— temporary bliss's Dear Diary

Lockdown Buddies
This past week, my feelings have been overwhelming me and I wanted to write about them but I couldn't bring myself to because it felt like I had so much to say and I didn't know where to begin. It's like cleaning and arranging a really messy room. I
Jan 18
Lake & Pebbles
My love for him is like a quiet and placid lake. Peaceful, calm, tranquil... I know not the depth of its coverage, but I only feel it when disturbed by a throw of a pebble. And like the ripple the stone makes when it hits the water, my own heartache
Jan 16
Valentine Gifts From A Frenemy
[ENTRY 75..✍️] I was running out of candles last night and when I searched if there was anything more stored in the house, I found the box of candles Callum gave me on Valentine's Day two years ago, just a little before I met Chace. Dear me, but
Jan 10
New Year Break-up
[ENTRY 74..✍️] "It's so hard. It's the first time I have this feeling. I can't stop thinking of her. Even if I try to do something else. I don't even know what to do. Even when I'm home, I'm lost." He has no idea. He has no idea how these word
Jan 08
[ENTRY 73..✍️] How do I console someone with a broken heart when the very mention of his feelings for her breaks mine, too? :'(
Jan 06
New Year (2022)
[ENTRY 72..✍️] Ah, at last. I've finally caught up to date. The signal was so bad (and still is) that I couldn't post the delayed entries in one go. Plus, there's a specific time where I could only connect to the internet and I'm usually asleep
Jan 06
A Loner's Nightmare
[ENTRY 71..✍️] I am… SUFFOCATED. Ever since I've resettled myself in my room after cleaning the chaos the storm created, my older sister has been making a habit of staying with me because there's a signal up here no matter how shitty. She sleeps here
Jan 05
[ENTRY 70..✍️] One night, for some reason, as I laid in bed waiting for sleep to take over my sentience, I thought of famous fictional serial killers, and the one that managed to slip through my dreams was Ghostface. In my dream, I was still i
Jan 05
[ENTRY 69..✍️] Thirteen days since the storm.Thirteen days without electricity.Thirteen days without internet. I know I said I'm handling it better than most people my age but gosh, I miss modern convenience electricity provides so much now. I miss
Jan 05
The Calm After The Storm
[ENTRY 68..✍️] Greetings. I feel inclined to say "Happy New Year" since I'm presently posting this on the primary advent of 2022. But I have more entries left unpublished from the last days of 2021, for which reasons, shall be known upon imparti
Jan 02
First Dose & A Tempest
[ENTRY 67..✍️] Due to some unfortunate events, this post has been 15 days delayed. But I'm back now. Sort of.Last night has got to be the longest and most restless night I've ever had in my life. I just had my first dose of the vaccine yesterday and
Dec 30
My Language Partner
[ENTRY 66..✍️] So.. in continuance of my previous post, somebody resurfaced on my Telegram inbox. Nah, not Chace. Although we actually talked again after that "I see you" incident. He even flirted with me. Whether or not he still has a girlfriend, I
Dec 15
Lonely Night
[ENTRY 65..✍️] What happened to us? I'm at the top of a mountain overlooking the entire city in daze, my scattered thoughts surrounding the nagging feeling of sadness and loneliness in me. I know my period has something to do with this but I've als
Dec 14
Skincare & Candles
[ENTRY 64..✍️] My mom's here and brought me some dresses, house slippers, and really sexy night robes. Then we went out along with my younger sister and had some tea. One of the waiters really had a nice ass. He was tall, too, and looked cute behind
Dec 12
Sharp Knife of A Short Life
[ENTRY 63..✍️] I knew someone. He was very promising. He had all his dreams and life figured out. He had ambitions, plans, and was on the way there to reach them, setting aside minute things that made him happy, the little things in life because he
Dec 11