Kung Fu Panda 🤠's Dear Diary

October 18, 2021, I am sooo happy right now 😅
Dear Diary, This week has been good, I did not achieve a lot of things, but i am feeling good. (And too good right now, that i am scared, i may have too bad days coming 😅). Music is one thing. That really makes me sooo happy sometimes. We went to
Oct 17
October 16, 2021, Day plan
Dear Diary, 1. Install device 2. Setup Kafka 3. Talk to friends 4. TOD 5. Check BLE Mesh 6. Firmware testing for new devices
Oct 16
October 12, 2021
Dear Diary, I have come here, once again to lament for things never existed. But I can't help it.  After every few days, i feel it, i stop and i look at the time passing by and i feel i am loosing something, something is going away from me. 
Oct 12
October 10, 2021, 3 things
3 Things i'll focus on 1. ERP 2. Reading 3. Kiot planning 3 Things i am grateful for 1. How sleeping makes me feel, sooo light 2. So many herbs, that i can grow from seeds 3. How i can see the color red 3 Things I'll let go of 1. Check
Oct 10
October 03, 2021, I am (lucky)
Dear Diary, Few things happened in life by chance have turned out so well. I met ashik, ruchi just last year, just by chance i called ashik for my bday. And now we hang out every week, day before yesterday we played Chinese checkers and watched manal
Oct 03
September 26, 2021, Some gibberish
Dear Diary, Feeling lost in days.  Want to do a lot of things, not doing any.  Good body, good mind, happy life, all i wish only.  AI, Quantum, Science, Space dreams only.  Life is a bus, stations are many. On some, we stay longer than o
Sep 26
September 11, 2021, Day plan, Saturday
Dear Diary, Woke up late. Had beautiful dreams =D.  I am trying to fast today. so no time waste in eating three times.  11:45 - 12:30 - Fix Plants 12:30 - 02:00 - Postgres and Metabase Setup 02:00 - 03:00 - Business Metrics 03:00 - 06:00 -
Sep 11
September 10, 2021, The Tanker dream Again!
Dear Diary, It's wierd,i saw the tanker dream again today. I don't have much else to write, so I'll just write about this dream.  The area seems like somewhere in Hyderabad, i am with some people, we are sitting in a small restaurant (Like of Hy
Sep 09
September 06, 2021 Bangalore days
Dear Diary, Last four days i Was in bangalore, on Thursday morning dawrani messaged, kab aa rahe ho, Aaj? I said haan.  I was much needed break. From work.  We drank, we smoked and we laughed. Bullet, car, bangalore weather and having a bhabhi. ❤
Sep 05
August 29, 2021, A very good day
Dear Diary, Today was good, very good. Nothing special happened, but i think i am feeling good.  I woke up very late, but didn't feel bad about it. I think the reason i am feeling good is because of what i did last night.  For a very long time
Aug 29
August 25, 2021 < So Frustrated again
Dear Diary, I know i know, you'd think that, i have come again here for crying. But i cant help it. I don't know what else i can do.  I am feeling so frustrated for past 2-3 days. I don't know if its just my personal reasons or really the thing
Aug 24
August 11, 2021, Cant sleep
Dear Diary, I closed the laptop, not because u was feeling sleepy, but i felt some unsability in my vision, as if my mind signalling me to to take rest befire its late.  I have been working for many hours these days, skow or fast i dont know bu
Aug 10
August 04, 2021, Troubles of a nice guy
Dear Diary, I don't remember if I have said this to you earlier. But we have an occasion today. Once again.  Being a nice guy becomes difficult in a bizarre way sometimes. Even though people hurt you, insult you, cheat with you, you cannot be mad
Aug 04
July 31, 2021
Dear Diary, I took mom to park today. She is getting lazy 😀. I had to convince her. We got new plants from park, it felt so good, just walking in the park today.  Made these smoky noodles, tooo good. 😋😋 In between sometimes I start feeli
Jul 31
July 20, 2021, Butterflies 🦋
Dear Diary, She video called today. She is in Jammu, she showed me around there. It's beautiful. The house there, view from there, it's so serene and silent. In winters I can imagine it'll be even better.  But that doesn't give me Butterflie
Jul 20