Kung Fu Panda 🤠's Dear Diary

February 23, 2021, Things back home...
Dear Diary, A few days ago I read this quote - `Life is brief and the world is unpredictable` I look at my life, and i keep telling myself, that this is the good time of my life, am i prepared for the bad time ? Because it will eventually co
Feb 22
February 03, 2021
Dear Diary, The need of the hour is writing. I'll start with a weird dream i had today.  Somehow I have bought a 6 channel mixer. 🙀🙀 for 70,000. A 6 channel mixer ? Whyyyy ?? 😀😀. And now i am regretting, thinking it may not be of much use
Feb 03
January 28, 2021
Dear Diary, Was looking at the moon today, I feel, isn't life just so beautiful... Don't have much to write. life is going as usual. at times I feel low, but then I feel normal again.  The dreams are still alive, although sometimes they fee
Jan 28
January 16, 2021, Things I have to do
Dear Diary, Things i have to do are too many. Prioritize i have to do.  1. Spacekit - Make an orrery/map of universe or something. Why ? -  1. I want to make something related to space, to build my interest. Learn few things.  2. Want to post i
Jan 16
January 10, 2021, Am i different from others ?
Dear Diary, I'll just quickly write few things.  Give or take this week, or maybe the past two weeks have been somewhat low.  Essentially, not because of work, but i think there is this sense of being alone, i am feeling little lonely, its true
Jan 10
January 01, 2021
Dear Diary, A new day.  I dont have any more resolutions this year. The list from my bday is enough. I am somewhat on track also, i think most things are easy on that list =D.  But few things I am writing again.  1. Giving up on attachme
Jan 01
December 16, 2020, Why We should go to Mars
Dear Diary, Another Aha Moment so early in the morning today.  I woke up early today, (Have been trying ever since my birthday, erveryday i wake up and sleep,  but today i had enough kick and i didn't sleep). Watching the lecture, This was very i
Dec 16
December 11, 2020, Unified Forces
Dear Diary, Remember how i talked to you long ago about their being just one force and not all the different forces like gravity and magnetic and electric forces...  It was an aha moment today, when i was watching the lecture and suddenly th
Dec 11
December 01, 2020, 26th it is
Dear Diary, Its funny how time passes. Looking back, it feels the last one was just yesterday. And yet so much has happened.  I feel i am really lucky, and i am really grateful for everything i have in life, and for all the people who loves
Nov 30
November 28, 2020, Flowers of the winter
Dear Diary, Today's special is the tibbetian namkeen tea. Its so so yum. Really good. Te weather here is like Rajasthan today, so chilled. In the room its so cozy. I think i can just close my eyes and imagine, that its all foggy out there and my
Nov 28
November 23, 2020, 2 AM Thoughts
Dear Diary, Its 2 Am, tmrw it's monday and i have to go to work, its not very exciting going to work these days, specially the part where i have to talk to people and feel responsible for taking the company forward. Yeah, its true, that's a difficu
Nov 22
November 22, 2020, Movies
Dear Diary, `Happiness is Real only when shared with others` Chris writes it in the movie. Its saturday night, and i thought i'll watch a movie tonight. Its been long. Its almost close to 1st decemeber now, last year it was very different, iwas
Nov 21
November 07, 2020
Dear Diary, I feel happy today, a good day. Not a lot of achievements, but in the end of the day i helped someone learn something. Office is going decent. Life is going ok ok, times is just slipping like sand.  Mayur surprised me yesterday, wi
Nov 06
November 01, 2020, MotoJojo Gathering
Dear Diary, Yesterday night was great, went with ashik to a motojojo gathering. Its somewhat simmilar to sofar sounds, but what was intresting was, they start with introduction of everyone in the gathering, everyone has to tell their name and place
Nov 01
October 27, 2020
Dear Diary, Last night I read a line which said that, the most difficult thing is to take decision to act and the rest is mere tenacity. Today 1 woke up at 6, to pee. Then come back to bed and Theo get about how I actually ware up everyday at 6 but
Oct 27