Kung Fu Panda 🤠's Dear Diary

April 14, 2024,
Dear Diary, I miss her again today... Dont judge me, dont call me crazy please. I feel what i feel.  Thinking about the times she tried.  Tried to be who i wanted her to be... That's all.  Goodnight
Apr 14
April 12, 2024, Crazy me
Dear Diary, Now i am going completely crazy. It's 3 o clk, i cannot sleep.  Things feel just so mixed up right now, i dont know what to believe in, or how to live at all.  I'll start from my day. In the morning i was thinking about my value
Apr 11
March 31, 2024
Dear Diary, Hi... I don't know why this happens, somedays it become so difficult just to live. I want the time to fade, yet the fading time gives me anxiety.  I am kind of feeling alone today, i know there is mom and sweety and there is
Mar 31
March 30, 2024, Day reflection & Plan
Dear Diary, I Woke up early today. Yayyyyy... I also went for jogging yesterday.  Yesterday was overall a descent day, at work, i focussed only on one thing, did that okayishly.  In night, chatted with Niranjan. Also tagged with sambit sir fo
Mar 30
March 28, 2024, Day reflection
Dear Diary, The whole routine went flying somewhere in the last week.  No excercice, no journalling, unhealthy eating, no meditation, no going to office, sleeping late, and no guilt for any of this =D. But i am back.  I looked at myself to
Mar 28
March 20, 2024, Day reflection
Dear Diary, It was quiet descent day.  I woke up slightly early.  Did not do exercise - Taking rest, don't feel guilty about it.  Started my day with just one goal of finishing one task. And i finished it by eod.  In the evening,
Mar 20
March 19, 2024, Day reflection
Dear Diary, I am getting better at maintaining routine, I am forming habits.  I think it's primarily because i don't have too many things to do in my mind. And maybe i know my priorities better now.  I didn't go to office today. Worked from
Mar 19
March 18, 2024, Day reflection
Dear Diary, I need to have a lot of strength to believe in god today.  Once again, i am in search of the light.  You'll call me crazy, and believe me, i think that about myself too right now. That i am crazy, dumb, dead drop stupid.  First i
Mar 18
March 17, 2024 Day reflection
I love you...  It'll pass... Kabhi socha he ki bhaag rahe ho jiske peeche, agar mil gaya to kya karoge ?  Ye jise tum sukoon kahte ho, us se sukoon na mila to kya karoge ?  Dear Diary, I was sad today.  I listened to this on loop for cou
Mar 17
March 16, 2024, Day reflection
Dear Diary, It was Saturday.  Spent the day deploying vba for sandeep. Went to buy plants with her.  Played/danced with her room mates. Smoked a lot of cigarettes.  Thought of reading books, but not feeling very intresting. May watch a movi
Mar 16
March 15, 2024, Day reflection
- Excercised - Woke up late - Worked for about 8 Hours - Met Aashik, Ruchi, Nivan - Sat with Mom - Made hummus What made me happy - Music, it changed my mood, Some positive music can change your mood so quickly.  What i did not like -
Mar 15
March 15, 2024, Day reflection
Dear Diary, I woke up late today, because i slept late last night.  I met Sandeep, he came to Hyderabad.  It's soooooo nice to meet my friends.  The caffe we went to was also very nice.  Did not hamper my work much, maybe just a little. But
Mar 14
February 15, 2024
Dear Diary, Lately i have been feeling really good and having strength to lift myself up everytime i fall. Partly because i feel so grateful and excited to be just living in this universe. Beauty is in everything, perfections and imperfections.
Feb 15
January 27, 2024, Some good stuff
Dear Diary, I owe you some good stuff too =D.  At canary, in every friday huddle, there are shoutouts to people from another person in the team. And everytime i see that, i wish someone calls my name too, damm, i am also working. But never got
Jan 27
January 19, 2024
Dear Diary, Coming here and writing to you is the only thing that makes sense to me rn.  Sometimes i feel God starts playing games with me, just when i am ready to give up on something, life does a little magic and tease me with its tricks. 
Jan 18