November 15, 2023


Dear Diary,

So the continuation... dang! Days goes by so fast.

Me and Nicole went back to school with stuffs and I was kinda annoyed with her(Elaine). Cuz she was in my group and supposed to be making desserts with me, I wasnt annoyed cuz I have a crush on her, I was kinda... just kinda annoyed that she's not helping me and was helping the other groups with cooking instead.

The whole time I was busy and decided not to mind her. She's still doing something and helping. I was assigning task to Marces and Sherwin, and was running around to get stuff this and that. We also had a problem with making mango floats cuz the school didnt have a refrigerator, so before the cooking started I asked Marces to bring this foam box that keeps your drinks cold. In hopes that it would make our mango float taste decently. 

The box was too small for 2 cups tho so I decided to just switch them with the other 2 after I finish making the drinks. But then she suddenly approached me and asked me if I needed help with anything.

She asked me shyly. Again, I dont wanna assume. But it's the kind of shy that you just know and you just relate to. I wasnt really in the mood to flirt or stutter, I was so focused in finishing my tasks. Sure, I felt giddy but I hid it well and played it cool. I told her to switch the cups.

I helped her with it since she was kinda confused or shy or idk but she was unsure of where to put her hands so I ended up handing her the already cold cup in exchange of the other cups that needed to be chilled a little.

Physical touch.

I'm trying my best not to assume.

But Crystal approached us and was kinda teasing her the same way Nicole would tease me.

I wanna be kind to myself but my bully mind expects bad things, and was of those is that theyre just prolly making fun of me.

Micro-flirting went on the rest of the day. Bunch of trying to get closer, glances, and touching.

When our group was done, we all gathered for a group pic and she asked me to stand beside her... Nicole has this proud look and shouted "Okay let's place our arms on each other's shoulders or whatever akbay is in english".

And she did.

After that, still a lot of random glances and some tension. The instructors were very harsh but Ireally didnt mind it. After the grading it was time for logging out and so Nicole and I went outside to sign the attendance sheet outside, it was dark so Nicole asked me to turn the flashlight in my phone. We were about to go when Elaine and Crystal approached us and Nicole told me to just keep flashing the lights as Elaine and Crystal were writing theirs.

And then Elaine faced me and asked something. I didnt hear it, I was speechless.

And I think she enjoys it when I go into a mental block mode or something. Cuz her face looked like she was trying her best not to smile or grin.

Nicole and Crystal were laughing as that happened and I cant remember much but maybe Elaine and I panicked and decided to just leave while dragging our besties. We would to an opposite direction and there I saw Luke and Ingrid sitting and seeing the whole thing.

They were teasing me about it and they teased even harder when Elaine and Crystal walked pass by.

Dang so obvious.