AJ's Dear Diary

its all messy (November 11, 2023)
Dear Diary, today was a floor art competition at my school and guess what even after all my attempts I still lost to that teacher's pet *sigh* this was the last year so i wanted to win but i guess my luck was just too bad  and the one that my frien
Nov 10
win! win! win! (November 08, 2023)
Dear Diary, i hope i win tomorrow!!!.... its my last year in high school and tomorrow being the last day for school they are conducting various compiditions omgg i am scared and exicted at the same time but you know... a lot of talented individuals
Nov 08
A conscience? {November 07, 2023}
Dear Diary, I woke up and felt soo cold that it felt like I should skip school today. I'm glad I didn't today was adventurous after all! After arriving at my school I decided to park my vehicle in the parking lot area and I didn't even notice  a MON
Nov 07
feather of hope {November 06, 2023}
Dear Diary, few days back as i was closing my eyes and praying cause I was in need of a feather, a peacock's feather which I was so attracted to that i begged my parents if they could get me one. IT just felt as if, if i had the feather i will have
Nov 06
Dear Diary, as I was writing the previous letter my mother's aunt died it seems she was a cancer patient....I've never seen her  or was close to her so i don't know how to feel but i guess sometimes institutions does come true , the feeling of some
Oct 31
that hurtful past (October 31, 2023)
Dear Diary, that painfull memory...that trauma is hitting me again. I hate it now it seems that im afraid of guys now...can't even trust at my dad at this point its scary, even being near any male gender is scary...im afraid, alone and...tired
Oct 31
hate me
Dear Diary, mother said shut it or i'll crack your skull open with my stick...and my cousin was like-don't take it seriously the meaner the parents are the more they care...is that true? saying to your child she can't do anything you'll just be a l
Oct 27
am i the mean one?(October 20, 2023)
Dear Diary, please listen to this Guysss Ek BaatHaiiAtleast sab se samne aese mat bola krooEk dusre ko ( name) akele me hume bina galti ke kuchh bhi suuna deti h sun lete h Aur vo bhi jab tak dost man kr sab adjust kr rhe Kisi din kisi ko bura lag gy
Oct 20
wow so depressing {October 19, 2023}
Dear Diary, I'M 18 now...fuck this tax shit. fuck responsibilities. fuck people's expectations *sigh* why is like life this depressing I wanna go back TO THOSE PEACEFUL DAYS and i deeply regret why I took commerce ,why did i not study anything in c
Oct 19
These lonely nights{October 01, 2023}
Dear Diary, finalyy!! that rapist guy will be gone tomorrow I just can't wait for him to go....I still can't sleep I start having nightmares...they are very brutal I hate it please just someone ….I want just someone to consult me, to tell me its al
Sep 30
i want a boyfriend {September 26, 2023}
Dear Diary, why can't i find a boyfriend? i just really want to experience what having one even feels like...please get me one 😭
Sep 25
can't get it out of my mind {September 22, 2023}
Dear Diary, I finally finished my mid-terms :') my accounts paper? how did it go?.....shit...it was worst than shit...imma defiantly fail for sure but ehh who cares I finished my exams at least that's all what matters to me. But when i was driving
Sep 22
Im scared {September 21, 2023}
Dear Diary, Heyyy its been a while..how's life...well I have an exam tomorrow...accounts really is tough and its my final year so it puts soo much more pressure but I would not have been so scared if only I studied instead of watching anime and read
Sep 21
God is silent again {September 19, 2023}
Dear Diary, God is silent again today.....Hi, its AJ this is my first time writting to you , i just watched OMG after alli cried my eyes out today and yet you were there sillently watching.....watching me as i cry down and gave me a piece of cocunu
Sep 19