Fake Smile July 13


Dear Diary, 

It's hard to keep my smile brightly in front of my students. It's hurt when i want to be alone but I can't. Which means my life must continue.... 

Being teacher is not easy. 

I have to be careful to share anything about my private life... I can't write any status in WhatsApp that show my true feeling like complain about my day. 

I know I m sad right now. I want to share my feeling with my friends in social medias,  but I can't... 

I have an image as teacher. And that's hard.

I want someone say... 

"Are you okay?"

"Everything is gonna be okay"

" You disserve better than him"

"Let's hang out and forget everything"

Only my sister care but I know she get trouble with her univ.. and I can't be selfish for asking her to here with me.

This pain... Is really trouble my day. 

I m to tired for cleaning my room. I think I can make myself busy. 

Sadly I can't.

I want to cry but I have duty for tutoring class this evening. 

Sad... But... I have to wear my mask again.