Incomplete human's Dear Diary

February 05, 2023
Dear ghost, How vain. Must you do so. Such vanity. It will fester in you. Crawl upon your skin to ruin every trace of what's true. Before the fire burns the emerald forest, realize that it is only Narcissus on the water. Blink once and witness the r
Feb 05
January 31, 2023
Dear ghost, Tired. But hopeful. Exhausted  But wretchedly hopeful. No one knows how to live right. All could just mop around in the dark and pretend they see it all. But you don't. No, you don't! . . .
Jan 31
January 28, 2023
Dear ghost, Let me write so that it lingers. When the noon left and when it was only she and I, we absently went inside a bus while talking about all those frivolous things that I would regret about later. We talked and talked as the city bus passe
Jan 28
January 25, 2023
Dear ghost, Little bug that wonder at the end of my night, entice me not. Those twinkling rays that flinker beyond my closed eyes dare to hope again. Perhaps. Perhaps. Perhaps I just might.  I scream again because it seems you hears me not, " As th
Jan 25
January 16, 2023
Dear ghost, Hush...dear burning flame inside. Let your yellow wings dipped in crimson sleep for a while. Let it not fly away just yet for it shall burn me to ashes. Lovely passion "tread softly because you tread on my dreams."  Not yet. Not yet. it
Jan 16
January 13, 2023
Dear ghost, No more. No more. Enough of every scar that is tattooed in my past. It is tomorrow that I must hastily look for. My stars that gathered beside my cradle is still with me. They kisses and wishes me the best of world. They shared their li
Jan 13
January 11, 2023
Dear ghost, Here in the city, I am losing all my dreams. let me not sleep with dead dreams under my pillow.  It's these flippant notes and those twinkling eyes that scribbles my painting. Its my fragile will that cannot draw this empty page. Will
Jan 10
January 09, 2023
Dear ghost Unbeknownst, undesired yet it thrive among the ducks. But stay, you could be dreaming in a fairytale. You are perhaps an amethyst hidden inside the rugged rock- just agonizingly waiting for the light to crack inside. You might be a bud gr
Jan 09
January 02, 2023
Dear ghost, In it, I saw what frivolous dirt I was made of. What my withering worth was. I have forgotten what componant it performed but I can taste the cold and bitter fear. It tasted like blood. I am sure that tomorrow will be same but like all
Jan 02
December 22, 2022
Dear ghost, As winter air surrounds me and you, you slightly question the line of my hands. You may wonder if I am lying to you. To the world that know only half of me. You sit down ever so reluctantly and wait so patiently. I nod and sway lightly t
Dec 22
December 21, 2022
Dear ghost, So common that every stranger says "hey, you feel so familiar to me. You look quite like someone I know." I have had strangers say that I look like their dearest daughter, some friend, new employee and one of the cousins. All the time, t
Dec 21
December 19, 2022
Dear ghost, It's the day I was born. It's the day my mother walked in the rain and nobody let them in because it was bad omen to let a pregnant women in a house. More so when the baby is being born. It was under that dead big tree I was born. It
Dec 19
December 15, 2022
I guess you could say that the sky is different or maybe it might be. The word that seems to spill from my mouth, doesn’t come from within. It arises from the hills of my lips that bask in vanity. If you could just pause and take your time to underst
Dec 15
December 10, 2022
Dear ghost, Remind me of the kind of person I was when I walked through that wooden door with white marble floor. Of the kind of person I used to be before I sat on that polished chair and crossed my legs. Before I smiled so sweetly even as I was fa
Dec 09
December 07, 2022
Dear ghost, In this town that loves me not, my dirt stained black shoes pursue the road that windingly closes into the twilight. The sky painted in the violetly red horizons. The mountains that barely peek over these concrete building. Those black b
Dec 06