another gift 12/12/2021


Dear Diary,

we went to the mall and I already bought another gift for my friend. We didn't stay long enough because my mother doesn't feel good and she is irritated with me hahaha I guess it's because she's tired from doing the laundry but she told me she gets dizzy because lots of people are crowding inside the mall. (i doubt that because she's already irritated before we even went to the mall...).

I looked for markers but they are all low quality and there were only few colors left on the shelf. Most colors either have hard nibs or dry inks so I did not buy a marker. But I bought clay for my sculpture project, 4 highlighters for my friends, and 5-color pen for my lectures.

I finished watching PK it was good but I don't understand the whole movie lol. It was entertaining because of the comedy. There are just so many funny scenes but I felt sad when PK's brother died and when PK almost confessed his love to Jaggu but when he touched her hand he knew that she has to come back to her love Sarfraz.

I may not understand it all but the main theme is about religion - I just don't get it especially when they say 'the wrong number'. I wish I understand those parts but I didn't. But overall, it was still a nice movie.