Kung Fu Panda 🤠's Dear Diary

November 19, 2023 Updates
Dear Diary, It's been a lot of time and there are a lot of updates.Let's start with USA. Being lucky Few days ago when navid asked me, if i am coming or not, i said, i dont feel like coming and i don't believe that i can get the passport re
Nov 19
October 22, 2023
Dear Diary, Once again today, the heart wants to dwell in the past.  I was doing very well until i just lost the game last night in a swing.  All these days, I did not think about it at all, what happened to us, what she did, what i did. I hav
Oct 22
September 30, 2023
Dear Diary, Going to a book shop in the mall, seeing all the books, with the smell of paper, sure feels nice, feels like i am still happy, buying sunglasses also felt so uplifting, i was finally able to pick these, having money in pocket feels g
Sep 30
September 23, 2023, #LoveIsTheBeautyOfLife
Dear Diary, Lately i have been holding on so much, that i have created darkness for myself.  I forgot who i am amidst all these things attachements, desires, wishes.  I forgot that i am a content being, i know how to be content without anything. 
Sep 22
September 21, 2023
Dear Diary, Right now, I am craving for a girlfriend, and sooo badly, i feel anxious. I hit the road with bike, full throttle, i needded that rush. I sooo feel like i want to be with someone right now. Someone i can hold on to, someone i ca
Sep 21
September 07, 2023
Dear Diary, The ground problem is -  She isn't attracted to me, she said it last year and she said it again when she proposed. (I just couldn't understand it clearly that day in my excitement).  And the thing is i forgot/ignored that part co
Sep 07
September 05, 2023
Dear Diary, After long, high on emotions.  First of all, I think You, tod, is one of THE best thing i did in this life. I was reading older notes today and it all appeared so vividly. 253 days ago, i wrote about Jyoti to you.  Yesterday `A
Sep 05
August 29, 2023
Dear Diary, The image i had That when we would finally finish putting on the last string light in our caffe we both would stand back and look at it and feel the same warmth of love, and a the end of the day when we are done with the work in caf
Aug 28
July 22, 2023,
Dear Diary, Sometimes how important it is just to take life lightly, to not take it upon yourself.  I am finding myself using it more often now since i first came across this.  Last week has been quiet a fast week. I worked and worked, Almo
Jul 21
July 15, 2023
Dear Diary, Its soooo good, to have you my dear.  At times i feel things i cannot explain to anyone and no one would understand also.  I feel excited and worried, i feel happy and sad.  I feel free and i feel constricted.  But you are ama
Jul 14
July 08, 2023, Excitement
Dear Diary, Somedays, Some days are sooo exciting.  I feel the spark within me, not spark but a slow burning fire. The one that makes you feel that you are alive and that you can still do everything you want to. Aaj sajeya ae ve saara seher A
Jul 08
July 06, 2023
Dear Diary, Had a decent day, well not decent, it was below average honestly. First, Jiju cane yesterday as surprise, it’s good on some levels, but it also feels like a little pressure, because i have work things going on and it generally fe
Jul 05
July 05, 2023, Jaadui lage ye zindagi
Dear Diary, I am happy that we had good conversations today, i am happy, so happy that she tried to understand me, forgive me for my behaviour. Yeah, so 2 days ago, i got too drunk and i think too excited, we all went for dancing and yeah, i mis
Jul 04
July 01, 2023
Dear Diary, June ka mahina he, July lagne vali he.  Ye koi kavita nahi bas meri jugali he. :P  I was thinking about what kind of relationship we are going to have, what should be good & what should be bad. Will we be as individual still be sam
Jun 30
June 26, 2023
Dear Diary, Today marks a big day of my life. The photo should tell it all.  Although i always thought that someday I would do it, someday i’ll be on my knees and I would know her answer, I would know she would say yes, but i had no clue when
Jun 25