October 14, 2020


Tried to run into you but no luck. Sucks big hairy balls.
People on here write about their troubles with their lives their BFs or husbands or what have you and it makes me aware that i am alone.i ain't got that problem and my life is good but there's a part of me that lies dormant for the right time. 
I just have me and my thoughts to wrestle with and it would be nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of just to make sure I'm not being unreasonable. My BFF died two years ago and i have another good friend but not like Laura who knew the real me warts and all. Journaling is a good outlet but one-sided still.
It's fine I'm quite blessed and can't complain it just seems like i get to watch it unfold. IT being life. MY life.Right now we can't take charge and make things happen life is at a standstill and everywhere you go it's like a damn ghost town 😷 Can't connect with people because our faces are masked 😷
Sucks big hairy balls. Sweaty ones.