Ay's Dear Diary

September 01, 2020
Dear Diary, I m so saad. Today my grandma is fighting for her sickness. Yesterday she was fine and still ask me to feed her.  But this morning she can't get up. She look like dying.  We should call doctor but my whole family already give up o
Sep 01
August 04, 2020
Dear Diary, So.. what we are?  What's the difference between taking a break and breaking up? Taking a break is telling your partner you need some space for awhile to think about your relationship. Breaking up is a final goodbye to someone who yo
Aug 04
July 30, 2020
Dear Diary, I love drawing... But in this prison... I can't enjoy do what I love I hate her.. I want to get out from here But I don't have enough money I know how many n how hard I hurt her... It will influence my luck If you follow wha
Jul 29
July 29, 2020
Dear Diary, I m in prison.  When I was child, my mom taught me about my religion. I had to follow the rules. One of it was wearing hijab. I followed it without protest because I don't understand why I had to... What I understood back than... Th
Jul 29
July 27, 2020
Dear Diary, It's had been 2 days I haven't contact him. Do I finally move on to him?  No... Not yet.  I still love him, I am.  But at the same time I feel empty  I don't know how can I explain this feeling. It is just uncomfortable.  I m not fe
Jul 27
July 17, 2020
Dear Diary, How do I have to do, Diary...  I feel soo lost right now.  I will do something I regret it later But I can't think straight Hurt myself  Being fool  I hope... I can stand this pain .. Be brave and just do it
Jul 17
Me n Mom July 16, 2020
Dear Diary, I don't want to meet my mom... I don't want to talk with her, good or bad talk... I don't want to argue with her... I afraid we hurt each other whenever we talk I afraid I will broken more than this Yes she is my mom.  She alwa
Jul 16
July 14, 2020
Dear Diary,  I made this picture represent my feeling right now.  She was a purple bird, who trapped in her prison. She always waited to get her freedom, but her owner did not let her be.  The only chance she had after met red bird. He was h
Jul 13
Fake Smile July 13
Dear Diary,  It's hard to keep my smile brightly in front of my students. It's hurt when i want to be alone but I can't. Which means my life must continue....  Being teacher is not easy.  I have to be careful to share anything about my private
Jul 13
Broke up
Dear Diary, Finally .. today... I officially break up with my boyfriend.  We decided to be friend I know it's ridiculous But you know... It's doesn't matter I mean I m already broken and hurt.  My family... My friend... I feel hurt because my
Jul 12
July 10, 2020
Dear Diary, he haven't call me.. I m waiting I try to not ask him first  And yah... He haven't call me.. even message.  Woah... He is serious Should I try to forget him Kill my feeling And try to not depends on him? It's hurt...  Just keep b
Jul 10
Who I Am
Dear Diary, I m such a spoiled woman.  I don't like to do house work but I like to make money.  I m not smart but I love study I m lazy but I love working to get money I m pretty because I can dress up myself very well I m stubborn and little
Jul 10
July 10, 2020 The Beginning
Dear Diary, It's been a long time. I don't remember when the last time I wrote my story in here. Well at that time I wasnt alone. I come to this pain again. Feel useless and lonely. My relationship with my parents are already bad. Now also with
Jul 10