— temporary bliss's Dear Diary

The Birthday Party
Just got home from the party. No cute guy. Most of the people invited were adult relatives. I mean.. Lmao, excuse me. Shit. Sometimes I forget I am also an adult. What I was saying is that they're old enough to be my uncles and aunties. No cute guy a
Sep 26
Baby Gifts, Cara & The Waiter
I went out with Cara Dean today to buy birthday presents for our friend's daughter who's going to be two years old tomorrow. I hadn't seen the bitch in three years. And the last time I saw Venice (the baby girl's mother) was on her wedding day two ye
Sep 25
The Forbidden Incubus
'What the actual fuck,' I thought in my head the moment my eyes flew wide open yesterday morning. I instantly grabbed my phone and texted a friend of mine whom we shall call Callum. I typed the exact same words that popped into my head the moment I w
Sep 23
Kai Parker
I had this dream written in my notes on the 15th of May this year and I'm going to copy-paste it here for it's going to be mentioned in the next entry I'll be posting. Warning: this is another product of my heightened libido. Kai Parker. If y
Sep 23
"Aesthetic" Morning
Bonjour. I was feeling kind of artsy so I took these "aesthetic" pictures like a typical instagrammer would do. But I don't have Instagram anymore. Two or three years now, I guess. In fact, I'm a complete ghost now on social media. Had this been in t
Sep 21
A Terrible Accident
I went out to buy muriatic acid to clean the bathroom when I saw something I wish I'd never seen. "Oh my god!" I had cried in complete horror upon seeing a dog run by a jeep, my eyes wide open as my whole being froze. The vehicle was moving slowly
Sep 19
Desires & Fantasies
I began watching Spartacus about a week ago but this entry isn't about the show at all, no; it's about my sexual urges when my period is about to come and during the time when I have it. If you've read my previous entries, you would know that I've be
Sep 16
Shinzou Wo Sasageyo
My sisters have been working out a lot lately and I kind of envy their motivation and spirit. They got their own workout routine and I got mine too but I don't do mine as frequently as they do theirs because most days, working out is just a major pai
Sep 14
Strange Pleasure in Sadness
"My assassin, like Casper the Ghost There's no shade in the shadow of the cross~♪" 2:50am. The night is cold, calm, and quiet. 'Disturbance of the peace' some people may say to the occasional barking of the dogs traversing the neighbourhood, crow
Sep 11
Date No More
"I have a week to get to know him better before the date. Which means a week to lose interest in him and back out." Well, I got to know him better, alright. And I don't think the date will be happening soon. I don't like him. He's nice, but.. he's qu
Sep 05
Little Girl
I joined my little sister in her workout and during the next set which focused on butt, my gosh, my legs couldn't handle it. I have such weak, tiny legs. I'm older than her but she's taller and bigger. People often mistaken I'm the youngest. I'm alre
Sep 04
Pleasure VS. Safety
One year and eight months. That's how long I haven't had action with a guy. That's how long I haven't had sex. Somebody asked me out on a date yesterday and I'm freaking out. I've detached myself from the world a little too far that it seems as thoug
Aug 30
Unknown Cravings
This isn't the first time I'm having problems with my appetite where eating feels more like an obligation than a necessity you enjoy. Usually it's just because of my profound laziness but lately, I've been having this constant hunger where I always c
Aug 26
13 Reasons Why
3:45am. Watching "13 Reasons Why" for the first time and it gave me ideas. Not of suicide, surprisingly, given the story of the show. I've thought about death several times but I'm not suicidal. I've harmed myself once but it was simply out of curios
Aug 12