Creature's Dear Diary

December 07, 2023
Dear ghost, So am I and so are you. Battered by the chasing time.  I read about sick maiden on an ash and throns of her decay. I met a girl like a floating cloud: so calm and diligent yet she wavered often and darkened in some days. I met a girl so
Dec 07
December 06, 2023
Dear ghost, As expected, I only have pain in my legs and an ache in my heart. I remember losing my breath as I climbed the trailing footpath tucked between trees. We headed towards the monastery atop. It was a monastery so sacred throughout the hist
Dec 06
December 06, 2023
Dear ghost,  This thirst to solve the puzzle you offered; the dying need to be acknowledged, the desire and the greed i have stored at the pit of my anxiety. Tomorrow or should I say today, I feel the need to prove my self. To thrive rather than sur
Dec 05
November 30, 2023
Dear ghost, My life as a book shall be hidden in the middle of a library. Neither is it secretly collecting dust at the corner nor is it worn out, for everyone reads it. The biography of my life is the most ignored yet so redundant. The library is b
Nov 30
November 30, 2023
Dear ghost, How I falter before the glass?! Oh! The way I quiver before my weakness. I no longer know what I can offer for I have been broken and beaten. Throughout the battle, I have just stood by as my strength burned. Only after I lost the battle
Nov 29
November 28, 2023
Dear ghost,  Of all the letters I have sent to you, there is one that was burned by the sun. I had reached out to the sky to touch the falling charred paper. I could only thank the stars that it did not burn the dove. I could only hide the charred p
Nov 28
November 27, 2023
Dear ghost, I am never home. Even as I enter the door, the room seems like a failed facade of what I dreamt of. Even as I lay on the bed, I am never there. Only the shell of my existence remain, while I venture in my wonderland. I am never there. Th
Nov 27
November 17, 2023
Dear ghost, On a worn out red chair, I wheeled towards him. I closed the distance  between us. But even if I wished for romance, it was just an action without ulterior motive. I do not have it in me to like a person for the sake of loving, my love t
Nov 16
November 10, 2023
Dear ghost,  When i close my eyes ever so lightly, I see a dragon snoring on a lavender field. I see a princess with a flowing gown locked in the dungeon. I see the sorcerer floating and laughing in the air. I see bouquet of desperate love scattered
Nov 10
November 09, 2023
Dear ghost, I remember a dark path cutting through a steep slope between rocks adorned with thick vines. The path would soon arrive on plain ground with trees freerer than those riddled with vines. It would then disappear before a river and appear o
Nov 09
November 06, 2023
Dear ghost,  If you ask me, "what colour I am made of?" Red, I would say, Just as the hue fading at the corner of rainbow. Like the colour riding on the flames. Like the colour sleeping on the autumn's leaf. Like the colour burning in the twilight.
Nov 06
November 03, 2023
Dear ghost, The colours are darker than usual. The usual have saturated into this moments. As I feel the smoke tearing up my eyes, I still groom the woods in the fire. Even at this remotest place I drink to the music in me and sway to the rhythm. If
Nov 03
October 26, 2023
Dear ghost, Even as i desperately cry, you still won't know of what I am yearning for. You won't know the depth of my sea and the corner of my sky. The cosmos of my void and the burden of my galaxy contain only the crumbs of my existence. The sway o
Oct 25
October 19, 2023
Dear ghost,  My odd affection. My secret affliction. Every odds and end, have but met dissipating memories. There is enormous black hole in my infant memories and patches of laughter in my childhood memories. There are blurred memories of my youth a
Oct 19
October 12, 2023
To all those who have loved and has been loved by someone, tell me, is it heaven or hell? Will they love you till the end of time? Will they accept all the darkness and ugliness inside me? If they don't, do you think I am capable of burning them off
Oct 12