November 17, 2023


Dear Diary,

We had CHN subject in the morning again, it's laboratory time but we didnt go to the community since we'll be focusing on lectures and quizzes this week. Semi final exams are next week so we have to work fast and we only have this week.

Again I focused on the lecture, did well in the pretest so I have to do well on our post test. But I still keep on glancing at her whenever I have a chance tho and I sometimes catch her looking at me as well.

I dont remember much this day, it was just glancing and stuff but after CHN i had to go back to our house to get the activity slips since Ill be submitting them to our instructor. I decided to take my time, fix my makeup, and eat before going back for our maternal class. 

When I was about to enter the room, Crystal was on her way out and looked at me while smiling. Told me that I looked really pretty and went inside the room with me, we entered at the back door and Elaine was sitting at the back row so as soon as we opened the door there she was.

Crystal even teased her and told her I looked good. I dont wanna get my hopes up, cuz something's up(or maybe it's the trauma talking).

In our groupchat I promised that I would act normal when in front of Elaine, like how a classmate would. So I just smiled and approached erica who was at the row in front of where Elaine is, she's also close to the wall since she's charging her phone.

I was about to put my bag beside her but she told me that someone is sitting there. So we transferred to the 2 seats near the center, still in the same row. I went near the table for attendance and when I turned around to go back I noticed that Elaine changed seats and she was behind my seat now.

I think I managed to hide the kilig that I was feeling, well because of my bully mind saying she's not serious, she's really not into me, it's impossible.

I sat down but Erica asked me to go with her to the faculty so she could audition for the singing contest for our upcoming school party.

And so we did and I got to witness the voice of an angel. The instructors thought that I was gonna audition as well but I jokingly told them that I was just there for moral support. They named me the bestfriend of the year.

I took a video of Erica singing and was proud of her the whole time, after that, and even when we got back to our room I kept replaying the video and praising her.

I sat and let her watch the video, she had some criticisms but omg I dont understand singers smh her singing was perfect I keep telling her. 

Then, I kinda heard Junalie and Elaine kinda arguing behind me about dirty shirt or something then Junalie poked me and asked "Diba hugaw jud iya uniform?" (Her uniform is dirty right?)

The part that she was referring to was near her collar area and Elaine leaned in closer so I could see it which broke my character a bit.

Especially since I saw her also kinda getting shy and smiling. It was Junalie's doing, she knows I have a crush on Elaine.

I tried my best to just respond normally even tho my braincells are in chaos already. Then I hurriedly faced front again unable to control my smile and end up messing with my phone, I ended up watching Erica's audition clip again, her singing might calm me.

But then I heard Elaine's voice behind me again, she's asking if she can see the video and I nodded. I thought she would just take my phone so she could hear but... she kneeled behind my sit and leaned her head on my hand that's holding my phone so she could be close to it.

I was feeling her cheeks.

She was definitely testing me.

She was.

Again I did my best to talk like it's nothing to me. Like I'm not overthinking her soft skin on my fingertips.


It was alreayd 2pm yet the instructors are still not in the room, but then they messaged the groupchat saying we have to finish the rationalization of the checklist by 3:30. So all of us went to panic mode.

The class president decided to turn the tv on and played some old music while we were answering. And behind me, she was singing.

My favorite song went on, Iris by Goo goo dolls.

And she was singing it, while I was acting busy answering.

I also notice how close she is to me, like her legs are already on each side of my chair. I have to admit that Ive been watching stuff about body language and I dunno if she's very smart and she's doing it on purpose, or she genuinely wants to be close to be that her body is unconsciously making that happen.