Dasha's Dear Diary

HIM (04-30-22)
Dear Diary, I feel like I finally found my soulmate. He is kind, gentle, and smart. I really like him and I love how he respects me. He is also there when I need him the most. I don't want to lose him.
Apr 30
Dear Diary, I feel so bad. I did my best but programming is really hard man. Our instructor is really confusing me coz he teaches us things that are unrelated to the problems/activities he gives us. Sht. I wanna cry. Tomorrow is the deadline and i
Mar 17
Again 09/03/22
Dear Diary, Today went well. I didn't embarrass myself during the introduce yourself in our class. I played with Tammy most of the day and she slowly learns not to bite and she licks everyone's feet LOL. She loves playing with clothes and she gr
Mar 09
B-day and a puppy 02-12-2020
Hello there, it's my first entry in February and I got some news. We got a new puppy last February 10 and we named her Tammy (a reference to 1000 lb sister queen Tammy Slaton) our pup is light brown and small but she's fat almost like a pug but she'
Feb 12
obsession 01/05/2021
Dear Diary, How to stop obsessing over someone? It's consuming my energy and time and I don't like it. I know it's bad like stalking and staring at their pic is rude but and every time I like someone I become obsessed fR. I want to move on damnnn
Jan 05
Diaryy 04/01/2021
Hello..um today went okay. I attended my classes and even participated in one subject. They told us that the finals are coming and I still don't review the past lessons because I'm lazy and I have a headache. On a poll, our instructor asked us to wri
Jan 04
Happy 2022
Dear Diary, I slept around 3:40 am and my head is spinning. It was fun celebrating the new years eve with my aunts whole family and my niece.We took lots of photos with delicious foods,'Happy 2022' sign, and balloons on the background. The girls
Jan 01
((Dec21-29)) 29/12/2021
Dear Diary, Ok...so 2021 is almost over and I was lazy to write them here for the past 8 days so here I go... Dec 21: Our Christmas party was so fun and we ate lots of food (bucket of chicken, large ice cream, Maja Blanca, French fries, spa
Dec 29
Christmas 2021
Hey Merry Christmas to you and to your family!!😇 People across the world may or may not celebrate christmas but to those who celebrate this holiday, I hope you find peace and happiness in this wonderful season.
Dec 24
tomorrow 12/20/2021
Dear Diary, My sister helped me cut my bangs and i feel like i look pretty when she tied my hair on one side.🥰 Im so ready for tomorrow because it will be the day of our christmas party. My sister helped me wrap the gifts and im so happy i
Dec 20
Cold 12/20/2021
Dear Diary, I didn't wrote here for days but a lot has happened. I reunited with two of my friends when we went to church and we talk a lot of random stuffs. we only got quiet when the mass began. This day I wasn't able to attend the mass and so
Dec 19
goodbye to my feelings 15/12/2021
Dear Diary, I would be a hypocrite if I say that I don't have feelings for Andrew anymore. I always think of him, really. I wish I could be the one to make him happy whenever he's sad, and be there when he's happy but I guess I'm just imagining
Dec 15
good news 12/14/2021
Dear Diary, good news Andrew attended class again :}}
Dec 14
i miss him
Dear Diary, I'm nervous for tomorrow's topic presentation oh no..😐😐 he's not attending classes anymore and there's news that someone in our class doesn't want to continue his studies because someone was harsh on him when he/she asked about
Dec 13
another gift 12/12/2021
Dear Diary, we went to the mall and I already bought another gift for my friend. We didn't stay long enough because my mother doesn't feel good and she is irritated with me hahaha I guess it's because she's tired from doing the laundry but she told
Dec 12