Piratessa's Dear Diary

December 10, 2021
Dear Diary, I just want to cry with no reason. I'm tired with no reason. This evening my boyfriend wants do come for dinner at my home. Why? Why we have to dinner with my parents? I don't understand. I hate when people come to my house... It's it
Dec 10
December 10, 2021
Dear Diary, I downloaded this app again, I did not remember that I already used it. It's incredible how my life sucks at the same level anytime I read something I wrote in the past.  It's not the first time for me to find things I wrote. I
Dec 10
August 15, 2021 headache and then what?
Dear Diary, Because of the head hache I was having since the second dose of the vaccine, I finally went to Emergency department. That was a good move, unlike my doctor, at the hospital, even if they were full of very serious patient and I was not
Aug 15
August 08, 2021 headache
Dear Diary, I have a huge headache. I have headache since I was 3 years old and the only thing doctors have done for that was prescribing me a very strong painkiller, but I can't take painkillers anymore in theory because I've becomed hypersensitiv
Aug 08
August 06, 2021 I'm not allowed to relax
Dear Diary, My parents went out just to walk. I consider this moments like treasures, because I can stay outside of my room without them asking me things, without their continuous screams and shouts, without their continuous criticisms. I can s
Aug 06
August 06, 2021 denying reality
Dear Diary, A thing that I really hate in people it's the mechanism of denying reality to maintain the idea they have of the world. Some data and some situations are just facts, and no-one can have an opinion about the reality of facts, people
Aug 06
August 02, 2021 nothing amuses me
Dear Diary, Whatever I try to do I feel empty and nervous. Nothing makes me feel satisfying. I don't want to watch a movie, read a book, study Esperanto or play an instrument. I'm indifferent to work too and I don't like to go out because of the p
Aug 02
July 30, 2021 ipersesitivity to madication
Dear Diary, It seems the my problem is confirmed as ipersensitivity to medication... I ask for what to do now, they said that I have too do a lot of exams but the results are not guaranteed because no one really understand what allergies are and ho
Jul 30
July 29, 2021 D&D Anxiety
Dear Diary, I should play at D&D this evening... Actually I'm not enthusiastic after what I've heard yesterday, even if I think that no-one will start the topic face to face with me and I can just continue to wear my poker face. Anyway remains
Jul 29
July 29, 2021 to pay the bills
Dear Diary, I have to pay my parent's bills, I have to use my father's money, I already pay part of our bills (like phone and internets connection) and their medical expenses (they forget to refund me) and I can not sustain also this payments.
Jul 29
July 28, 2021 I'm losing everything.
Dear Diary, I'm continuing to losing everything... I lost my family, I lost all the thing I like (theatres, cinemas, concerts, friends, festivals, the capacity of reading), even if some activities are restarting I'm not capable of enjoying anything
Jul 28
July 28, 2021 a friend had a dream about me
Dear Diary, Yesterday a friend of mine told me that he dreamed of having betrayed his wife with me...  Why am I so annoyed by this? Dreams are not controllable, and most of the time they haven't any sense or meaning and he was actually feeling gui
Jul 28
July 25, 2021 I've not enough strength
Dear Diary, Today I wake up with  petechiae without have taken any medication. This fact open a scenery in which this condition could be more serious respect to what it seemed before. I really should take blood analysis, but I'm too tired, to d
Jul 24
July 22, 2021 I can't get up
Dear Diary, I'm losing interest in everything again. I was Ierning a new instrument and then I lost interest, I was lerning Esperanto and then I lost interest. In 2018 I spent a whole year in bed because of depression, I was at university at th
Jul 22
July 21, 2021 how did I come to this? Pt. 2
Dear Diary, When I had to explaine to my friends why I have to use masks and respect social distancing I had to say to them that my parents are fragile. I did not talk about their craziness, I did not talk about the fact that some of my brothers
Jul 19