Yang's Dear Diary

May 08, 2024
Dear Diary, At what age did you started crushing on someone? At what age did you started crying over someone? At what age did you first experienced your unrequited love? At what age did you first experienced having a person alter
May 07
November 17, 2023
Dear Diary, We had CHN subject in the morning again, it's laboratory time but we didnt go to the community since we'll be focusing on lectures and quizzes this week. Semi final exams are next week so we have to work fast and we only have this we
Nov 19
November 16, 2023
Dear Diary, I have to admit I was kinda worried at this time. Cuz what if she was just flirting and teasing cuz Nicole was making stuff exciting and thrilling? The first subject is CHN, a major subject and Nicole is an irregular student so she w
Nov 18
November 15, 2023
Dear Diary, So the continuation... dang! Days goes by so fast. Me and Nicole went back to school with stuffs and I was kinda annoyed with her(Elaine). Cuz she was in my group and supposed to be making desserts with me, I wasnt annoyed cuz I
Nov 18
November 15, 2023
Dear Diary, I am actually writing this on November 16 but since I failed to make an entry yesterday here it is... Shit. HAHAHAHAHA It's an omg kind of thing cuz I was assigned to be a leader for making desserts and the drinks and so
Nov 16
November 14, 2023
Dear Diary, Can't sleep... Earlier before class I was already panicking cuz I'll be seeing her again. I wanted to make my makeup look perfect, my hair to be hairing, and my outfit to just cooperate with me. But like 15 minutes before the cla
Nov 13
November 12, 2023
Dear Diary, Haven't been able  to update since I had to uninstall a bunch of stuff and was busy with school. But after our midterms we were rewarded with a week long rest, and then after that we had to deal with intramurals(sports festival) and
Nov 12
October 20, 2023
Dear Diary, Found myself crying while looking at his pics again. Specifically selfies of when he was into me, makes it 10x more painful yknow? Flavorful! Chefs kiss! Add seasoning! And never forget the salt... sprinkle it on the open wound! Bes
Oct 20
October 20, 2023
Dear Diary, Finally got my tooth extracted like 4 days ago, im proud but it's also been killing me TOT IT'S STILL PAINFUL(or maybe im just being a baby).
Oct 20
October 11, 2023
Dear Diary, Capping is done and now I'm officially a student nurse. I know this is the beginning of the actual war tho. LET THE CRAMMING BEGIN!!!
Oct 11
October 10, 2023
Dear Diary, Capping and badging tomorrow! Great ceremony to award us for our hard work but I don't think you'd be enjoying it much thinking the day after that you'd have 13 hours class, reporting, pretest and post test in 3 subjects, quiz in
Oct 10
October 03, 2023
Dear Diary, I'll be disappearing from selected people's lives for 3 years
Oct 03
October 03, 2023
Dear Diary, My stupidity is part of the plot. My stupidity is part of the plot. My stupidity is part of the plo-- I broke my more than a month no contact. Great. What the ACTUAL FUCK AYAAAA AAAHHHH but let me explain. Maybe i
Oct 03
October 02, 2023
Dear Diary, Life's full of disappointment that can be used for an entertaining plot. I might start writing a book again. Nursing have mercy on me, im just trying to make a legacy cuz I might die who knows when.
Oct 02
October 01, 2023
Dear Diary, Haven't been updating cuz of hectic schedules but every week or maybe even everyday I just cry, not just because of him but because of a harsh nursing life. But maybe catching feelings for my gay classmate made these past few days ea
Oct 01