— temporary bliss's Dear Diary

I want to say I love you to someone so much… But it's easier to say fuck you.
Sep 01
Double Date & Horror Films
Just finished attending a 2-hour meeting on Zoom. As much as possible, I try not to have a lot of questions or opinions during these huddles because from what I notice, the inputs that you have often turn into tasks. Aye, that's right. The night
Aug 18
Elusive Princess
Layla called me on the phone today. Twice. And being the good friend that I am, I just watched it ring. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. But I just have a feeling she's going to ask me to go out with them again and I'm really not in the mood to be
Jul 30
Kissing Lancelot
I was in bed making out with Lancelot when the bastard's phone started ringing. "What's wrong?" I asked as soon as he finished answering, seeing as his face didn't look too happy. "I have to go." "Why?" "Our downloader died." I we
Jul 28
Job Application Update
River got the job. So did the Brazilian.  Actually, everyone in the interview got it. Haha. Imagine I was the only one who didn't get it, though.. That would be so awful. Anyway, I've been a working girl for a month now. I wouldn't sa
Jul 28
The Birthday Celebration
Well, it didn't rain. And I just got back home from the festive gathering. It was fun. But not very much. It wasn't a grand celebration, we just had a buffet dinner at a Korean restaurant. The food was sublime. And I didn't feel so out of place,
Jul 23
The Birthday Invitation
Today is River's 21st birthday and they're inviting me to go celebrate it with them this afternoon and to be completely blunt about it, I have absolutely no desire to leave the house. It's awful, I know, I know. He's my best friend's boyfriend, a
Jul 23
As I turned the pages of Crime & Punishment along, I came across Raskolnikov's friend again, who didn't make a remarkable impression on me the first time I read the book almost two years ago, but reading it back now, his introduction made me stop at
Jul 17
Dear Blaire
About the job I was applying for… I'm not betting on getting it. Nor am I hoping to. As I’ve said before, I only showed up for the interview mainly out of respect and gratitude to our cousin, Alice, since she was the one who referred me to their comp
Jul 09
Reading "Crime & Punishment" again. To have someone to relate to. Nah, nah.. Not in the sense of sinking too deep to the point of conjuring a plan of murder for noble reasons. But because .. "He had become so completely absorbed in himself, a
Jul 05
The Resort, The Baby, And My Eyes
Back home now. Our stay was.. nice, I would say. I mean, it was great that we got to be together in some fancy place, all of us, but, overall.. there was really nothing extraordinary about it. Maybe because we've been to that resort plenty of times n
Jul 04
Big Sister's Homecoming
We're going to the same resort we went to last year to celebrate my sisters' birthdays together (their birthdays are just three days apart), so we'll be seeing the older witch again after six months since her departure last Christmas; and of course,
Jun 23
I'm in serious anxiety right now. I think I'm being hacked… I was on Discord in front of my laptop, about to call Lancelot when suddenly, the notepad started to launch on its own. And then the weirdest thing started to happen .. I saw le
May 26
Rubik's Cube
The Rubik's Cube that's been sitting on my shelf for a year now is finally being used for how it should be and not just a mere decoration in my little dark academia bedroom; the new room I talked about last year. And I'm proud to say I can now solve
May 08
I stayed at Layla's for three days this week. I gave her two of my "Twilight" books because I just couldn't bring myself to be interested in it no matter how hard I tried. Literally, I have made THREE attempts to read the first book in the intervals
Apr 06