Dear Friend,

  People always get in an argument. No matter what, to fix this problem the only thing people can do is forgive each other or apologize to each other, which is kind of like forgiveness. The word forgiving is easy to say but hard to do, and it is true.

  The word that supports forgiveness is apologizing. The most common thing people will say is "He is the one who started it, so he should be the one to apologize to me and then I will forgive him". Most people will say this and never be able to forgive each other. That is why apologizing to other people is very important, it does not matter whose mistake it was, because both sides have a reasonable purpose for the argument.

  If you are the one to forgive, you will be the strongest one. Don't forgive other people to make them happy or feel proud that they won the argument, forgive them for you own peace and theirs, it will make you stronger. It will also show the person that you are wise and reasonable. Not everyone has the power to forgive like you, remember that.

  If you are the one to apologize you will be the bravest. And if you are the one to apologize you know that you have done a mistake, and you should be ready to apologize to the person, without an argument, that's what makes you brave. Even if you have not made a mistake, be the brave one and apologize and live your life in peace, that will grant you happiness. Apologizing is a power as strong as forgiving. 

  There is one more thing that is an alternative or an aftermath to these two words, it is forgetting. If you can't forgive and apologize, you can forget it and move on. Forgetting is hard but it will be better for you to forget the bad things in your life. Forgetting can help with not getting in an argument again, if you forget you will be able to create a better relationship with the person. So, forgetting gives you happiness. 

  So, always remember Forgiving makes you stronger, apologizing makes you braver and forgetting makes you happier, good night.