Anne's Dear Diary

August 08, 2022
Dear Diary, All my life, I have been a little weird I felt. So, I have no inclination or motivation towards money unlike most people. One can say I am a miser, but I am not even that. I rarely shop for clothes, never cared much for fashion, neve
Aug 08
August 01, 2022
Dear Diary, It is August now... I don't know what I am doing with life.... Got to know that there is a mild posterior bulge in C5/C6, that is the reason why my left arm is always numb these days.  I will purchase a cervical collar today.
Aug 01
July 24, 2022
Dear Diary, So my nerves are perfectly fine and not damaged yet but still my left hand is constantly numb.... I hope it heals soon. It is scary to me. I also am getting anxious regarding my career.  There is only 1 superstition I believe in,
Jul 24
July 23, 2022
Dear Diary, Yesterday I was diagnosed with some nerve disease, today I will undergo one test which will detect how much my nerves have damaged. It is scary as I never had any major issue till now. This WFH lifestyle definitely is also a big reas
Jul 23
July 22, 2022
Dear Diary, Something has happened to my left hand. Since last 7 days my left hand is constantly feeling numb. My sensory nerves in my left palm also feels weird. There is some nerve pain as well. Going to a neurologist now. Hopefully it's not s
Jul 22
July 18, 2022
Dear Diary, Let's just say I absolutely hate my father... I am just waiting for the day I get married and leave this hell hole...  I just feel sorry for my mother... She didn't deserve this... I have told her that she can come and live with
Jul 17
July 17, 2022
Dear Diary, Bae said something really sweet today... He said  "You have inspired me to be a better person.... You are someone who deserves a good person, so I need to be that good person..  I feel it in my heart and mind that you deserve someo
Jul 16
July 16, 2022
Dear Diary, Well today I realised something, I found my role model today... I mean,I always admired him, but today I got the clarity. My manager Sahil is my role model. Now I am working in another project under a different manager who is also re
Jul 15
July 14, 2022
Dear Diary, Today is my parent's 33rd marriage anniversary... I am not showing much excitement as I am angry with my dad... And mom also is upset with him... She said she doesn't want to celebrate this time as well , because of him I was not abl
Jul 14
July 13, 2022
Dear Diary, On 10th of July, me and Bae were supposed to get engaged but my father is so negative about him sometimes so we decided to better skip it now as he might sabotage our engagement. Bae belongs to a village in Haryana, he is a Jaat, and
Jul 13
July 10, 2022
Dear Diary, Finally I finished my CV today... After almost 10 months from the first time my bf asked me to do it. Lol! Anyways... I have a fat belly now, need to lose weight, I need to work on myself , on my career , so many things to do... Sti
Jul 10
July 05, 2022
Dear Diary, I had one of the ugliest fights ever with Bae... So, he wants me to switch to a new company soon, I also want that but my lazy ass has not finished the CV yet.  He kept telling me to do it, I said I would but since more than 6 month
Jul 05
July 05, 2022
Dear Diary, I had the perfect day today in terms of productivity... I spent many hours yesterday into making a good plan ... I had the habit tracker, but that alone wasn't enough... But Bae is not happy with me... i have not finished the CV yet..
Jul 05
July 03, 2022
Dear Diary, Hmm... Still facing the same motivation issue... Woke up at 11am today... Haven't done anything since morning...  Trying different stuffs everyday to see what works for me... Let's see ... I have so much work to do and my eye
Jul 03
July 02, 2022
Dear Diary, Lately I have been very unmotivated, I don't have energy for anything... It's not that I am unhappy about anything... But all I want to do is sleep...  I was thinking about my past, I have never put effort for anything in life, I
Jul 02