— temporary bliss's Dear Diary

Petty Chess Player
Almost midnight. All alone in the house. Listening to a playlist which makes you feel like you're a fairy in a medieval Arthurian romance. Playing chess online every now and then because yes, I finally decided to learn it. Thanks to Rollo for that. N
Mar 25
A Song For The Englishman
Miss your blue eyes Which I thought were grey Cos the first time I saw you I didn't think you would stay Stay in my mind Cos it wasn't the plan I only held your hand To distract me from From somebody else Who stole my heart A tattooed soldi
Mar 23
A Midsummer Night's Dream
For the first time in my life, I finally read Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream"—a literary fancy owing to the fact that Lancelot once played "Oberon" in his high school theatre ten or so years ago. Oh, Lancelot is the name I have decided
Mar 16
Last Breath
Flow of the tears Like lava, it burns A river of lamentation For time can't be turned My heart, I must harden Encoat it with iron For I can't bear to be human To watch a life be unborn.
Mar 15
Job Interview
I applied for a job today which left me drained as I type this. The whole process of waiting and being transferred and filling out forms and assessments lasted for almost three hours. Four other applicants were also in the room during the interview a
Mar 03
Unrequited Love
"I guess this is where we part ways, habibi. Where the short story ends, where the inks dry. I wish you best of luck :)" "You, too. Thanks for the memories." Was that all? Was that all I was going to say? The guy tried to be poetic, something
Mar 02
English Affair (Chapter 4)
It seemed he… completely lost interest in me. Was it something I said? Did he meet somebody else? I wouldn’t say I was that attached to him but this occurrence certainly coloured my thoughts, emotions, and day into grey; like a low-hanging heavy clou
Feb 27
Novella Break
A short break from the “novella” I am making. It turns out writing one takes months for me to do so, and I’m not even done yet. The German dude said something about “nanowrimo”, which stands for National Novel Writing Month, and according to him, it’
Jan 18
English Affair (Chapter 3)
[Warning: Mature Content] I returned the kiss, and… I have to be honest, all of his facial hair didn't seem quite comfortable at first. This was my first time kissing a really hairy man and by hairy, I mean his beard fell a couple of inches from
Jan 12
English Affair (Chapter 2)
Leaving the house at around six o'clock, I took a cab and the moment I got in and had a whiff of that familiar "air freshener" all taxi cabs in this country seem to have, I immediately felt sick and nauseous. It's less of the bumpy ride nor the inces
Nov 09
English Affair (Chapter 1)
Alright, I think it's time to properly introduce the British guy now even more than Kaladin if you ask me, because unlike the latter, I actually met this man in person. So he is a 188cm-tall, 28-year-old, blue-eyed gentleman; and since he looks l
Oct 29
Keyboard Madness
Holy shit. I just created a novel. Kidding. But I got crazy with the keyboard and ended up making an immensely lengthy entry with a word-count qualified to be a novella. And I'm not even done yet! It's called "English Affair" and I'm going to divid
Oct 26
Viking Sex
I had a strange dream last night. I dreamt that I fucked Ragnar from the TV series "Vikings". It was odd because it's not him I like but his brother Rollo. However, the disturbing part is when I let my childhood best friend, Blaire, watch us in the r
Oct 03
Not Broken, Just Scratched
Tell me why I just shed a tear when I saw Kaladin's location on Bumble..  A few days ago, it finally changed to my city after more than a week of being in the capital because yes, I visit his profile everyday like the crazy stalker that I am. So he
Sep 23
Giving Up
So I've decided to just give up on Kaladin. We'll never ever meet at this point already because he's officially ghosted me, I think. Still sad about the name, though. I guess I wrote too soon about him, that's my mistake. I'm actually at the British
Sep 17