Who I Am


Dear Diary,

I m such a spoiled woman. 

I don't like to do house work but I like to make money. 

I m not smart but I love study

I m lazy but I love working to get money

I m pretty because I can dress up myself very well

I m stubborn and little bit selfish especially toward my ambitions. Ah I also ambitious person. Thats why I often get hard times. 

I love reading books (comics or even novels)

I like drawing anime/manga

I like watching movies and TV series

I like hanging out and traveling ( even though I rarely to have that chances)

I like cute dress up style. Do some make up on my face and wear stylish dress or clothes. ( Even though I haven't have many dress or make up tools)

That is all about I think about myself. I m not a good woman but I deserve happiness, right?haha