Broke up


Dear Diary,

Finally .. today... I officially break up with my boyfriend. 

We decided to be friend

I know it's ridiculous

But you know... It's doesn't matter

I mean I m already broken and hurt. 

My family... My friend...

I feel hurt because my emptiness

What I want is freedom

But I m too tired  for start relationship for beginning...

I m to tired to build my courage 

I think I can fly freely

Just little bit 

But it's gone

That chances are gone

I m alone now

Trapping in this prison again

I have to prepare myself

To hurt my owner again

By my own


To feel my freedom

After my business clear... I want to change myself. 
Colour my hair...
Dress up prettier than before
Lost my weight on my face
Start relationship with new friends from zero... 
Now... I have to keep my feeling 
Close my heart to anyone
Learn to speak carefully
Wearing  new mask... 
Keep distance with my family
I decided