Reerorata's Dear Diary

January 09, 2024
I need a hug. Nothing goes right. Everything goes wrong.I don't wanna live.. I'm tired..I want to sleep..I don't wanna do anything.
Jan 09
January 03, 2024
The first step of loving myself. I'm gonna note it down and gonna find out who I am :)
Jan 03
January 03, 2024
Hey Rick, I'm tired of being a second lead. Like in movies. I felt like: "All alone I watch you watch her" kinda situations. Everyone goes for beauty.. like if I got my eye on someone, either they already got one or seeing my frnds while I see them.
Jan 03
December 20, 2023
I don't have anyone. Literally no one. No one. Turns out I'm not even considered as a person in everyone's life whom I given everything. I don't have anyone to talk to about anything. I really want to have a single open up conversation with someone.
Dec 20
December 05, 2023 . It's tough here but I want to remember. So that I can work on my life more.
Rick, come and find me. I think every f*ing thing is complicated around me. I think no one ever gonna love me. I'm certain about that. Coz I'm just an additional pain to them. Here again with my toxic family. I got a toxic younger brother who trigge
Dec 07
December 03, 2023 worst feeling ever but I'm used to it.
Dear Diary, I'll call you Rick from now on. Coz I want share everything to a person. As you know I can't even imagine a person in my mind or in my dreams. Atleast all I can do is: giving a name to a "can't even imagine" person.  I understood a
Dec 03
November 12, 2023
hey you. Hi. It's been a long time seeing you again. What's wrong?? You are writing again? Are you in pain?? How long did you hold up?? It's fine. Let me hug you. It's alright. It's alright. It's gonna be alright. I'm here with you. I'll keep you saf
Nov 12
August , I hate it..
I hate crying. You know why?I hide behind music everytime when I'm being hurt. It either makes me numb to the hurt or makes me strong once again I cried my lungs out. I hate it when I cry while I'm lieing in bed.I hate it when I cry while I'm hearing
Aug 03
May 23, 2023
I find no will to continue.. I know everything I understand everything. I feel calm about everything. But..I find no songs to comfort meI find no lyrics to relate toI find no motivation to liveI find no one as same as meI find no one to talk toEveryt
May 23