Kung Fu Panda 🤠's Dear Diary

June 22, 2022
Hola Diary, I am here again.Early this time. I have some free time now.  Today i went to lamakaan, after almost 3 years. It was only at 7 o clk, i decided to check their website and found that at 7 they are remembering some Russian director.  I ca
Jun 22
June 21, 2022, An unsent letter
Dear Diary, Yesterday was such an emotional high for me.   It was her bday, we went on a small trip to Kanha village.  She looked very pretty, This, I wanted to say, but I could not 😄.  We stopped at that garden, and that lake, and then the
Jun 21
June 17, 2022
Dear Diary, I am soooooolhappy today.  After 3 years seeing her singing again. It gives me some sort of hope in life. And i see the world is sooo beautiful,people are sooo nice and kind, and loving.  To sdanjeeta ❤️🤗😘 Goodnight!
Jun 16
May 22, 2022
Dear Diary, Classic rock music is now my favorite genre. In the afternoon, it's sunny, but not too hot, i go on my bike with the music in my earphones, it gives me such a kick. I feel confident with having the horse power of my bike in my hands
May 22
April 29, 2022
Dear Diary, I am happy today. Very much indeed.  I am grateful for the food i have. Sooo much.  And i have these friends and the money in the pocket.  I wont lie to you, i am a little scared too about what if i lost all these. What if i di
Apr 28
April 21, 2022
Dear Diary, What's going on. I feel nervous, scared, speechless, and hopeless. I don't know, what i'll be able to do in life. I feel i am not good at anything, i dont have stories as much as people, i have no funny stories, i dont make anyyy
Apr 20
April 10, 2022, Moto Jojo
Dear Diary, Many things. I'll start from last night. I was planning to meet arvind for a long time, i didnt meet him after his marriage.  So we decided to meet, and went to this Moto Jojo Event.  I enjoy music, i always do. There is somethin
Apr 10
March 29, 2022, Munde pagal
Dear Diary, Listening to this song on loop for last 3 days. With earphones, its next level joy.  My hands move, my body moves, I want to dance. And there it is, I want to dance with her, we both with earphones in an empty room, just outside us
Mar 29
March 19, 2022, Goa Trip
Dear Diary, A few weeks ago, me and Dawrani decided, we'll go to goa, and we'll figure out my life there 😅.  We dint plan anything, just booked our flights. Literally no plan. That resulted into our hostel 60kms far from the airport the first
Mar 19
February 13, 2022
SunDay plan Things to do Today - It's almost the same as yesterday, couldn't finish a lot of things yesterday, did many calls sooo.  Centen - Blinds & Curtain Motors Content ready Accounting - Extract Vouchers etc. IEC Apply Looking in
Feb 13
February 12, 2022, Day plan
Things to do Today -  Centen - Blinds & Curtain Motors Content ready Accounting - Extract Vouchers etc.  IEC Apply Looking into imports data Plan for the benchmark tool TOD Update.  Schedule interviews 11:00 - 12:30 - Centen content up
Feb 12
February 11, 2022
Dear Diary, Lamp is in the corner, warm light, passenger's 'And i Love her' playing on the speaker, I have my green tea in the cup, sitting on the tea table. Its perfect. I am with me, just me.  Don't laugh at me 😄.  In this week, I just go
Feb 11
January 26, 2022
Dear Diary, Nothing specific brings me here today. I actually don't feel like doing anything, so I thought I may just write to you =D. Usually this happens, when i think about a lot of things to do and nothing sorts of completes. Like i do one
Jan 25
January 09, 2022, A terrible day
Dear Diary, Worst thing, In middle of productivity needed days, today since morning, like SINCE MORNING. I tried to fix one fucking problem with ionic navigation for tod note page. Worst thing is,  i could not solve with any jugaad and i may hav
Jan 09
December 13, 2021, Gandhi's wedding
Dear Diary, Gandhi got married. I always thought that he probably won't. But i think i was just thinking of the world to be like me. He had girlfriends before and he decided to marry when he thought he was ready and he met her and decided to
Dec 13