Cheeky's Dear Diary

Dear Diary, For the past few days, YouTube Shorts recommends videos of a Russian YouTuber named Meeyinara or they call her Nara. She is from Russia but her ethnicity is Kazakh. I got hooked on her videos because she dances very well to songs her
May 12
Dear Diary, I've been crocheting for 3 weeks now. I'm still a beginner so my works are turning out weird. I have many supplies like yarn, hook, stitch markers and more but still not enough because my fiber fill is already all used up but i cant
Feb 10
love me more
Dear Diary, Im currently writing this as Im doing my school projects. My bf is busy all day because he is building his portfolio for an Animation Company. He almost doesnt have time for me and thats okay. I already know that I'm not his priority
Oct 31
Happy 2022
Dear Diary, I slept around 3:40 am and my head is spinning. It was fun celebrating the new years eve with my aunts whole family and my niece.We took lots of photos with delicious foods,'Happy 2022' sign, and balloons on the background. The girls
Jan 01
((Dec21-29)) 29/12/2021
Dear Diary, 2021 is almost over and I was lazy to write them here for the past 8 days so here I go... Dec 21: Our Christmas party was so fun and we ate lots of food (bucket of chicken, large ice cream, Maja Blanca, French fries, spa
Dec 29
Christmas 2021
Hey Merry Christmas to you and to your family!!😇 People across the world may or may not celebrate christmas but to those who celebrate this holiday, I hope you find peace and happiness in this wonderful season.
Dec 24
tomorrow 12/20/2021
Dear Diary, My sister helped me cut my bangs and i feel like i look pretty when she tied my hair on one side.🥰 Im so ready for tomorrow because it will be the day of our christmas party. My sister helped me wrap the gifts and im so happy i
Dec 20
Cold 12/20/2021
Dear Diary, I didn't wrote here for days but a lot has happened. I reunited with two of my friends when we went to church and we talk a lot of random stuffs. we only got quiet when the mass began. This day I wasn't able to attend the mass and so
Dec 19
another gift 12/12/2021
Dear Diary, we went to the mall and I already bought another gift for my friend. We didn't stay long enough because my mother doesn't feel good and she is irritated with me hahaha I guess it's because she's tired from doing the laundry but she told
Dec 12
Results 11/12/2021
Dear Diary, results came out and I am the first placer/champion of the contest. I know i should be happy but i just feel normal.  Today i started watching PK - a popular Bollywood Movie about an alien looking for his necklace so he could go back
Dec 11
soap 10/12/2021
Dear Diary, Hey, does romantic love exist? If so, is it just at the beginning? Will I ever get the answer? I still believe that people can be with each other but I'm not sure if their feelings will stay the same for long period of time. This
Dec 10
promised 09/12/2021
Dear Diary, As I promised I will write a detailed diary entry for today. 1. Last night I slept at around 3 o'clock because I was determined to finish our research but my mother went mad so I have no choice but to sleep and continue it in the
Dec 09
too late 08/12/2021
Dear Diary, it's late at night and I have to do my research because the presentation is tomorrow morning so I'll just write a 'hopefully' substantial entry tomorrow after I'm done with all my school works. see ya!
Dec 08
Christmas tree and gifts 07/12/2021
Dear Diary, I helped my mother and brother in setting up our Christmas tree and the Christmas lights are already turned on and it was very nice to see it flickering on the corner.  I slept in the afternoon and when I woke up my friends are i
Dec 07
Coding + soap update 06/12/2021
Dear Diary, I thought i was good at programmning. I gotta admit my last grade was pretty high and probably the highest grade i ever got🥰. But today as we had another activity, it drove me crazy and there were lots of errors in my work. 😢My sister
Dec 06