Polaris's Dear Diary

Too Stressed out!
Dear Diary,   A week or so ago, I talked about my headache. It was gone over the weekend and now it is back as school has started like it always dose on Monday. Now I understand why I get these headaches; it is because I am too stressed out becau
Apr 15
Sun will Rise, so will We
Dear Friend,              Be gradual and slow as a growing tree.               Be Flamboyant as the sun rises free.            Get out of chaos because it will be the key.        If someone tries to grapple, you just have to flee.  
Apr 10
Dear Diary,   Last night, I was not able to get great sleep. I have no Idea why I was sweating and having a headache. I did not sleep the whole night. But this morning I thought my sweating and headache will be gone, but it was not gone. I was s
Apr 09
Nothing Has Changed...
Dear Diary,   It’s 5:30 at midnight, I wake up without an alarm. That never happens and I seem to be ready for what I will be facing today. I rise out of the bed, locking myself into the mirror, seeing that there is no black mark below my eyes. I
Apr 08
"How has your day been?"
Dear Friend,   “How has your day been?”, Most people will answer this by saying, “Good”, “Not bad”, or “Great”. They sound normal, don’t they? Well not exactly, about 6-25% of the people saying this are hiding the truth from you. You don’t know w
Apr 04
Dear Friend,   People always get in an argument. No matter what, to fix this problem the only thing people can do is forgive each other or apologize to each other, which is kind of like forgiveness. The word forgiving is easy to say but hard to
Apr 02