Creature's Dear Diary

June 01, 2023
Dear ghost, No wonder you fascinate me. The way your lily eyes twinkle under the pressure. The way you carry your continence in thorns of the streets. Of all the rugged doll I have chance upon, you seem to be handsomely brave. Mind you, your beauty
Jun 01
May 26, 2023
Dear ghost, It has come again. The blues of my discontent where I am suspicious of every creature. Even my degrading self.   I am afraid I have failed myself. I am scared that they hate me. I fear that they see me as a mistake. Above all, that I am
May 26
May 24, 2023
Dear ghost, I am nurturing my modesty. I have been playing in the mud of my hubris. I have counted every swaying emotions. Written all the nauseating fear. Cried all the laughs blooming in me. Confronted every puzzle pieces. After Hunting all the ca
May 24
May 22, 2023
Dear ghost, I did write that you would know soon enough about all that I truly amount to. You have seen what facade I have been building. You must absolutely regret choosing me. I barely know who I was and who I am. I know what I should become but t
May 22
May 21, 2023
Dear ghost, Let me carve this memories while it is still raw. I can taste the feeling even as I lay on my bed. It was in the middle of the streets; I could hear the music playing in the background. The blue sky with mushy cloud getting ready for the
May 21
May 18, 2023
Dear ghost,  It breeds in me; my mellow dreams of you and the gentle adoration.  Shoveling the snow of my conscious to unearth the silver snake hibernating. She is still waiting for the summer. In her slumber, the summer has still not touched her.
May 18
May 15, 2023
Dear ghost,  I have been lost for a while.   It has been a while since I knew where the north star is.  Haven't flown close to the sky. Haven't dipped in the ocean. I haven't done enough yet I dare to sigh.  Those nights when I return alone in th
May 15
May 12, 2023
Dear ghost, I lightly lift my heavy heart, hang it on the window. I have said it all.  I haven't loved enough.  But in that summer when you and I did not meet. I was so afraid of what I might become.  I am a coward.  Every time that I painted, I
May 12
May 09, 2023
Dear ghost, I was at fault. I was stretching towards the sun too much. I admired the rose too much. I did not like the reflection too well.  It wasn't me. It wasn't me. I was just trying to be.  The rays of your light covered all that I saw
May 09
May 08, 2023
Dear ghost,  I have worn my heart on my sleeve. I have thrust my smile to you who waved it away. I yielded to your moods. I have danced to every song you played. Yet i know it so hurtfully well.  I am the one who is wrong. I shouldn't have. I should
May 08
May 07, 2023
Dear ghost, It has been years, I rarely get an urge to drink the dark coffee. I have sadly grown a distaste for cigarettes. Neither the bitter taste of coffee nor the burning sensation of smoke can heal me. It is only the dear melody that soothes me.
May 07
May 05, 2023
Dear ghost, I saw a beginning of spark in a place so mundane that I almost envied them.  I saw their dreams and aspiration and by God! They were beautiful. Yet the fort of their dream seems not so sturdy to me. Rather it is a wiggly madhouse that
May 05
May 04, 2023
Dear ghost,  I do not like the way your word vibrate in me. The way it echoes in my head.  But they ring with truth. Sleep deprived.  Disabled emotions. Fleeting mind.  I and my body have deserted me. My will is screaming to drop measly task and
May 04
May 03, 2023
Dear ghost, Yesterday I was too entranced by the world that never existed that I, let the real world pass by. So She swiveled the chair that did not belong to her and philosophically said, "the world does not revolves around you." And laughed as if
May 03
May 01, 2023
Dear ghost, I once forgot to apologize and stole the yellow dandelion flower from her home. I pressed her in between the pages that concealed my woes. Now she is dry and have forgotten how to change dress and fly away. She does not know about the wh
May 01