Meru's Dear Diary

September 24, 2021 Feelings to process
Dear Diary, I've been feeling very glum today. I always try to promise myself that I'll talk to parents today without trying to rush the convo to end. But I never succeed! Today it was the news of the scholarship. That I'm not eligible for it. And
Sep 24
August 30, 2021 New people
Dear Diary, life is good. Except for the horrendously boring reading assignments in info 202. Everyday I try to take note of how I can better person than I was the last day. So far, I have noted the following things personality wise:  Talk m
Aug 31
July 15, 2021 Still holdin up
Dear Diary, I havent written in a long time. My hands and fingers have been troubling me. I worry about the future with the way my fingers are giving up now. It's gotten much better since the last the couple months. but not completely healed. hopin
Jul 15
November 22, 2020
Dear Diary, Last few days have been surreal. But what's, even more surreal, is that I'm not thinking or even bothered about the stuff. A week before would I have known things would be taking this turn? I am very surprised at my own reactions. The f
Nov 22
October 30, 2020
Dear Diary, I've been doing good these days. My seven-day avg on sleep quality is good. Although yesterday was bad. And the day after my bday too :P. Over the past few days, I renewed my interest in voice UI, although it looks like it wouldn't real
Oct 30
August 15, 2020 Blah blah
Dear Diary, Hey sup :D  My week started out pretty glum,..corona news, menstruation etc...I spent like 10 days worrying why my period wouldn't come, then once it came, the pain just wouldn't stop and gulped my customary cocktail of pain killers. I
Aug 15
August 03, 2020 Some introspection
Dear Diary, Yesterday I was musing to myself and realised how much I had grown up over the last couple years, not physically but emotionally.  A little back story:  Maybe about  6-7 years ago, I felt tired and sick of everything and everyone arou
Aug 03
August 01, 2020 Mayo mayo
Dear Diary, I cant believe I'm writing's so ridiculous, but if I could, I'd scream from the top of the tallest tower in NYC, that today I made the best mayo in the world. :D It tasted better than any mayo I had tasted in any restaurant
Aug 01
July 20, 2020 Things can only get better
Dear Diary, I've been having recurring health problems for the past few months. It's stupid really, when I realise that most of them have been caused by myself, due to neglecting health for other things. The hyperacusia is slowly getting better, bu
Jul 20
June 16, 2020 My ideal day
Dear Diary, This is how my day looks like in my fantasies. Please wish  this master procrastinator well to get back on track. :P  Wake up at 5:45 am  Start morning walk at 6 am Reach back by 7:10 am  Get to work table by 9:00 am  Lunch betw
Jun 16
April 19, 2020 Yaaay!
Dear Diary, I finished the inferential stats course today! Done with chi-square tests and its officially over. I know what i wanna try next..and then the little project.. i'll give it a day's break and start again. For the past 2 days, I have b
Apr 19
April 14, 2020 Finishing t-tests and more dreams
Dear Diary, Today i finished t-tests on inferential stats... tis been a long 3 days just mulling over t-tests. In the beginning, it was quite difficult to grasp. Day 1 was a disaster. I found myself thinking many times, should i give up, it for
Apr 14
April 08, 2020 Asiya, strange dreams, chilli cheese toast and stat lessons.
Dear Diary, I finished descriptive stats after 1 long month of starting it. And today i went halfway through the first lesson in inferential stat. who thought stats would be fun? i've been reading this book called naked statistics and it is explain
Apr 08
April 04, 2020
Dear Diary, Tdtcyc
Apr 04
March 28, 2020 Weird times with covid
Dear Diary, Do you know more people in my state have died from alcohol withdrawal than covid-19? Since they shut down the beverages shops after lockdown, 4 men suicided due to alcohol prohibition. The number of covid deaths in our state is 1. Now t
Mar 28