Reerorata's Dear Diary

A tip
If you feel like you are shivering, out of control, or your hands are shaking, then use nail polish and draw hearts on your nails or on the nails of someone beside you. It helps you to be calm :) It really helped me.
Jun 02
May 13, 2024 If you can't have it, then why does God make you want to have it?
May 13
May 12, 2024, 12.43 am And I'm thinking bout you.
Dear Diary, I don't know. Bad things won't hurt me. Good ones do. It doesn't hurt me but that doesn't mean I forget. It hurts me but that doesn't mean it won't made me happy. I loved the wrong person. No, I saw the wrong person at late time.
May 11
May 09, 2024 Which one would be hard to forget? Good memories or bad memories? 
May 09
March 30, 2024
Hey rick, I'm finding myself day by day. 1. When I feel something is not good. When feel uncomfortable in a place. When I don't want to be in a place, but have to be in there for sometime and can't leave suddenly and if I'm anxious. I would say:
Mar 30
March 30, 2024
Hey rick 👋. Hi !! Let me tell you what I feel today..I saw a movie which I wanted to watch long time ago. It's called "Hasee toh phasee" 💓Here's my new thoughts..I want someone to be with me always. A friend?If I get a life partner one day,I want h
Mar 30
March 29, 2024
Hey rick 👋, hi. Tell me what I feel? How I feel? Could you feel me? I don't know what I felt. I joined in a band. At 1st day I'm so nervous in our band. And I didn't noticed him that much. I know he's there. That guitar guy. He's a stranger that day
Mar 29
March 13, 2024 A question abt life !!
here's a question I asked myself today. Why people need someone to be with them?????? Why some people can't be alone?Even though they can be alone and strong. Still why do they want someone? While growing, I learned that people don't real
Mar 13
January 09, 2024
I need a hug. Nothing goes right. Everything goes wrong.I don't wanna live.. I'm tired..I want to sleep..I don't wanna do anything.
Jan 09
January 03, 2024 who am I? Happy things
1. I'm not a morning person. 2. I won't wakeup without nightmares.Everyday new story. It's either be scary or a fantasy.But somedays I sleep peacefully without them.3.Too early bath is not my thing.4.I love music. I can't live without it. It's a part
Jan 03
January 03, 2024
Hey Rick, I'm tired of being a second lead. Like in movies. I felt like: "All alone I watch you watch her" kinda situations. Everyone goes for beauty.. like if I got my eye on someone, either they already got one or seeing my frnds while I see them.
Jan 03
December 20, 2023
I don't have anyone. Literally no one. No one. Turns out I'm not even considered as a person in everyone's life whom I given everything. I don't have anyone to talk to about anything. I really want to have a single open up conversation with someone.
Dec 20
December 05, 2023 . It's tough here but I want to remember. So that I can work on my life more.
Rick, come and find me. I think every f*ing thing is complicated around me. I think no one ever gonna love me. I'm certain about that. Coz I'm just an additional pain to them. Here again with my toxic family. I got a toxic younger brother who trigge
Dec 07
December 03, 2023 worst feeling ever but I'm used to it.
Dear Diary, I'll call you Rick from now on. Coz I want share everything to a person. As you know I can't even imagine a person in my mind or in my dreams. Atleast all I can do is: giving a name to a "can't even imagine" person.  I understood a
Dec 03
November 12, 2023
hey you. Hi. It's been a long time seeing you again. What's wrong?? You are writing again? Are you in pain?? How long did you hold up?? It's fine. Let me hug you. It's alright. It's alright. It's gonna be alright. I'm here with you. I'll keep you saf
Nov 12