November 16, 2023


Dear Diary,

I have to admit I was kinda worried at this time. Cuz what if she was just flirting and teasing cuz Nicole was making stuff exciting and thrilling? The first subject is CHN, a major subject and Nicole is an irregular student so she would only be taking one subject this day which is after CHN.

But for that I put in my mind to focus again, and so I did. Just a couple of glances but the whole CHN time I was focused and did well for pretest and post test.

After that we went outside for our elective subject, I met up with Nicole in the hallway so we called sit together and she was grinning telling me that Elaine was looking at me. I actually just noticed her behind me.

Nicole said while she was walking she already noticed Elaine staring at me so she ran towards me and hugged me.

During the elective class Elaine approached me to pay for her part on the expenses. Again with that expression where she tries not to smile too much when she catches me off guard, and again with Nicole on my side trying not to laugh too hard.

After elective I promised myself to not let the crushy stuff bother me cuz after lunch well be having maternal subject and I have to make my grades higher cuz I almost failed during midterm. There were only 6 of us who passed but still doesnt make me proud since I was just 0.1 away from actually failing.

Since Nicole wasnt in this subject I was able to focus and actually got to socialize with my seatmates that uhm...are her friends but yeah anyways. I didnt put much attention to her so I can do well on our post test. I noticed some few glances here and there.

She didnt really made a move anymore so I had accepted it cuz she was just in it for the thrill that my bestfriend manifests by annoying me.

Then for our 5-8 pm class sched, pharma, came. Erica and I placed our bags on the seat we usually occupy, the front row. That's actually how we became friends, none of our classmates wanted to sit in front but we did...not because we're really that good students but because both our eyes werent working well anymore.

So we put our bags there and was on our way out of the room to buy snacks and water when I saw Elaine walking inside. Again I accepted that she was just messing with me, getting my hopes up while she enjoys the thrill, so I tried to avoid her but she maintained eye contact as she passed by.

There was tension.

When Erica and I got back from the store I saw her chilling on the first row, where Erica and I were seated. I still decided to overthink it but she then moved to the teacher's sit which is in front of me. Her body language is killing me.

When the instructor came inside I did a sigh of relief cuz that would be she would be gone. She stood up and went away to I hugged Erica's arm to regain my lost strength trying to act normal but then I noticed Elaine holding her bag, asking Erica if the seat next to her is taken and Erica said no while giving me the look.

On my left was Erica and to my right is a wall. So here I am kinda safe. Again I tried my hardest to convince myself to focus on my classmates reporting but our instructor announced something about examinations and said the number 28 as the date for our pharma examination. Shocked I asked Erica if she meant November 28 and she said yes. I annoyingly whispered happy birthday to me.

Elaine was listening.

Sat straight and faced me again asking if November 28 is my birthday. I jokingly said secret.









I thought she wasnt listening or was even interested.

But now she knows my birthday.