Kc's Dear Diary

April 20, 2024
Dear Diary, Forget about red pills, blue pills, purple pills. Literally just try to get to know people who also genuinely wants to get to know you as a person, walk away if you come to a point where you have to compromise your self-respect. 
Apr 19
April 19, 2024
Dear Diary, I'm so glad I just noticed this written on the album cover. Jonghyun always had a way with words, definitely a poet.  “Just like my body’s stretch marks were a part of my growing pains, we will move on endlessly while enduring the
Apr 19
April 12, 2024
Dear Diary, Had a trippy travel to my hometown the past 2 days for eid. It was my first time being there after what 4 years? Our house was supposed to be haunted but thankfully nothing happened. Not ghosts interrupted my sleep, just my dad's lou
Apr 12
April 07, 2024
Dear Diary, Jjong's Hallelujah old live performance got me on chokehold. I haven't stop watching it for the past two days since I discovered it. It feels illegal to watch although he was fully clothed in it 😂.  "I thank God I see an angel
Apr 06
April 05, 2024
Dear Diary, Being able to do my assignment up this late is a privilege. Looking at my cat sleeping comfortably is a privilege. Family might fight a lot but we still have good moments, that in itself is a privilege. I guess what I'm trying to say
Apr 04
April 03, 2024
Dear Diary, Had a vivid dream last night about a girl who got mad at me because the guy she likes, liked me. She screamed at me, "I did everything I can to win him over. You didn't even do anything! So why?! Why does he like you?" She shook my s
Apr 02
April 02, 2024
Dear Diary, Took 11 hours in total to write this one. Push, push,push. Need a new keyboard..I haven't catched up to Queen of Tears! Only watched the spoilers 🥲. Absolutely adore Jiwon in this one.
Apr 01
April 01, 2024
Dear Diary, Family's been fighting a lot. Everyone's losing it.  And I'm just here hours on end trying to get things in done and in order.
Mar 31
March 24, 2024
Dear Diary, You bragged about how you could do assignments fast yet here I am, doing more than you within a week's worth of time. It took 2 days to finish one stupid transcript..I still have two more. I'm not retarded, there's just too much on m
Mar 24
March 22, 2024
Dear Diary, Literally, don't understand who be like "I wanna adopt cats because I pity them! I'm so nice!" but then turns around and expects other people to do all the labor taking care and cleaning them. But when the cats make a mess and this s
Mar 22
March 21, 2024
Dear Diary, I just finished one of the many assignments. Off to the rest maybe tomorrow?  Oh and I bought a general reading yesterday. It's such a funny coincidence because just 30 minutes before the reader sent me this, I was literally writing
Mar 21
March 20, 2024
Dear Diary, I had my wisdom teeth for about 3 years now and I'm thinking of getting one out because it's starting to feel uncomfortable, so I'm planning to get everything done in around 2-3 weeks time or I don't know, maybe I should push it to J
Mar 20
March 18, 2024
Dear Diary, This is dumb and insane. I'm gonna hire people to get half of my assignments done.  I had this thought earlier. When I get over this phase and earn enough, the first thing I wanna do is take my entire family on a vacation.
Mar 18
March 15, 2024
Dear Diary, I saw a parachute in the sky from my own backyard. Now that's not something you see everyday.
Mar 15
March 10, 2024
Dear Diary, “Don’t let your spirit die, This is just a conflict of the mind Is your heart alive? You'll overcome a conflict of the mind" 'The Conflict Of The Mind' by Aurora
Mar 10