I'm a walking paradox. I'm emotional, too emotional sometimes, but I'm rational too. Emotions are a tool, one that is just as important, interesting and useful as reason. I'm sensitive, I cry a lot, but never in front of people, a
Sep 23
September 16, 2023
Dear Diary, I keep dreaming of a bus. Weird.
Sep 16
September 13, 2023
Dear Me,  I have to hold on to myself. Everything around me changes me in a way I don't like. The world makes me mean, it makes me cruel, small minded. But that's not who I am, that has never been me, and it never will.  My kindness, my princ
Sep 13
September 08, 2023
Dear Stranger, I'm sick of all your bullshit. I'm sick of all you people who think they know "The Truth". You don't know shit, not really, all you know is opinions of thoughts of emotions of other people.  I fucking hate you. You preach love
Sep 08
September 03, 2023
Dear Diary I really used to think family was my everything, no matter how much I wouldn't admit that. I thought we were different from other families, we got along, played board games together, constantly made each other laugh. But then we lost L
Sep 03
August 29, 2023
Dear Diary, It's getting more and more difficult. Or maybe it's just hormones. Fucking sucks either way, I'm sleeping so weird lately, I feel like I'm barely alive, my mind feels completely disconnected from my body. Truth is, I probably need to
Aug 29
August 15, 2023
Dear Stranger,  I almost broke my fingers by punching my wall while I was asleep. I was wondering why my hand ached all morning, i hurt myself enough when I'm awake without having to do it when I'm unconscious too. Stupid girl.
Aug 15
August 05, 2023
Dear Stranger,  They took her away. They just... Took her. "Oh they're an old couple they'll take good care of her!" Right, because old people can't be assholes. We didn't get to say goodbye. I know she's just a kitten, but we've been taking care of
Aug 05
July 12, 2023
Dear Diary, It's getting close to the 14th. I'm not doing so great right now, no surprise. I'm more irritable, I'm really fucking tired, headaches every day, can't seem to laugh right. Always the same shit. M is so good with it, I noticed how sw
Jul 12
July 03, 2023
Dear Whoever,  The capital is on fire, people are threatening to assassinate the mayors, we quiet enraged ones are waking up.  Vive la révolution fuckers.
Jul 03
July 03, 2023
Dear Diary, Would you be better with someone else? Could someone  be able to soothe you like I can't? You say it's enough that I'm here, but I've never been enough.  I'm too sensitive. I can't handle your anger. I feel like a child when I sh
Jul 03
June 25, 2023
Dear Father,  I won't care for your rules and your beliefs, I'll sit on your principles, spit on your morals and laugh in the face of your constraints. You claim you know freedom and truth but enmprison our ideas and thoughts in the seventh circl
Jun 25
June 04, 2023
Dear Diary, I got black our drunk last Friday. That hasn't happened in a while! Poor M had to deal with basically a little baby. I tried to take my make up off about 5 times, kept telling him how my night was over and over again, and started cry
Jun 04
May 18, 2023
Dear Stranger, The package from my dad came a few days ago, with in it an external hard drive filled with photos dating from 2009 to today.  I'm so glad I have them all, I've started going through them. I have to take breaks at times, there
May 18
May 04, 2023
Dear C,  Please stop crying. You're acting like a child.  With no love left for you,  C.
May 04