Alice818's Dear Diary

November 06, 2020
God damn i wish i could stop thinking about you. I just think about you all the time i want to hold you. My arms like can almost feel you there like they long for you. They feel so empty. I want to make you laugh and i want to make your aches go away
Nov 06
October 30, 2020
I want to nuzzle your neck i want to smell you. I want to smell your skin and your hair and i want to taste your lips so bad. I want to feel your soft tummy against my cheek i imagine it is very smooth and silky. Is your v well groomed or does it gro
Oct 31
October 30, 2020
I've had this crush on and off now for years now already! That ain't shit i once had a crush on this guy for like 10 years and he eventually came knocking on my door like in the movies and said he always loved me too. Thing is, he was small and withe
Oct 30
October 27, 2020
I wonder why we fancy a certain person like what is it about them that we are drawn to? Is it there smell? Their look? Their voice?  All the above I'm sure :)Its so funny that i was thinking i wasn't into TH anymore and then Boom! I saw her and now I
Oct 28
October 22, 2020
OMGI had not laid eyes on her since March and she looked so pretty! Her hair was longer and in her eyes and w hen she was outside our office we waved at each other and then she actually came in and chatted with the boss and i popped up like a damn gr
Oct 22
October 15, 2020
You live an hour away from work but you were there before me when i got there at 8 and when i left a 530 you were still there. That's a long fucking time to be at work and i can't help but think it's because of your gorgeous assistant. I don't even k
Oct 16
October 15, 2020
It's 1am and I'm up again. It's because i don't have oil to smoke =( Payday is on Friday i hopei can make it until them. We have no good food to eat no protein just carbs so it's impossible to satisfy this hunger for very long. My brother said some p
Oct 15
October 14, 2020
Tried to run into you but no luck. Sucks big hairy balls.People on here write about their troubles with their lives their BFs or husbands or what have you and it makes me aware that i am alone.i ain't got that problem and my life is good but there's
Oct 15
October 13, 2020
Even though i said i wouldn't think about you i do still. I still fantasize what you're doing and i wonder what you're wearing. I sure hope you're not fucking your assistant it's torturous to think about but i can't help it. There's just no way you w
Oct 14
October 12, 2020
So i was trolling the internet and i started looking at images of her and they weren't that flattering and it turned me off. I can't believe how shallow i am and now I'm not thinking of her nearly as much which leads me to believe that crushes are on
Oct 12
October 09, 2020
I have so much love to givebut no one to give it to. Like right now I'd like to be spending time with my loved one in thebedroom. I'd like to chat about the day and just cuddle. Or perhaps take a bubble bath and have a drink before bed. But not befor
Oct 10
October 07, 2020
So again today just thinking about you and even looking at old emails i sent you and I'm surprised at my audacity.I really need to tone down the arrogance and just bee warm and loving like my friend Laura.I really do have so much love to give but out
Oct 08
October 04, 2020
Why do i think about you ago much? I stopped but then all of a sudden you came back flooding my thoughts and even infiltrating my dreams once. I found a white feather too and i just hear your name like right away in the morning when i first wake up.
Oct 04
October 01, 2020
2020-09-13 17:47:32 (UTC)Can't Stop Thinking About You I wake up thinking of you i go to sleep thinking of you and i recently dreamt of you. In the dream you were I disbelief that i would like you because you're white and I'm Mexican. Not to mention
Oct 01
October 01, 2020
2020-09-23 21:42:58 (UTC)Examples Here i will list instances that have lead me to believe you may be interested in me. This is a way for me to work things out sort out ideas and getmy brain straight again. I don't understand why my crush went away f
Oct 01