J10262's Dear Diary

August 08, 2022
Dear Diary, Now look, here I go again, catastrophing and blowing all things out of proportion, a moment of cognative dysfunctional thinking. I see myself a far different person that others say I am. But thats what happens when for all of your adult l
Aug 08
August 08, 2022
Well once again I'm off work and will be, at least until this side of Christmas. A lot of people reading this will have no idea about mental health, and certainly no clue about bipolar disorder. Well that's what I have. It will never leave me and, if
Aug 08
November 10, 2021
Dear Diary, today I'm really bad. I hate everything about today, I wish I wasn't here. Sometimes life sucks it just doesn't make sense.
Nov 10
November 08, 2021
Dear Diary, When I considered all His ways I remember I am but a partical of dust blowing in the wind, a tiny blade of grass that's here today and gone tomorrow, a speck in the vast fathom of time and space, yet He gives consideration to me and is ac
Nov 08
November 07, 2021
Dear Diary ... Why is it that I hide myself deep inside the depth of my soul? Is it because I know people will see that I am different? The world has no place for me. I hate the person I am. Am I never to know the sunlight on my back or the cold on
Nov 07
October 31, 2021
Dear Diary, I am totally against Halloween with all its dress up and getting fancy but if only people would know what's behind it and it's real meaning I think they might think again. Way back in time it was associated with a religion, black mass and
Oct 31
October 24, 2021
Dear Diary, up again at 3:30am this morning, I can't steep and I'm in constant pain just under my left side ribs. I'm now spiralling down to an all time low. My moods and behaviour are becoming difficult to manage and again I have been told to take t
Oct 24
October 23, 2021
Once I was lovely, and once I was kind. Once I was benevolent and once I was not. Once I had joy and once dispair. I can be all things to all people but I can't find myself. Once I had virtue, and once i had hate. Once my life had impetus and order a
Oct 23
October 22, 2021
Dear Diary, I feel that my life isn't my own anymore. I don't know who to trust, I think every one is talking about me or not believing in the things I'm saying. I speak but no one seems to hear, I call but no one seems to come. I belive that every t
Oct 22
October 03, 2021
Dear Diary,  Although I hide my depression within me very well it doesn't take much to expose it. Then when it is in the open it's very very difficult to hide it again. I am very low in my mood, defeated and downtrodden in spirit. I can see no way th
Oct 03
September 27, 2021
Dear Diary, I'm depressed and my mood is low. I can't stop it, it just comes like a dark cloud hanging over me until it wants to go.
Sep 27
September 23, 2021
Dear Diary, with fashion running in complete circles what I wont to know is when will high street shops get the message that stretch jeans are just not the thing anymore. 🤮
Sep 23
September 22, 2021
Dear Diary, yesterday I received my call up for the the covid 19 booster jab. I have decided not to have it but already pressure is being placed on me. I got up at 3am this morning as I couldn't sleep.  My body was shaking like a leaf on a tree on a
Sep 22
September 21, 2021
Dear Diary, I am slowly getting frustrated with work. For the last week now it has been getting to me. They seem to be changing my plans for the day at the drop of a hat. But what can I say? I suppose I just have to take it and do what they say.
Sep 21
September 20, 2021
Dear Diary, I'm not sure about the booster jab. I had the two immunisation back late Autumn but now I am being told I have to have the booster. The thing is I now regret having the injections so I have made up my mind not to have the booster. Nonethe
Sep 20