— temporary bliss's Dear Diary

5 Days To Go!
I love the bikini set and summer dresses I bought. They're so cute! I can't wait for our class reunion. I wish I'll have my monthly premenstrual syndrome that day so that my small breasts would swell and become a little bigger.
Jun 04
Prepping For The Reunion
Our class reunion is fast approaching. Originally, I was skeptical about attending given that I wasn't an alumna of that school. However, Blaire, my childhood best friend, insisted I come, telling me I had left a mark in that school and that everyone
Jun 03
Wife-In-Training Programme
I was right. I started journaling “Reflections at Sea” on the 29th of March and only managed to finish it two months later, on the 24th of May. I hate how I can't finish an entry in one go anymore. And there are so many things I want to talk about. L
Jun 01
Reflections at Sea (Part 2)
When one is at sea soaking in the splendour of nature's beauty, one feels reflective. Either of the past, present, or future; the sorrows of life, joys, or afflictions; or simply the mere chimeras of one’s own daydream. The land upon which the skyscr
May 24
Reflections at Sea (Part 1)
It's 9:04am. I sit alone at the boarding gate, waiting for the shuttle to come pick the passengers up to take us to the ferry. The departure time is at 11. I'm not normally very punctual but venturing solo on a ship for the first time coupled with my
May 18
They say letting go is tough..But holding on hurts just as much ..
May 13
The Quiet Chaos
Over three months have passed since my last lengthy entry bypassing New Year and Valentine's Day. On a cold afternoon of March, I sat before a vast expanse of rice field, so green and picturesque, its fresh air sought by urbanites who wish respite fr
Apr 11
Dear Future Husband
May your signature grace parchment with a resolute stroke, leaving no crevice for remorse to haunt.
Feb 03
Star-Crossed Lovers
It's funny that I dreamt what I dreamt in the previous entry. When Chace and I had a moment... "A melancholic feeling suddenly crept inside me as I watched him there, seized by the memory of the deep affection I once harboured for the man a l
Dec 29
Body Hair Acceptance
Yesterday, I brought a pillow with me to the beach. For some reason, I thought it a good idea to carry it into the sea while I dipped myself underwater, soaking not only myself but the pillow I had wrapped in my arms.  I must also mention that before
Dec 12
"You're so tiny." I chuckled guiltily. "I really am." "Aren't you afraid I'm gonna break you?" A laugh escaped my lips, amused at his concern. "That can actually happen if you forget I'm fragile."
Nov 29
Avatar: The Last Airbender
I'm watching "Avatar: The Last Airbender" again, and my longing for a flying bison resurfaced even stronger than the last time I wanted one. Their fluffy and cozy appearance makes them the ultimate mode of transportation, and the thought of snuggling
Nov 02
Chandler's Dead 😭
I mean, Matthew Perry ..  The actor who played Chandler from Friends, has passed.  I do not believe this .. 😞 I literally just finished rewatching the entire show for the 3rd time yesterday and then to stumble upon this news .. Can I be any more sad
Oct 29
I want to say I love you to someone so much… But it's easier to say fuck you.
Sep 01
Double Date & Horror Films
Just finished attending a 2-hour meeting on Zoom. As much as possible, I try not to have a lot of questions or opinions during these huddles because from what I notice, the inputs that you have often turn into tasks. Aye, that's right. The night
Aug 18