October 13, 2020


Even though i said i wouldn't think about you i do still. I still fantasize what you're doing and i wonder what you're wearing. I sure hope you're not fucking your assistant it's torturous to think about but i can't help it. There's just no way you would do that you're a woman of character and integrity. But then again no one is above suspicion these days anymore.
My fucking ex fucked his student employee in the copy room and another time she sucked his dick while he was at his desk helping visitors! Can you believe that shit? But he's a pig. You just don't know these days anymore though. Women are gross too and can't be trusted right off the bat either and it has to be earned.
It's really too bad this fucking shit happened because now everyone's life is on hold. We would be having fun at Halloween parties but not this year.
I wish maybe i could just bump into her but i know i won't 😞
I just gotta sit on these feelings for some more time or maybe forever. 💔