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my d*d
Dear Diary, my life has been fucked ever since court decided to let my dad have shared custody over me. Since he started threatening to hit me, be sexual towards me when drunk, to hit me and hurt me emotionally. The court let a man that keyed my
Mar 26
I hate it.
Dear Diary, I seriously need to tell my mum or someone how I truly feel. I need to go on medication for the disorders I believe I have. I'd go to a therapist, but that wouldn't be possible at the moment due to the pandemic. Somebody on here
Mar 23
Dear Diary, covid-19 is a new corona virus that originated in Wuhan during 2019, when a man reported symptoms. This then spread world wide, having a negative effect on majority of lives, but a positive effect on nature. Some positives that
Mar 19
I don't think I'll last for much longer, battle in my mind. Can't reach out to anyone for help without feeling guilty or embarrassed.  I want to kill and injure people so badly,  But I don't have any documents to prove my mental disorders, so
Mar 14
Mental state
There should be more mental health outlets,  I'm struggling, thoughts of just staying in the dark, cold rain pattering against my skin. Killing people, harming those that show as weak. I'm sorry, if I ever do commit any crimes. I can't help it, I ne
Mar 14
March 14, 2020
Dear Diary, It's so different here, everything white, smart, blue. My room becoming storage for their children, I feel excluded. There's a birthday party being held here today, that's why I decided to come over and stay the night. Although ther
Mar 14