July 30, 2020


Dear Diary, still waiting on business to pick up so that my husband can transfer with his job and we can move. Just a waiting game, and while we wait I am fixing up the house enough to be able to sell it.

My son has started Karate and is really loving it. I am super happy he is liking it, I really think it is going to be good for him in many ways. 

My friend came over last  night, first time I saw her in months. This whole COVID thing has really been a struggle for everyone.  Her man just got laid off last night. I really feel for her. 

My son is still doing great with school. He is 1/4 through first grade. I am so proud. Especially when public school kids haven't even started yet. 

Side note: He has a top wiggly tooth that needs to come out. It is hanging lower than his other tooth and is super super wiggly. But it is hanging on for dear life! It's ready to come out but just wont!

Has anyone in this diary world got any tips on a stubborn tooth that wont come out? Thanks!