— temporary bliss's Dear Diary

Mild Indifference
I was in the bathroom of the motel he took me to when I heard the TV from inside the room start to play. Hmm.. I wondered what movie he could be playing. Upon my getting out, he had already settled into bed in his shirt and boxer shorts under full br
Jun 26
The Joy In The Rain
Today, my parents came to visit and as usual, mom brought clothes, shoes and bags for me and my sisters. I am ever so jubilant with how the weather is in my favour: gray skies, icy air, rain, and some bits of thunder here and there. It was nearing no
Jun 05
The Big Question
I am a liar and a hypocrite. Any heartache and romantic misfortunes that shall befall upon me, I deserve it. A couple of days after my meet-up with Erwin in the mall, I reinstalled Bumble for reasons of idle importance but was nonetheless pleased wit
May 28
Feelings Fade
[ENTRY 100..✍️] How… I'm so overwhelmed right now. It literally was just yesterday I spoke of my love for Chace slowly fading away and just twenty minutes ago, I received a text from him while I was scrolling through the bodybuilder's instagram page
May 11
The One-Month Wall (Part 2)
[ENTRY 99..✍️] "Wait." When I turned my head from the box to look at him, he was already leaning in, saying: "Lemme kiss you first." Simultaneously tipping my chin with his finger to level my face with his, he planted an embrace on my unprepared lip
May 09
The One-Month Wall (Part 1)
[ENTRY 98..✍️] After about a month of having not seen each other since my declared avoidance of being with Erwin, he and I finally met up again. It was a Sunday afternoon when I told him my original plan to go somewhere was canceled due to the adven
Apr 29
The Girl In The Mirror
[ENTRY 97..✍️] She looked outside the window and most dreaded the faint hue of orange painting the base of the sky which had been pitch-black just moments ago, as if an alarm from the heavens sending her the warning that the momentary escape she spe
Apr 19
LISTLESS: A Poem of The Bored
[ENTRY 96..✍️] Lying in bed, I know not what to do. Searching for something, To give me a clue. Low art the spirits, Enormous the restlessness. Subdued by ennui, Sweet heavens, dost help me. Listless.
Apr 14
How To Develop Feelings
[ENTRY 95..✍️] I think I might have the stupidest little crush on Erwin now.. Okay, you already know how much I want to develop feelings for him, right? And, well.. with my determination to achieve that, I tried the method that seems to always be th
Mar 28
The Shunned Lover & The Father
[ENTRY 94..✍️] Thirteen days have passed since my last entry and not much has happened since then. Well, the main reason being, as imparted previously: my refusal for something to happen whilst I still had a personal conflict to deal with. I
Mar 17
Personal Problem
[ENTRY 93..✍️] I'm going through something right now. Something intimately personal. And because of this, I can't see Erwin for I don't know how long and the thought of it suddenly saddens me so.. I don't know if he truly sees me as his girlfriend..
Mar 04
Commitment Issues
[ENTRY 92..✍️] Oh, god. The weirdest thing just happened. Erwin called me his "girlfriend". Oh, good god. It's so weird. Is this how everybody else feels when they become a girlfriend? I was expecting more excitement and less cringe. Oh, mon dieu...
Feb 27
Divided Attraction
[ENTRY 91..✍️] Hang Four. He stirs my feelings. I'm already doing so fine with Erwin that I even thought of focusing on him already and putting an end to my exploration for more options and then the foreign prince just out of nowhere sends me a bundl
Feb 25
A Song For Him
[ENTRY 90..✍️] I'm at Layla's right now and she's still sleeping. To be fair, it's only 7am. I slept over and drooled on her cardigan. It's really disgusting.  I wrote a song for Erwin last night because he came home from work so drained and exhaust
Feb 24
Mis Mejores Amigas
[ENTRY 89..✍️] I can't wait to hang-out with Layla again. It's been like a year since the last time we saw each other. She's my college best friend, by the way. I've mentioned her here I think once or twice. It's actually funny because it was th
Feb 22