Kung Fu Panda's Dear Diary

January 14, 2020, Whoa...
Dear Diary, How many times did i tell you this, that happiness is only a walk away. I am telling you again, Every time you are irritated, Just go for a walk. Remember it now. =D.  Yesterday i was all irritated, but today i am very happy.  Its
Jan 14
January 13, 2020, Things are taking so much time...
Dear Diary, Everything i do, takes a lot of time, a lot more than i anticipate. I thought that adding a small feature would hardly take an hour, and it took my entire day. Entire day is gone in adding a little thing. And the bigger features takes m
Jan 13
Vipassana- My whole experience (Part 3)
Dear Diary, At the beginning of everyday evening discourse, Guruji would say, one more day has passed and I felt good every day when he said this. This is the last part of this series. I’ll write about the rest of the days there, what I think in
Jan 04
Vipassana- My whole experience (Part 2)
Dear Diary, I promised myself to keep it very honest to you. Because if i am not honest to my diary then who am i ? In this part I’ll write about the first 6 Days there. Not a lot about what I was learning there, instead what was happening to me.
Dec 24
Vipassana my whole experience (Part 1)
Dear Diary, This December, My birthday month, I took a long vacation from my job, and decided to find my self. Declutter my thoughts and try to know who i am after all. My best friend told me about Vipassana, It's a meditation course. I wan
Dec 23
December 22, 2019, Fatoosh salad
Dear Diary, Made fatoush salad falafel today. Wasnt picture looking good but the zatar dressing was finger licking good. I wish it was good looking too, i wanted to set a whatsapp status today. Anyway.  It tasted great. Even falafel was great today
Dec 22
November 27, 2019
Dear Diary, Sometimes i feel so lucky to have few people in life. The love i recieve. Specially Mom, Sweety and Di. Family. No matter what happens, they are always there. There is a bond which exist since our birth. I could not think of one gif
Nov 27
November 23, 2019, Just so many things..
Dear Diary, The 3 Lessons. Tears of acceptance. Aha Moments gain. So many hobbies.  Birthday.  Anchor. I had more things in mind, before starting. But i dont remember everything now.  Ok, let me start.  Tears of acceptance. Its from
Nov 23
November 17, 2019, 500 Miles...
Dear Diary, The day dint start very well today, i got irritated at mom once when she kept asking me to go buy the milk begore 10. Because after that he'll charge a rupee extra per packet for cooling charges. I got irritated and i threw money in fro
Nov 16
November 09, 2019, Meaning...
Dear Diary, Last week dawrani sent me this quote on insta.  Something like 'Your purpose is not to spend your entire life wandering around looking for the purpose.'.  Then i saw interview of dropbox founder with sal. I was hoping to see that mayb
Nov 09
October 29, 2019, That smell
Dear Diary, I was coming on bike, and suddenly i could smell the breeze. Its Some trees, I don't know which ones. But It took me back that evening in college. 3 rd year. Durga puja vacations. Main canteen, nescaffe. Yellow Lights. And the song.  "
Oct 29
October 28, 2019, Courage, Competition
Dear Diary, sometimes i think about all the things i could be doing right now. I can do many things i want to do, things many people are doing, being free, travel, earn more money, work on new things, buy stuffs, do what i feel like whatever i want
Oct 28
October 11, 2019 Hey Jude...
Dear Diary, Few days, i really lived. I lived and i dint care.  We went to granny's again today. Chaithanya sang songs. Meera did fly on my bike 😂😂.  I compiled gc_decode successfully today. That was one happy moment. I compiled a project usin
Oct 12
I dont think these days...
Dear Diary, You remember when i was in college, i used to think a lot, even after the college, i was thinking a lot. I used to ask myself, why do we live ? Whats my purpose ? What are the things i care about.  I used to read a lot of stuff too.
Oct 03
September 16, 2019, Benjamin.
Dear Diary, Before i started watching this movie, i knew it would be something.  I dont watch many movies now, because i dont want to get too many ideas from the outer world. Because i believe that, then i wouldn't be sure about thoughts in my bra
Sep 16