Kung Fu Panda 🤠's Dear Diary

February 06, 2023
Mi querido diario Estoy en el aeropuerto. Kolkata. Mi viaje está empezando ahora. Esta viaje is diffeerente.  Estare trabahando todos los dias.  En esta viaje, estoy solo. Para un mes. Yo no tengo plan completo. Pero esta es tipo de viaje yo
Feb 06
January 28, 2023
Mi Querido diario, 24-JanEstoy sentado en mi terraza. Mirando el cielo. Bebiendo mi te verde. Cielo es muy harmoso hoy. La brisa es tan hermosa. No tengo palabras para la. 27-JanEstoy caminando en la parque. Yo creo que, es un regalo de la vida q
Jan 28
January 22, 2023
Dear Diary, I just made my travel plan. Feel so good, excited. I know i'll be alone, and some of it looks difficult, i have never done a trip so long, alone, without a fix purpose.  I did ask Dawrani, it would have been better with him, but ofc
Jan 21
January 20, 2023
Dear Diary,Just want to write 3 things to you.  The number 1 motivator to do more things is to get a few things done. Some music makes you feel good. Change the state of mind.  You can work better with a less worried mind. It's when you d
Jan 20
January 20, 2023, Presence of being
Dear Diary, "Presence of being".  I was watching this video from my new fav youtube channel. The old man says, its an incredible thing to be a human being. He says what is there that he is not grateful for. ❤️ In the end, He says, you are w
Jan 19
January 07, 2023, Notes - How to become lucky
Notes from the video - How to become lucky 4 Traits of lucky People 1. Lucky people Create, Notice and Act upon the chance opportunities. They are open to opportunities, They are happier to try out stuff. Lucky people take chances, unlucky peopl
Jan 06
January 06, 2023, Bad days at work
Dear Diary, Somedays we have bad days at work 😀.  Yesterday night was not good. The day actually went well, but then i just embarrassed myself in the meeting. The pointer explanation. My God!!!  I just feel so much under pressure in these mee
Jan 06
January 05, 2023, Reading & Writing
Dear Diary, I started listening to the book Ichigo Ichie Again. And yesterday the book explained the concept of mankai and kaika,I remember that while listening to that I felt so amazing and i thought that's how i should find inspiration in life
Jan 05
January 01, 2023, Reflection
Hello Diary Could not write to you on birthday but here we are on the new year. The 2022 Year started with same high lows, challenges at kiot never eased out. I missed her a lot and she wasn't here. We hardly spoke over calls. It will be the
Jan 01
November 20, 2022
Dear Diary, Hello, It's been long since i have come from vipassana, almost a month now and you are no stranger to my memory. I have forgotten sooo many things. But as i promised to you, i'll write few things what i remember.  Before Reach
Nov 20
November 10, 2022
Dear Diary, Long time, many manyyyyy things have happened. Technically, i also have to give you the vipassana part and other many manyyy things. But, i think we'll save it for later. (I just hope, i dont forget it by then). Today, i want to talk, i
Nov 10
October 14, 2022, Delhi Diary part 2
Dear Diary, I am at the busy stop now. Waiting for the bus to dharmshala.  It was my last day in Delhi. For the Last 2 days, i am feeling a little, (uneasy/scared), i can't tell the exact feeling, but i feel a little something in my gut. I am little
Oct 14
October 13, 2022, Delhi diary
Dear Diary, I am finding Delhi amazing. The city has a character. Here, I keep finding people, they have stories to tell and  they talk to you, and they are selling different food stuff here, i ate star fruit here with sweet potato. There are al
Oct 13
October 06, 2022
Dear Diary, Many things to tell you today. I want to write to you more frequently but i really didn't have much time in the last few days, i didn't have track of when i am waking up and sleeping.  I'll start with something about today. I asked
Oct 05
September 25, 2022
Dear Diary, Aaj me tumse ye kahna chahta hun ki ab fir kabhi us se milna nahi chahta hun.  I know, i know ki me milne chale jata hun us se sirf 2 baat use kahte hue dekhne.  Par yr, she doenst want it, all the while i kept thinking/hoping ki
Sep 25