Dear Diary,

For the past few days, YouTube Shorts recommends videos of a Russian YouTuber named Meeyinara or they call her Nara. She is from Russia but her ethnicity is Kazakh. I got hooked on her videos because she dances very well to songs her movements and facial expressions are on point and her style is so good too. I like her style her hair her simple touches to her dances. She's kinda big on the platform too currently 700k+ subscribers with hundreds of millions of views to her shorts.

At first, watching her amazed me. Now that I have watched her for longer I become jealous because she is who I want to look like. I want to buy her clothes and want to have a body like hers like she is flawless unlike me I have so many things I want to change about my body and the way I present myself is so awkward :< I want her confidence too. This is bad.