CallmeChecks's Dear Diary

Dear Diary, i got to videocall my mom an hour ago and it all felt like im walking on eggshells. i asked her how she slept and her overall condition while she was there. she told me she's been thinking about a lot of things, and that there's a small
Feb 24
yt; yinghaiying
Dear Diary, ive been watching the yt channel of this woman, shes very wise and shes helped me feel alright and accept what it is that im dealing with. the channels name is yinghaiying. wonderful woman, at her age, she posts the things she loves doi
Feb 22
mom left today
Dear Diary, i talked to my cousin about this already, but it never seems to leave my chest. never imagined this point will ever really come. it aches, and i cant manage to pull myself together now just like how i always do.  i thought it wouldn
Feb 20
The Lost Potential
Dear Diary, i cant remember when the last time was that i wrote here. The link to this website has only been sitting on my bookmarks for weeks now, and it seems worthy for me to conclude that a lot of things have happened.  Quitting my job rene
Feb 08
Quitting my Job
Dear Diary, I quit the job that I hate just last night. The last conversation with my trainer made me think a lot about whether this was really the best decision for me. The idea of me not being tied down of anything should feel liberating, but i c
Jan 06
Dear Diary, I woke up at 7 am to a rumbling stomach as i didnt have anything heavy for dinner last night. The typhoon keeps the weather at bay making me feel quite melancholic due to the cold breeze and rain pouring. I love having music with me dur
Dec 26
Dear Diary, I had a chance to talk to my cousins just 30 minutes ago. These late-night discussions are honestly quite genuine and I like being able to do these with them every once in a while.  Slowly and carefully I pour my heart out one by on
Dec 25
The Worst Christmas
Dear Diary, No doubt, 2020 has been the wackiest year ever. Found my family and my life wreck like never before. I dont only say this because of the job i hate or any family problem i have, but my mom is also planning on moving in with her brother'
Dec 23
The Toxic Aunt
Dear Diary, My 30-year old aunt went home last June to stay with us and work here for good after working in the cruise for less than a decade or so. Not gonna lie, ive always hated that bitch, haha. I think she hates me the same way too, so, no har
Dec 20
Dear Diary, I never know if shes shallow enough or too mature to not understand where im coming from most of the time. I dont know if she sees how much im trying to be a better person than anyone, i dont know if she can feel im struggling, i just d
Dec 20
Insurance (rant alert)
At 6 am-friday, after I finish my shift I had breakfast with my mom, which happens often but we only get to discuss real matters when we sit at the dining table.  Her stomach was getting better now, and I remember asking her if she was still will
Dec 20
Dear Diary, My mom has been feeling a jolt of sharp pain from her stomach going through her lower back. She hasn't been eating and has been vomiting the very little amount she was taking in. Everytime I hear her attempting to throw up, I couldnt pa
Dec 17
Dear Diary, No, this isnt an 18 plus read. But i think i have concluded that when your reality is a bit too harsh for you to handle, you are given the chance to wander off, have dreams of your own and mold a certain life in your head specifically w
Dec 09
Bike part 2
Dear Diary, i finally bought a second-hand bike just as i wanted. But this was much cheaper, and much more uncomfortable than it should be. I liked riding alone though, with a blast from my earphones, i liked the solitude of being alone. But it str
Dec 09
Resignation Letter
Dear Diary, I  asked my mother nicely to help me create a resignation letter for my job, as this is the first time im ever resigning. i thought she really agreed to my decision and respected that. But alas, she told me that before i decide i should
Dec 09