Cookie's Dear Diary

February 01, 2023
Dear Diary, Hi , I want to write but I don't want to write but I have to write about yesterday , today and even tomorrow. Maybe I will feel like writing tomorrow only.
Feb 01
January 29, 2023
Dear Diary, Hi, I wanted to write since 4 days but end up not writing any day as I am just being lazy these days... 26th Jan- I suddenly got to know that my parents are going to Ranchi ofcourse the obvious reasons, marriage and all, all I don't u
Jan 29
January 25, 2023
Dear Diary, Hi  I got a call in the morning, I was supposed to go and donate blood, I went for it but they didn't allowed me to donate blood as I haven't completed 4 months from my last blood donation, the beneficiaries were disappointed as they w
Jan 25
January 23, 2023
Dear Diary, Its about Saturday, when my entire city went to watch Ind vs NZ live, the first ODI match, I chose to stay away from the crowd and read some love story and the only option available was "Write me a love story" and I wanted to read it as
Jan 23
January 23, 2023
Dear Diary, I'm quite drunk, highly intoxicated...
Jan 22
January 17, 2023
Dear Diary, "Kabhi khud pe, kabhi haalat pr rona aaya,  baat nikli toh har ek baat pe rona aaya. Aur hum toh samjhe the ki hum bhul gaye hain unko, fir aaj ye kis baat pe rona aaya, Aur kaun rota hai kisi aur k khatir ye dost, sabko apni hi kisi
Jan 17
January 17, 2023
Dear Diary, I was talking to a stranger yesterday, aj fir usse baat hui, kal jab usse baat ho rahi thi, maine puchha how is life and wo share krne laga shaadi ka stress and all but aj baat hui and he was like humara kuch ho skta hai kya, he meant k
Jan 16
January 14, 2023
Dear Diary, Thand kya hoti hai, yahan koi thand nai hai, bas ek do hafte k liye aaya tha. You know what from past few days I feel that I look so pretty, I mean my face 🤣 self appreciation but what to do yaa except the fact that I am fat so only g
Jan 14
January 13, 2023
Dear Diary, I called my mum with a happy mood but within minutes I was sad, I am feeling really bad, I feel, that they have a double standard for everything, I always support her and tries that she gets everything but I just felt that she has 2 dif
Jan 13
January 10, 2023
Dear Diary, Somedays you just wake up and don't feel anything, I mean you don't feel bad about anything, your heart is just empty and then you realise that you have finally learnt to let go of people and successfully out of something. I just want t
Jan 10
January 09, 2023
Dear Diary, I'm feeling anxious today, idk why but I am feeling this, I don't know how to overcome it, should I read or should I go out somewhere far, Idk what to do, I had plans for today but I am not able to implement those as well.
Jan 09
January 08, 2023
Dear Diary, Hi, I was just resting today, right now having a chocolate milkshake. I was supposed to go out today, so I was wearing my contact lenses, I wore it in one eye but it was quite difficult to wear it for the other eye and meanwhile I los
Jan 08
January 07, 2023
Dear Diary, Hi, Nothing interesting happened today, I didn't go anywhere except the temple in the evening and tea, neither I went to food festival nor shopping, I didn't conversed with anybody today.  Just a normal day. I feel that instead of lo
Jan 07
January 07, 2023
Dear Diary, Yesterday was amazing, I mean the night, I wanted to write but I thought I should sleep, my craziness for finding good strangers, I mean I land up to many weird people but I don't talk to them, so finding good people and knowing their s
Jan 07
January 06, 2023
Dear Diary, "किस काम का है इतना कोहरा यारों, जब गलती से भी कभी मुझसे मेरा महबूब नहीं टकराता।" Hi, I'm writing quite early today, actually I wanted to wait for some more time that I felt that till then all my excitement for writing will be vanish
Jan 06