Cookie's Dear Diary

August 07, 2022 (6Aug)
Dear Diary, Although its 1:25am so Happy friendship day. Dear diary, I made a blunder right now instead of making my public account business profile, I switched my personal private Instagram account as business account by mistake. I realised this
Aug 06
August 05, 2022
Dear Diary, I am really hurt right now. I feel like crying, why I can't be happy, Idk how much I have to suffer in my life. Why things doesn't happen as I want. I want to get over these feelings. I really don't want to but for myself. For my goo
Aug 05
August 05, 2022 (4th Aug)
Dear Diary, ~🖤 You are worthy 🖤~HiiDear diary I was quite anxious the whole day like really anxious Idk why, I am trying to figure out why I am so talkative, I got headache today because of my non stop uttering, I guess I talk at ×1.5 playback sp
Aug 04
August 01, 2022 (31st July)
Dear Diary, "Sometimes love is about letting go too." Hii, Today was a normal day, treated it like a Sunday, cleaning, cooking etc.  Everything was fine and my mood was good too. I feel that I am so spontaneous person I can't stick to my thought
Jul 31
July 30, 2022
Dear Diary, Life is for living my love , it need not a purpose everyday.Hii, I don't know what's going on in life, I am just living procrastinating. I was just little hurt from something which he said unintentionally. After that I asked him to do a
Jul 30
July 26, 2022
Dear Diary, Pain is inevitable. So I believe in living in the moment instead of worrying too much about right or wrong. I know that I am not that stable person which I just wrote above but I do believe that why should I miss out on things which I
Jul 26
July 25, 2022
Dear Diary, I am very stressed today, in the morning also I wasn't feeling well so I slept for some hours, I am stressed because I don't know what's going on and how to deal with it, I guess one of the reason is this marriage stuff and all, I told
Jul 25
July 22, 2022
Dear Diary, "And ever has it been known that love knows not its own depth until the hour of seperation. " Hii, I guess the time has come for this separation, we want different things, he wants me to stay as a friend forever and I want to leave for
Jul 22
July 22, 2022
Dear Diary, Hii  I so want to write here, I have so many things to write but I feel lazy. I have started some notes but didn't ended them. Not any unusual thing is happening, it's just that I want to write but I don't want to write. I am fine, ha
Jul 21
July 15, 2022
Dear Diary, प्रेम इस सृष्टि का सबसे कठीन सुख है। Hii, I was very anxious today since morning, I tried to overcome it by listening music and ofcourse I find "आरंभ है प्रचंड " very helpful most of time but today it failed, I like this line very muc
Jul 15
July 13, 2022
Dear Diary, I don't need a coffee to be awake till 2 am. The night doesn't feel like night these days. Dear diary, I wanna sleep, I want to have sound sleep. Dear diary, I don't know what to write coz writing here is no longer a secret now.
Jul 12
July 07, 2022
Dear Diary, Hiii  I wanted to write today since morning only but not feeling like writing. I am so sleepy right now, I will tomorrow. Good night
Jul 07
July 06, 2022
Dear Diary, "Kisi ko ghar se nikalte hi mil gayi manzil, koi humari tarah umar bhar safar me raha..." Hii, Dear diary, you know right now I am in the train going to Korba for Vinita's engagement, she is continuously following up and I am travelli
Jul 06
July 06, 2022 (5th July)
Dear Diary, Hii, I was tired af today, I thought not to write anything today but I am writing because I can't sleep right now, I have to wake up at 5am and do packing and all and to catch the train at 8 am. I can't sleep because I am worried as I
Jul 05
July 05, 2022
Dear Diary, I am quite anxious and can't sleep now as I found that I haven't taken the message from the bank that my account has been put on hold and maybe I need to update KYC, I was facing problems since past few days but today I figured it out,
Jul 04