Shesnotreal's Dear Diary

July 27, 2021
Dear Diary, this year i’ll be actually alone on my birthday. not only lonely as usual but also alone  and that’s okay i just wanna write this down here and see if my assumptions are correct
Jul 27
July 24, 2021
Dear Diary, im hot and im pretty  everyone can agree
Jul 23
July 21, 2021
Dear Diary,  when i die i want everyone close to me to look back on the memories they’ve made with me and smile. i don’t want them to be sad that i’m gone, i want them to gather around somewhere and talk about the love they’d feel the fun they’d hav
Jul 20
July 17, 2021
Dear Diary, for once i just wanna be in the back seat not the drivers seat
Jul 16
July 16, 2021
Dear Diary, my friends say it’s comforting to be around me, that i’m kind and loving and always there…  i know that but, is anyone ever there for me? the way i need it?  i always feel alone. not lonely. just alone. i’ve always felt like i’m carryin
Jul 16
July 02, 2021
Dear Diary, i wanna share a quote with you- i read this just now and i really liked it: “You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant“
Jul 02
June 23, 2021
Dear Diary, my sister traveled back to the country she lives in and after having her here with me for a month and getting used to having het around 24/7 again… the night feels too quiet but it’s okay. i really enjoyed spending time with her and it’s
Jun 23
June 22, 2021
Dear Diary, i saw a tiktok the other day where the girl said she read something that said “how empty of me to be so full of you” and that shit stung me and stayed with me for weeks after.
Jun 21
June 18, 2021
Dear Diary, i remember my mom buying me an iced coffee and donut at the airport two years ago when i was really sad about whatever silly thing it was at the time.. now here i am buying her favorite pie for her as i help her prepare to travel to her h
Jun 18
June 05, 2021
Dear Diary, i feel like i’m always missing something theres this huge empty space inside of me somewhere i’ve been finding it super hard to fall asleep easily because of it. i’m also feeling detached again and all of these feelings are starting to tu
Jun 05
May 30, 2021
Dear Diary,  حاسة بفراغ كبير حاسة بس بشو حاسة مو عارفة
May 30
May 20, 2021
Dear Diary, today i realized that i now also have a person that falls under the “ if i could go back in time and unmeet you i would in a glance”. i just think it’s so fucked up what she did to me. i deserved better and at this point i will never ever
May 20
May 19, 2021
Dear Diary, today i saw my friends and it was really nice. my country has been undergoing a 7pm curfew because of the covid19 pandemic but everything is open again at night now and it’s been really nice i miss late night drives where the windows are
May 18
May 17, 2021
Dear Diary, today i read something that really stayed with me and i think it’s something that’s gonna stay with me a very long time here’s what it said:  “if i knew then, what i know now.. well, it probably wouldn’t have changed very much. And it pr
May 17
May 14, 2021
Dear Diary, i wish there wasn’t so much comfort in pain when so much of pain turns into so much of nothingness but under tonight’s sky i share the same stars with them all-the hurt, the betrayed, the happy, the angry, the naive and the fragile and al
May 13