Creature's Dear Diary

April 16, 2024
Dear little prince, I was crying when the shadow stalked me. I wanted it to abandon me. I could only hide inside my cave to escape. But in that cave, I wanted to catch the light.  I can laugh, play and sport, while harboring sorrow even ocean cannot
Apr 15
April 11, 2024
Dear ghost, I want to carefully and tenderly pick my misery and hour after hours, I will pile it little by little in my heart. So that it may eat the ravenous hole inside. Gradually, I shall tear my heart out and bury it deep under the graveyard. So
Apr 11
April 10, 2024
My love,  I am in awe of your manners that I shall never own. I am star struck by the forbearance you have gathered in your storm. I ache for your dismal days yet I regard your effort as most formidable. So, I am envious of you. Therefore, I am utte
Apr 10
April 08, 2024
Dear ghost, Lend your straying ears to me, I am drunk on poem. Though I have not visited poetry in a while, I already stink with its perfume. If you peel off this ornamental lyric, the hideous acts might imple you to grimace. 'Cause only will you wi
Apr 08
April 06, 2024
Dear ghost, On that day, I wanted to cry so much so as to relieve myself. For it felt like the earth beneath me were crumbling. I wanted to crumble that paper and hold it on my chest. That was a prove that I am inept. On that night, I did not want t
Apr 06
April 03, 2024
Dear ghost, It only cost a wild drive with a coffee in my hand and smoke in my mouth to water my light. It only takes a wide eye staring from the crack of the door, to incite my heavy soul. It only requires a little bit of moving to polish my smudge
Apr 03
March 29, 2024
Dear ghost,  He shared a scene from my past where I was flying. Oblivious of my fall, he said he always knew of my flight. But dear old friend, that scene was just a frozen moment from my fall. Now, in this wake of the night, I fear he will know wha
Mar 29
March 28, 2024
My love,I cannot sing for you tonight. I lost my voice to that ethereal siren in the sea. They have roughened the wind of my song. It seems like I cannot soothe you tonight. You told me that you have lost the hand that held you when you opened your e
Mar 28
March 26, 2024
Dear ghost, Walking in this crowded city, who have snatched all my dreams, I still long for the woods. I believe whatever makes my bubbling desire suits the woods and the silence. But I am afraid, the fire that youth offers to me cannot seem to leav
Mar 26
March 24, 2024
Dear ghost,  I have no words to whisper. No tender to offer. As the smoke of your existence fade in my conscious, I doubt if you really breathe in the same planet as me. Your silhouettes are flickering and your perfume slowly cease to linger. They s
Mar 23
March 21, 2024
My love,When you close your eye, do you think of the summer when you ran in the rain? When the clothes hung onto your skin as the rain caressed your hair. But decade of summer passed and you were walking under the umbrella in the rain. In that shower
Mar 21
March 20, 2024
Dear ghost, I did it hundred times. I did it so shamelessly. I did it so secretly. I did it first when I submerged within those senses. When they showed me it existed. I lost my mind. I was fascinated, tempted and thus, I fell. Its a sin afterall. I
Mar 19
March 15, 2024
Dear ghost, If I become shallower than now, the rabbit hole shall not release me. I shall forever be sentenced in the garden of my bliss. But ignorance is sin. I shall burn the wonder out of every flower. I shall not escape the hole and bury myself
Mar 14
March 10, 2024
Dear ghost, I need not have to tell you the woes of my war. In middle of this starry town, I have been bewitched. I have succumbed to the swing of this sweet sins. Yet after all the nectar, I am unbearably yearning for the woods. I want to get lost
Mar 10
March 07, 2024
Dear ghost,  The azure sky own not a hint of puffy cloud. Much like the sea inside me. Much like the forest within. I have yet to walk outside the door so no wind hinders me and no cold bothers me. I am wide awake to rays of sunbeam. I am aware of t
Mar 07