Xhopefulprincess's Dear Diary

September 26, 2021
We got the results for our covid tests just slightly more than 24 hours after taking them. We were both negative, so that's great. We are back at work again today. Sundays are honestly the worst days to work. Loads of people come in after church and
Sep 26
September 24, 2021
Everything was fine yesterday morning. My dad and I got up and got ready for work, no big deal.  For some reason, I felt off, like I was forgetting something. Maybe it had to do with the fact that I didn't feel the urge to poop yet even though poopin
Sep 24
September 19, 2021
I have been so completely overwhelmed with anxiety. My first day of work as a self-checkout person was awful. (September 17th) I have a lovely coworker and she helped me so much and was so nice to me. She was an absolute blessing.  Some higher-ups cr
Sep 19
September 16, 2021
Went to work for a few hours today to watch some training videos, set up direct deposit and such.  I was fine at work, but when I got home, anxiety hit me like a shit ton of bricks. I don't know why it happened right then. I felt like I was going to
Sep 17
September 13, 2021
The struggles are only just beginning. Good news, my dad and I got jobs. He got his old job back and I got a new one. I'm going to be working on the front end, meaning self checkout. It's better than being a regular cashier, for sure, but it is still
Sep 14
September 12, 2021
I feel anxious. High level anxiety. Tomorrow my dad and I are gonna go try to get our pre-covid jobs back.  The job I interviewed for recently said they would call me within 72 hours. They never did.  My favorite pizza place sent me a message on Augu
Sep 13
September 08, 2021
There are so many things I want to update about, but I have so little motivation.  I feel like I'm running out of time to do stuff that I want to do. Federal unemployment benefits have ended as of September 4th and now I'm in legitimate job search mo
Sep 09
August 21, 2021
I feel anxious and tired and hungry. Tired never goes away, but I could fix the hunger if I got out of bed. My sister, C, has been going to the doctor a lot lately. Her blood platelets are hella low. Normal is in the 100-thousands and last week she h
Aug 21
August 12, 2021
I've been having an absolutely awful period. It started very lightly on August 4th but it's been completely downhill ever since. Tons of cramping and passing a lot of blood clots. It's so physically draining. I feel so much better when I'm cuddling w
Aug 12
August 05, 2021
I miss Da so bad. It gets harder every time he leaves.  Yesterday he told me that if my grandma didn't have a problem with him staying the night, he would often come over to sleep with me. I wish we could do that.  It's so hard to not see him for a w
Aug 05
July 31, 2021
Depression has been hitting hard lately.  I bought my tattoo artist a Squirtle amiibo and gave it to her on the 27th after I paid the deposit for my next tattoo. I'm getting my favorite pokemon on August 24th. I tried to book sooner, but she's going
Jul 31
July 24, 2021
Big sigh. I'm feeling kinda meh. Kinda depressed. I can't pinpoint any particular reason though.  I told Da at 2am that I was going to sleep early tonight, and I did. But I woke up about 3 hours later and couldn't go back to sleep. I'm not sure if it
Jul 24
July 14, 2021
My fifth tattoo came out nicely. The lady who gave it to me was really nice, too. She's into anime and Pokemon. She has a Charmander and Squirtle tattoo on her left upper thigh. Also she's 3 years younger than me which came as a surprise. My wasp sti
Jul 15
July 13, 2021
I've been wanting to update for a while but I get distracted and lazy and shit happens.  Anyway I got stung 4 times today by wasps. Absolutely great time. Twice on my right thigh, about 2 inches apart, once on my palm right next to the skin that conn
Jul 14
July 02, 2021
I do and don't want to write this at the same time. My "good fortune" that I mentioned in my last entry ended very quickly. I was happy and content until I was forced awake on Monday afternoon (June 28th). My mom's left shoulder has been hurting her
Jul 03