Meru's Dear Diary

October 06, 2019 Yaay
Dear Diary, So I just got back from the optician. My eyesight has improved by 0.75 diopters :D  It has been a month since I have been following a routine for eyesight improvement and honestly, I'm surprised my sight improved so drastically in a sh
Oct 06
October 05, 2019 ....
Dear Diary, I had a bad week. Mostly work. Things don't seem well between me and my work partner. I think just like life-partner compatibility, there's also something called work partner compatibility. In either case, if it's a good partnership, th
Oct 05
October 02, 2019
Hey Diary, How are you? :)  I think of writing often, but at the end of the day I'm so exhausted and I barely crawl into the bed. Today I thought I must write...I have been reading a lot of sad posts lately on here..I really hope the world is not
Oct 02
September 08, 2019 A poem to remember
"It's impossible" said pride. "It's risky" said experience. "It's pointless" said reason.  "Give it a try" whispered the heart.  ;)  I shall keep this poem in mind! Sayonara!
Sep 08
September 08, 2019
Dear Diary, How do you do? It's been a long time. I feel like I want to talk a lot, but I cant get my thoughts in order. Well, lemme try.  Exam season is unofficially over. I can start breathing again. Haha. Megha's wedding is on Feb 5 next yea
Sep 08
August 22, 2019
Dear Diary, I'm feeling happy today .A little anxious and nervous. But good. I want to thank all the people who prayed for me. Especially mom, I know when you pray for me, nothing can stop good things from happening.. I'm feeling a little confu
Aug 22
A Message in a bottle
Dear Diary, Got my passport today! Yaay!I was genuinely horrified that it wouldn’t reach me. My past history with courier companies and packages has not been very pleasant, to say the least. But this one reached without much hassle. Although del
Aug 14
July 26, 2019 Weekend update
Dear Diary, This week was pretty hectic. ..It's gonna be for the next 2 days too.  I really hope I have enough fuel to get all my to-do stuff completed... The other day, I heard vienna by billy joel on Spotify....I was smiling through the whole th
Jul 26
19,07,19 Little specs of Stardust...
Dear Diary, Yesterday was Sandeep’s daughter birthday. Such a cute kid. The office booked a bus and all of us went to the party..haha..i’m giggling when i say the office, cause I’m binging on ’the office’ clips on Youtube. Such a funny show…We had a
Jul 19
July 17, 2019 An uncomfortable conversation
Dear Diary, I'm feeling very pensive now... I was thinking about the conversation with the video guy in the evening... Jeez, what was felt so crass..I was just hoping it would get over, the whole time we were talking... He was mad at
Jul 17
July 16, 2019 Happy!
Dear Diary, Today when I opened my xd course, I got a pop-up message saying , 90% complete. Reading that was an amazing feeling! I never thought I'd get this far.. I had bought that course last year and gave up after 2 weeks. But a month ago, I fel
Jul 16
July 12, 2019 Robert Oppenheimer "I'm become death, the destroyer of worlds"
Dear Diary, So I was reading about this guy called Oppenheimer...He's pretty famous,....Father of the American atom bomb...He was the main guy behind the Manhattan project and hence somewhat responsible for the hiroshima and Nagasaki events...You k
Jul 12
July 12, 2019 Sree's call
Dear Diary, Sree called in the morning today. I was running late for work, but I took the call anyway. It’s not everyday that sree calls :P..dunno she never picks up when i call, and even if she does, she always has the ‘call u back in a bit’ monol
Jul 11
July 07, 2019
Dear Diary, I had a mad week. I have never wished for anything to get over as fast as this week, yet it felt like the slowest ever, as if time stood still indefinitely. I’m glad it’s over in the end. These days, weekends feel like the best ever d
Jul 07
June 23, 2019 😇
Dear Diary, I had a good day today. Worked out for an feels good to sweat again...Cleaned up my room. Finished SMAG prototyping...Took a mock.... Yup..That's it.  Is this good enough?..Haha anyway... It rained again today...The w
Jun 23