September 24, 2021


Everything was fine yesterday morning. My dad and I got up and got ready for work, no big deal. 

For some reason, I felt off, like I was forgetting something. Maybe it had to do with the fact that I didn't feel the urge to poop yet even though pooping before work had, unfortunately, become my routine. Whatever, I thought, and continued getting ready. (I did eventually poop about an hour later.)

I was eating my typical breakfast when my dad started to complain of stomach pain. He went to the bathroom and proceeded to have diarrhea. 


Lots of people at work, especially in the department that he works in, have reported having COVID-19 and diarrhea is indeed a possible symptom. Not to mention the day before he had been feeling "off" himself, including feeling dizzy and exhausted. 

Despite both of us actually wanting to go to work, and my dad claiming he only had $45 in the bank, yikes, we both called out and I got us appointments for a covid test. 

A couple hours later, we took the rapid test and were both negative. The people administering the tests said we need to take the PCR test as well since we are symptomatic. It'll take 48-72 hours for results. It's just shy of 24 hours now.

I felt pretty fine myself, but after taking a nap post-covid test, I felt off again. My head felt weird. Not quite a headache. I described it to Da as a "fuzzy" feeling. I also felt exhausted. 

My dad never had any diarrhea again, I was told. 

I hate that we are missing at least 2-3 days of work. We could potentially get the results tomorrow, Saturday, and then go back to work Sunday if we're negative, but I don't believe we will be going back to work until at least Monday. 

Speaking of work, having the self checkout job didn't last long. My job title is still messed up from job codes and now I need a drug test to actually switch into my new job, despite already having started the job without one, idk it's weird. I'm essentially a greeter. Despite having social anxiety and the entire basic duties of a greeter, I'm not having a bad time with this job. I actually kinda like it, even though it is pretty boring. 

I think this job would be a lot harder if I couldn't hide behind a mask, literally and figuratively. I put on my uniform/clip on my name tag, and I'm no longer xhopefulprincess, instead I am an employee and face of the company. No longer an individual. It is not "me" who is talking to the customers, but the company is talking through me. 

But also, I'm literally wearing a face mask and that means no one can see about half of my face. I can make faces at people and they won't even know. I don't have to actually smile at people, but it's a habit I developed while working with this company the first time. 

So far I haven't had any customers be mean to me, so that's great. I've only had this position for like 3 working days though. Another great thing is all the cute kids I get to see and wave at! 


Tuesday, 21st, Da came over and we got to cuddle for a long time. I was so happy to see him. I love him and miss him more every day. 

We finally caught up in the Pokemon movies to the one I've been waiting to watch. Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel, aka Magearna movie. I was so happy watching it with my boo. Magearna is adorable and I love her even more after watching the movie. 

I've played Pokemon Sun but I haven't play either Ultra game yet (I do own Ultra Moon though). After watching the movie, it makes me sad that Magearna was only an afterthought in Sun and Moon, and I bet the same holds true for the Ultras. Magearna deserves a plot line in the games instead of just being a random addition that you can scan a QR code for and receive in-game. She deserves better. I mean, come on, she has a movie where she is a main character and she has significance in the Sun and Moon anime. Why not in-game? (Pouts)

I'm hoping that when Pokemon eventually makes it to the gen 7 remakes that Magearna will get a plot line in the games. But for now gen 4 remakes haven't even been released yet. If gen 7 does get remakes (I don't see why they wouldn't), it'll be pretty far in the future. And maybe Da would like the remakes better than the originals. He says gen 7 is his least favorite. (Sad violin sounds)

Gen 7 is great to me. Granted, it's the second gen I played. My first game was Diamond when I was 17-18 and then I got Sun sometime after it came out. Since then I've played Leaf Green, Shield, Omega Ruby, Let's Go, Eevee and a bit of X. 

I liked gen 7. It was just another pokemon game to me. But Da had already played all of the prior games so he was attached to the gym style of the game whereas I was only just familiar with it. I guess the island kahunas were just too big of a change for him. But he didn't like the starters either, except for Rowlet, which, ironically, I dislike. 

As per tradition, I chose Popplio because it's a water type, cute af, and Primarina is a star. 

I didn't mean to go this far into a pokemon tangent but I did. 

It's 5am and I don't have work and I'm tired so I'm gonna go back to sleep. I only woke up to pee anyway and got sidetracked.