Incomplete human's Dear Diary

September 25, 2022
Dear ghost, While I sat there staring at the ceiling listening to you, at the other side you were crying. I wish I could tell you there was hope. That it is going to be okay but you mean too much for me to lie. You told me I was dying inside. That I
Sep 25
September 25, 2022
Dear ghost, To be loved like that. Loved so it hurts. So it burns. To be held like that. Held so that it's warm. So it's safe. To be kissed like that. Kissed so it melts. So it aches. If only there was such love. it's morning again. No matter ho
Sep 25
September 24, 2022
Dear ghost, Just so it happens. Perhaps, it could be your feature or your silhouette. Maybe, your voice. Possibly your manners or even your spoken thoughts. it happens so that in mere seconds, you could draw their eyes towards you. You make it so th
Sep 24
September 22, 2022
Dear ghost, As I listen to Fuji Kaze; while my ears scream in pain and the sky roars; whilst my face lay on the pillow; I hang my limbs on the bed and pretend to be dead. The sky is loud. The rain is noisy. The music echos. But my head is serene. S
Sep 21
September 21, 2022
Dear ghost,One stumble and rest is all downhill. It would feel miserable. It would feel like a lie. It's so simple they said. But your eyes don't lie or so you believe. My eyes only saw my bruise and scared of the stumble, just walked downhill. So I
Sep 20
September 20, 2022
Dear ghost, The real Love is a luxury. So we crave. Together is a miracle. If only you, only if you want. Rest are all mirage. So we hang on to the shadow. To the faint image that bind us. The world is bound by rules so that emotions don't ruin
Sep 20
September 19, 2022
Dear ghost, Meddlesome. That's how you should have described me. Perhaps, that's what you were screaming about when I chose to cover my ears. But I adore you.They tell me I was wrong. I should not have reached out for you and shaken your shoulder. I
Sep 19
September 18, 2022
Dear ghost, This trembling air, that invasive voices and those fidgeting eyes shall know of you for you have greatness born inside of you. The world is you. But sometime, the universe looms before me. It tells me it is endless. It taunts me only to
Sep 18
September 17, 2022
Dear ghost, I want you to accidentally see me from the half opened door as I dance in the room. So that you will wonder about me. About how strange I am. Then, as you stand holding the umbrella in the rain, you will smile with your eyes and walk awa
Sep 16
September 16, 2022
Dear ghost, Gradually, you will end up knowing me. The part I hide so desperately and most of me that reflect in the mirror. You will find out soon enough but only the most of me. Even as I breathe for the last second of my life, only I shall know a
Sep 16
September 14, 2022
Dear ghost,  when you are lost in the jungle, what must you do to stay mad? Must you abandon your now. Must you live on the stage? I had a dream that often twinkled but it was mine. Untill It felt like it wasn't so I don't know. No, I don't. If I li
Sep 14
September 13, 2022
Dear ghost, You know not how weak I am. How I painted my mask and locked my longing inside. Yet, you called me phenomenal. To a facade like me.To a coward like me, you called me and made me beautiful. If you knew all of me, I wonder whether you wi
Sep 13
September 12, 2022. New Book: first chapter
Here we go again. Again, I am here because dear ghost, I am unfathomable, even to myself, and shameless beyond the stars. But it ruins me. It ruins me and I... If it ruins me, I want it to be seen by somebody, Anybody. I want me and anyone to know
Sep 11
July 14, 2020, last page
Darling ghost, this is probably my last. As I thought letting go is the best feeling. I will probably love night forever. I will probably never live my dreams. But it's okay. It might not be okay but it's okay. I will live. I will love. I will despai
Jul 14
July 14, 2020
Darling ghost, kiznaiver: where the characters share pain, both within and without. The girl with a bad personality suffers from pain of loss. The pain she feels is so melancholic and it seems to her that her friend have cursed her to eternally remem
Jul 13