September 26, 2021


We got the results for our covid tests just slightly more than 24 hours after taking them. We were both negative, so that's great.

We are back at work again today. Sundays are honestly the worst days to work. Loads of people come in after church and loads of people have to come in and buy beer and food for their football watching parties. It's just too many people and I just don't like people.

My dad and I are both extra tired today, a big thanks to my nephew J. Even though we are working now, he still comes over on the weekends. Last night he didn't want to go to sleep and kept everyone up. He's a real bro. 

I went to bed late last night anyway, but I could've gone to sleep sooner if it weren't for J. I refused to go to bed until I finished harvesting all of my fruit and pumpkins in Animal Crossing. And of course I had to water the pumpkins, too. 

I finally got all 6 of my rocks to spawn in one area of my island which is really nice. Now I gotta work on cleaning up my island. I placed a custom design on every empty tile except for the tiles where I wanted the rocks to spawn. I tried using a custom design mannequin so that when I was done I could just slightly change the design and all the mannequins would vanish. I kept missing spots and the rocks would spawn there so I said fuck it and just put tiles down everywhere. Anyway, it took probably 2 weeks to get them all spawned where I wanted them. 

I have 30 minutes until it's time to clock in and I just keep getting sleepier. I hope everyone is nice today and things go well. I'll probably go to sleep early tonight.