Lydia Rose 's Dear Diary

March 03, 2024
It was worse than I could've ever imagined. I'm pretty sure I won't see my sister for a while. I fucking hate myself.
Mar 03
March 03, 2024
Today isn't going to be fun. I don't know what I'm going to say, my hands are shaking, my stomach hurts, I can hear my heart in my head, it feels like my entire body is trembling so much that it's gonna crumble. I hate this so much, it's so stupid. I
Mar 03
January 31, 2024
In my head I'm searching for Zelda.
Jan 31
January 29, 2024
I too, fear that God doesn't care about miniature donkeys. And I don't even believe in God.
Jan 29
January 25, 2024
Would it be a crime to be good to myself? In what prison of my own making will I be locked in if I show myself kindness? Who's judge's gavel will come crashing down if I warm my own heart? What invisible audience will condemn me for my self acceptanc
Jan 25
January 22, 2024
Dear Stranger, As always, I was an idiot and I didn't go to the pharmacy Friday so now I've been going cold turkey from anti depressants for 24 hours. There's nothing quite as a weird as anti depressant withdrawal. I feel like my brain zaps every
Jan 22
January 19, 2024
Dear Stranger,  You know what? It's a good day today. There's nothing about it that makes it particularly better than most days, nothing I can put my finger on anyway. In fact, I'm on my period, my back, head, and stomach hurts, and still, it's a
Jan 19
January 18, 2024
Dear Stranger, Today was a tough one. It was stupid, I didn't expect them to be so... Aggressive. It caught me off guard and I started tearing up. Seriously? I feel like I'm still 15, on the verge of tears if anyone raises their voice at me.  It
Jan 18
January 15, 2024
I remember that night in late August, I was loosened by the alcohol, you were blushing under my reverent compliments. I, repetitive and too honest, could tell no one had called you pretty like I had that night.  I remember your dark curls, your tired
Jan 15
January 14, 2024
I'm 25 and I still have no idea what I'm supposed to do with my life. I know I'm young, I've got all the time in the world, maybe I'll figure it all out when I'm 40, plenty of people have. But what am I supposed to do in the meantime? Truth is, I'm n
Jan 14
January 10, 2024
Dear Stranger,  I have to get to work on something. I don't know what, it doesn't even need to be interesting, and it certainly doesn't need to be profitable. Just productive.  That's one of my problems. I abandon hobbies because I feel like
Jan 10
January 05, 2024
Wether I'm locked in my room or locked in my head, I'll be dancing in flower jeans on the prison roof. I was on born on this earth under the golden light of her curls, coddled in the arms of a tsunami!I'll be saved from the blinding colours of life,
Jan 05
December 19, 2023
Dear Lord you know I'm tired... Bad dreams yesterday night. Very, very bad dreams. I've never felt so terrible. There's no doubt it was the worst nightmare I've ever had. I've been shaky all day, it's ridiculous. Can't stop thinking about it, but I c
Dec 19
December 13, 2023
Allez Charlotte, il faut que tu te poses les questions. Qu'est ce qu'on fait quand on est dans une situation qui nous rend malheureuse? On change de situation. Malheureuse c'est pas le bon mot... Bon d'accord. Reformulation. Qu'est ce qu'on fait quan
Dec 13
December 10, 2023
She will show me her lightness, the ways in which she moves, like she's alive.  Lovely girl, cover me with your wings, show me the world you are so unafraid of.  When I crumble under the weight of my own heart, she will reach her hand to me, tilt my
Dec 10