Sar Bear's Dear Diary

January 21, 2020
Sick an tired... I'm tired... Not just exhausted from working.. I'm exhausted from trying to maintain the hapoy facade.. For once I km tired of fighting... In tired of fighting .. In every way shaoe an form I am tired of fighting...  Most importantly
Jan 22
January 20, 2020
Because of the situation going on an were we both were at that moment in life..  We're soul friends... If that makes since...  Our siiks recognized kKns another.. Not as soul mates.. But as a reincarnated soul friend..
Jan 20
January 17, 2020
As my shit hits the fan... So if I had a soap opera that would be the name of it...  Hust n the last few weeks alone major changes have been made whether willingoy or unwilling... Ive fallen so far down another rabnit hole.  I've landed I. Another a
Jan 17
December 25, 2019
So im the black sheep in a black sheep family... When something bad happens the way i find out is thru a Facebook post or comment on a friend or family menbers page...  Imnthe family member that doesnt even get so much of a trxt wishing a merry chris
Dec 26
December 20, 2019
The simple things in life💜💜... So ive been getting ridiculously thirsty men hitting me up on fb... Jus hit ignore an move on but everyonce n a while I got a good funny message that makes me feel like my soul is shinning thru... Heres 2 Sep messages
Dec 21
December 19, 2019
He Didnt Have To Be All I knew was i wanted to go an walk the lake... So I changed out of my out of my PJs an into some jeans an hoodie an jacket.. Put my batman beanie back on... Grabbed my house keys and a knife..  An i walked out to walk the lake.
Dec 19
December 04, 2019
Dear Diary, Message to me from a friend Sometimes I like to tell things in private because people get the wrong idea, mad, or jealous. It's not to say I would not be interested in you, because I am, but more in turn of seeing what you
Dec 04
November 28, 2019
Living dead girl..... Its hard... Trying to keep the smiles and the fake mask up... It hurts... I struggle... I sit alone in my kitcheb most of the time an just listen to music an talk on the phone... Keeping up my usual return even tryin to full my
Nov 28
November 22, 2019
Sorry not sorry......... So i had to make a post in my social media because no matter how honest i am about how much im not ready for a relationship someone was trying to push himself into a relationship with me... So just before  him i sent him as
Nov 23
November 20, 2019
Behind blue eyes... She was walking proof that you can have your soul in half and still navigate thru life beautifully... I read that quote today and it gave me hope...  Im tired... Exhausted.. Talking to my roommate last night that there are things
Nov 20
November 19, 2019
We built us for more Was talking to an ol close friend this am.... Every once jn a while i cone up with something good...  Love ur chrisss..  We may not have been built for what weve been thru but we sure as hell built ourselfs to withstand the after
Nov 19
November 19, 2019
About the collage picture.. Bottom right was taken sept 28.. 2 weeks before his arrest... The top right was taken oct 18th.. One day after his arrest.. And the left picture of my upside down is month after I took. Back control of my life.. An out it
Nov 19
November 18, 2019
Today.. Im proud of me... So yesterday i spent some time an reread some of my past entries... I cried a little... I wrote down a couple upliftong posts to hang kn my wall n my apt so that i can look at them when i need those words of inspiration...
Nov 18
November 13, 2019
Things are gettong better... I started a new job working nights an uve been working on readjusting... I feel like ive hit the roommate lottery... And thd injunction on justin is good for a year... But it seems like crowds are causing me to break soo
Nov 13
October 22, 2019
Self worth Sometimes the lessons i truly honestly learn from are the ones that im affected the hardest over... Ill admit im stubborn... I give to much of myself... But .. Today i count as a true victory... I established some boundries with people th
Oct 22