Cookie's Dear Diary

April 28, 2024
Dear Diary, Hi, I am back here after ages, I was quite busy with my life. I won't write a long note today, but I want to say that that I don't whom to marry and I feel this way because maybe I have a lot of choices, or one of the reason coul
Apr 28
January 25, 2024
Dear Diary, Hello! Right now mere dimag me bahut saari chizen chal rahi hain, I have a lot of thoughts literally running on my mind which keeps me awake...if there was any fastest way I can execute everything I have in my mind. Apart from that
Jan 24
January 15, 2024
Dear Diary, Hello, Zero productivity today. Kuch kaam nahi, no laundary, not organized the house, didn't have a shower, not prepared food. Kuch bhi nahi Kiya. I want to drink and get high for s  change, I think I will get out of
Jan 14
January 13, 2024
Dear Diary, Hi, Din thik thak hi tha... Aman aaya 1 baje, acha hi hua...kaam thodha easy ho gaya...but sham ko I had a bad fight with him regarding everything about what I wrote yesterday, kyunki aaj bhi uska gala kharab tha... But uske baa
Jan 13
January 12, 2024
Dear Diary, Hello! Aaj ka din bhi thik tha...saara kaam ho gaya tha fir kuch time I went to park thodha walk ki...fir back to home...I wanted to have tea at Amrittulya but I was feeling full that's why I avoided it and headed back to h
Jan 12
January 11, 2024
Dear Diary, Aaj ka din sahi tha... productive tha...aaj atleast I had two meals. Kafi kaam bhi kiya, shayad aaj properly so bhi jaun. Bahar jane ka mann tha...but ready hone ka mann ban hi nai paya... Anyways, I was better today.
Jan 11
January 10, 2024
Dear Diary, I don't know why I am feeling low and tired these days, not focusing on anything properly. Neither I sleep nor eat properly. Na hi kaam me mann lag raha hai. Maybe shayad mann me Bahaut kuch hai, jo ki execute nai ho pa r
Jan 10
January 07, 2024
Dear Diary, Hello 2024! This is my first note for 2024 and in 2024. So, nothing much, I thought to write but I am quite a procrastinator and a lazy person so...I am here on the 7th day. Yesterday, I thought I will sleep early and woke u
Jan 07
Dear Diary, Hello 👋🏻🤗 Long Time No See... I felt like writing many times but didn't not even open the app...I was about to write about 2023 but that also didn't happen. So, I will start with that only. 2023 was an amazing year for
Jan 07
October 30, 2023
Dear Diary, Hi, Idk how I have caught cold since afternoon, tired of running nose, continuous sneezing and headache, didn't even do any work today, just lying in the bed. Headache , periods, everything together, I am feeling so uneasy.
Oct 30
October 29, 2023
Dear Diary, Hi, It's 3:53am, I thought I will sleep early so that I can wake up early in the morning but... Right now, I wish ki bas jaldi se subah ho jaye... I am quite stressed, I feel like talking to my brother, I will call him du
Oct 28
September 14, 2023
Dear Diary, "Not Everything has to make sense, just let it go and Choose Peace." Dear diary, hi, long time no see. I wanted to write but didn't wrote anything, not many times, just once or twice. But I am writing today coz I felt like writ
Sep 14
August 07, 2023
Dear Diary, Hi, It is basically 6th Aug what I am writing about. It was raining when I went outside in the evening, it feels good getting drench, having tea, roaming here n there. Right now the only purpose of writing this journal is that I
Aug 06
July 19, 2023
Dear Diary, Hi, today I am feeling little anxious and Idk why... Upar se achanak se out of the blue Chirag Garg ne call Kiya hai Samjh aa gaya ki usko kisi se baat krne ka mann hoga aur mai mil gayi bakra... Anyways... Pure 30 min p
Jul 18
July 17, 2023
Dear Diary, Hi Diary, Kuch der pehle mere dimag me ek line aaya so I am writing it here... "Sabke liye sapno ka sehar Mumbai hota hai but mere liye R..... Hai." Aisa kuch pehle tha na bas I always wanted freedom and to live in a good ci
Jul 17