Someonemessedup's Dear Diary

November 21, 2020
Writing here because can't text to that person. Ehh i still think about you idk sometimes you just pop  to my mind and i can't do anything about it i try but it's still  hard. I know that someday it will get better but  idk for the first time i wante
Nov 21
October 04, 2020
I feel like i can't do this anymore. I can't  do living  anymore and I'm  not living my life i just survive day by day thinking  when all this will stop.  I'm anxious  about everything. I mean every little not meaningful thing. I'm  tired  from mysel
Oct 04
September 07, 2020
And after  so much  time. All i can remember mostly is your words "we are nothing". And now i think  how fast people  mind changes.. How fast something becomes nothing.
Sep 07
September 07, 2020
I'm  not jealous of bestie it's just some many guys want to meet her, they wanna meet up in person , hangout. She says to them that she wants  the same but  after  some time she blocks them because got tired  of them.  And i just thinking  i wanted 
Sep 06
July 26, 2020
I'm confident that im over you. So much  that some morning i wake up with smile on my face and thanking god that you no longer in my life. Thanks god you left.But then.There are some nights i imagine  what i might do if you came back. If you walked i
Jul 26
June 22, 2020
After  all this time, i still  think about you. When i now i shouldn't,everything has ended. I know  that you won't come back. i know  i know  that everything has ended  and we will never talk or look at each other like we did before. I know  i have
Jun 21
May 18, 2020
He texted  me after 2 months.. sent a two videos  with himself and puppy... and just texted I'm  drunk and i thought  you like dogs so.....why do something like this after 2 months.... Argh it's  so annoying I'm  trying  not to think  about it, i kno
May 17
May 16, 2020
Eh, still thinking  about someone i shouldn't  have in mind....
May 15
May 06, 2020
It's  almost two months that we ended it. I ended  it because i was tired  emotionally i couldn't  do it anymore, even i like you so muchi couldn't... i overthinked everything  i was insecure about myself. But the worst part was that i fell for you s
May 05
May 05, 2020
I really  really try my hardest but I'm  tired.... I'm  tired  from  dealing  with  my problems  with  my thoughts  on my own... yeah maybe they are really  smal problems but to me they are really  big. Tired  to idk being  like some therapist  to ev
May 05
April 28, 2020
Is it bad that I feel a bit idk hurt?  When my friends talks about their boyfriends , of course I'm  happy that everything is going well for them I always was happy when they are happy. But idk with all that happiness I feel a little sad or hurt to h
Apr 28
April 24, 2020
The worst thing it's not that people leave our life, but the things they leave after them. They leave their words, actions,things that reminds us about them. Just really simple things. Now my books my drawings reminds me of you because you liked that
Apr 24
April 11, 2020
I manage not to cry for so long, but that song came and with it came everything... I  was saying everything is fine, I'm good, to everyone and myself I thought i make myself believe it. Of course everyone believes it, but I'm far away from feeling go
Apr 10
March 30, 2020
Its harder and harder to be that person who is always okay. that person who support and helps other, listen to their problem but almost always are left alone when feels low. They say they will be there for me, but when i need someone to tell me that
Mar 30
March 22, 2020
Just had my hear broken for second time. But now I don't think I will feel broken forever, yeah I cried so much because of him, but I know I will get better This time I know it. maybe  not this week or this month or this year but I will get over this
Mar 22