Terifery's Dear Diary

September 24, 2023
It's typical in Asian families that daughters would make the biggest sacrifice because women are expected to be 'selfless'. My aunt gave up on her education and worked her bones to support her other siblings. Mind you she had an older brother who pur
Sep 24
September 23, 2023
Dear Diary, I don't know if it's a weird sleeping habit but I've been sleeping like I'm in a coffin since 12, on my back with my palms placed neatly on my chest. Sometimes, I'll change it up and have my arms crossed like a mummy. Depending on wha
Sep 23
September 22, 2023
Dear Diary, I did my nails while I watch Bewitched (2005). Most of the day was spent on thinking about myself, like things I like and what makes me feel good instead of thinking about other people. That's my definition of happiness for today.
Sep 22
September 20, 2023
Dear Diary, Spending most of your salary on food because that's the only way you can cope with work. Vicious cycle.  .. Feeling sober. Too sober. I meditated. Had a vivid dream afterwards. 2 days ago I accidentally burnt the roof of my m
Sep 20
September 19, 2023
Dear Diary, My biggest problem has always been receiving criticism because it's a direct hit to my pride. Even if I don't show it, I do have a massive pride and I always want to be right. What I've noticed is that there's nothing that slows down
Sep 19
September 17, 2023
Dear Diary, I just found out 😙 and 😚 are kissy face emojis and it explains why some people started flirting out of nowhere. They thought I was flirting with them. In my defense, I thought those were grinning face emojis! All these years....My
Sep 17
September 14, 2023
Dear Diary,   I guess words have no weight for those who don't practice what they preach. People won't take em' seriously.
Sep 14
September 12, 2023
Sky -> Teri
Sep 12
September 12, 2023
Dear Diary, Is it too late to start over?
Sep 12
September 11, 2023
Rip Sad Boy
Sep 11
September 10, 2023
Dear Diary, I just dyed my hair dark brown. Kept them red for about a year. I miss it already, not too sure how to feel about this color :)  .. Listening to SZA - Good Days
Sep 10
September 09, 2023
Dear Diary, This morning I made one of those ginger and turmeric shot because I woke up with a bloated stomach again. I think it worked cause I don't feel as bloated as I did the other day. It didn't taste as bad as people made it seem, probably
Sep 09
September 08, 2023
Dear Diary, I had a dream.  I saw a bald guy almost running over a some kittens with his car. So I picked up those kittens and placed them on the pavement. Some of them couldn't move because they were quite malnourished. I was going to adopt
Sep 07
September 07, 2023
Dear Diary, The hospital staffs played the national anthem at the hospital and everyone stood up. All the other patients stood up in synch except for me. I got so confused. I mean they've probably been doing this for a long time. I probably just
Sep 07
September 06, 2023
Sep 06