Dear Diary,

I've been crocheting for 3 weeks now. I'm still a beginner so my works are turning out weird. I have many supplies like yarn, hook, stitch markers and more but still not enough because my fiber fill is already all used up but i cant afford to buy more since i have a date with my bf and im saving up some money. I already make a little bit of money from making some amigurumis (small toys made of yarn) but lately i have commission to 2 people and i priced it all so cheap and i think i lost because i used supplies which are more expensive than what i can get from it and meeting up is also stressful because the fare is very expensive to where i should meet them. I think this will be my last commission and im gonna start selling my products online because that is more convenient on my end, i will not worry about meeting up and i can price my items higher. The reason why i price my items so cheap is because i am just a beginner. I dont think its not fair to sell my items at higher price because im just a beginner but im still stressing out because even if they pay me cheap i still dont want to give them low quality items *ahhhh* its so hard so yeah no more commisions from now on i will only sell pre-made items :)