Anne's Dear Diary

March 02, 2021
Dear Diary, Woke up at 7:30 today also. Yesterday I got to know that AM may get posted to Gurgaon, made me upset. But I told him, it made me upset. And being honest made me not get angry. And I am peaceful.  My mind is filled with thoughts o
Mar 02
March 01, 2021
Dear Diary, Today I woke up at 7:30 to do office work. I didn't have motivation to wake up by 7:30 before. But I had this time. I am happy. I was able to behave nicely, sometimes , I get negative vibes from my roommates. But I didn't get any sin
Mar 01
February 28, 2021
Dear Diary, After so many days, I feel peaceful after waking up. I know now, that the wait is over. I finally said everything to AM, that I want to meet him or otherwise I will return by 20. And he couldn't give me confirmation but said, by 10 h
Feb 28
February 27, 2021
Dear Diary, Since a few days, I am getting more depressed. I cried after waking up in the morning , before sleep. But now I am trying to be more positive, thinking my life is not that bad. I texted with AM for around 2.5 hours yesterday. He
Feb 27
February 25, 2021
Dear Diary, Yesterday was a pretty bad day, it was not as productive in office. I have so many things to do. I don't know how I am gonna manage everything.  I asked AM if we are gonna meet on 6th, he said not on 1st week , but 2nd week. To t
Feb 25
February 24, 2021
Dear Diary, Yesterday was a good day, I impressed a senior by doing a root cause analysis of an issue and doing debugging also. I could do it as my roommate GK helped me. She is doing development work since around 6 months. Today I woke up s
Feb 24
February 23, 2021
Dear Diary, Yesterday was a hectice day, I worked all day. I worked on the case studies given by my office till 1:30. And in between I was working, cooking and cleaning. I made very tasty food. During lockdown I realised I really like cooking
Feb 23
February 22, 2021
Dear Diary, Very hectic day so far, now I am not at my hometown, I have to cook and clean etc. And in my new project I have to develop code, and I lost practice for since more than a year so, I am unable to do properly. I will try to do on my own b
Feb 22
February 21, 2021
Dear Diary, Today I shifted to Mumbai, after arriving here I was feeling very sad. Again, everyone wished me happy journey or asked if I reached. I had a chat with AM, he didn't ask me anything. I guess, I realise that being angry on him is not
Feb 21
Not a good listener.
Dear Diary, Another long fight with AM, and me ending up realising that I was overthinking.  On my mothers birthday today I promise myself to be a positive person. He said I am not a good listener. I agree to some point.
Feb 20
February 19, 2021
Dear Diary, I was keeping track on how many days I get upset about AM by going through my diary. It's 6/18 days. So, one third of the time he makes me upset. Its not a good sign. Today also I controlled my urges to insult him. How long can I go
Feb 19
February 18, 2021
Dear Diary, Another day started with feeling lonely. I don't know when this lonely feeling will stop. I wish I had someone.  Again my mind is consumed with feelings of hatred for AM. He is not telling me what he feels for sure. He is not showin
Feb 17
February 17, 2021
Dear Diary, Today is the 1st day of my new project. I hope everything goes well.  I was planning to meet AM on 1st week of March, but now I want to meet him on coming Monday, as due to Covid, his hostel may shut down again.  He said, no one wants
Feb 17
February 16, 2021
Dear Diary, I got selected in a new Project , I am so excited. It was my 1st interview , and I got selected in it. I wanted to work on S4 Hana only and I got that. I will do my best in this project. I was chatting for hours with AM till 3am,
Feb 16
Thanks to VS
Dear Diary, I chatted with AM till 2am yesterday, felt good, he was really funny and cheered me up.  Well going out was not much of a good idea, I will watch a good movie at night The only reason I could submit my assignment was VS. That gu
Feb 15