July 30, 2020


Dear Diary,

I love drawing...

But in this prison...

I can't enjoy do what I love

I hate her..

I want to get out from here

But I don't have enough money

I know how many n how hard I hurt her... It will influence my luck

If you follow what your parents want... You will get more luck 

That's how they taught me

Do you believe it? 

It's like since I was child they gave me their mindset.. their believe... To control my life. 

It's can be good and bad

But I m not child anymore

They can't trick or fool me

I know... 
Whatever they did... To me
I have to grateful 
Even they trap me in their prison... 
I don't have to worry about food, electric and water bill, and house. I have to... no . Must be grateful for what I have.

But inside...
I'm suffering with how empathy my life 
How I'm not happy