CallmeChecks's Dear Diary

Dear Diary, I've never experienced what it was like being in a relationship in real life. For a first-timer I can never know if this is the best for me or not. I never know what's going in his head and it's hard.  If the definition of loving is
Feb 11
January 23, 2022
Dear Diary, I won't be putting any title as to remember this date. I will be introducing my boyfriend to my mom tomorrow. Not sure if I'm ready but as he says, we'll get to that stage anyway so it really won't change anything. Maybe I'm not tha
Jan 23
December 24, 2021
Dear Diary, the day before christmas and im overworked, have no sleep, and i mightve lost my boyfriend today. sick joke, universe
Dec 23
the uncertainty
Dear Diary, Being in a relationship always fills me a lot of doubts. I opened up my mixed feelings to my boyfriend. I told him I was confused about how I feel
Dec 22
What do you love about him?
Dear Diary, I have a boyfriend and we've been talking for almost two to three weeks only. I like him or at least I think I do, then I don't know if I really love him. Sometimes I do, sometimes not really. I haven't been so certain about things when
Dec 13
Dear Diary, what am i going to do if he never replies? i will be sad again, and then find someone else only to be sad again. This is such a weird cycle, attempting or even being in love. It makes me demand more. He lingers in my head like havin
Dec 10
December 02, 2021
Dear Diary, huge cheers to my boss who gives low salary, expects a lot from me and doesn't teach me anything. Literally 0 added value. rant: dec. 5, 2021 I was invited to a birthday party in their house yesterday, it was her son's who, is the
Dec 02
if i were to die
Dear Diary, I asked myself earlier while travelling home, imagining how it would be if the vehicle I was riding would crash to another one. I've never had an existential crisis this deep before. "if i were to die today or right now, woul
Nov 29
rejection, more than anything
Dear Diary, I've been feeling lonely lately, so I decided I wanted to go into the dating game once again. The route I took wasn't so different from the ones I've taken before.  But I became patient, and then I met a guy who was three years youn
Nov 13
people are funny
Dear Diary, People are really funny; more like pathetic. There's this one nanny I had when I was young. Quite strict, but has good intentions. She came back to work with us after almost 11 years of not being w us. A lot has changed. At first having
Oct 31
rewarding tears
Dear Diary, i've been following miss tabitha brown for quite a while now. I don't think she's the next Oprah but I appreciate that she's trying her best to connect with everybody. Saw the video she posted about her book-signing and the end of her t
Oct 23
Dear Diary, there is this funny feeling I get when i don't do enough. I can't have just one job- I have to have 2. If I don't have both I'll be disappointed. There is this gratifying thought I have when I tell myself to imagine how good it woul
Oct 15
The nerve
Dear Diary, Today I realize that I'm homeless. Not in a literal sense. But today it's brought to shine in front of me more than ever. It was long overdue anyway. With my mother not having the willingness to move out and rent we've been stuck bounci
Oct 09
kind people (gross details)
Dear Diary, I started my day like any usual day, but I felt especially fatigued this day. It might be because of the menstruation or anything else, but I knew I didn't feel so good.  I went with it anyway. Did my job, went to restock then open
Sep 30
how selfish is too selfish?
Dear Diary, I got plans. I'll have a job and save at least 30% of that. Then I'll go rent a small place after a year or two of working. I've wanted to do that for a long time now. I don't know how my mom will take that decision but I'll do it anywa
Sep 26