November 21, 2020


Writing here because can't text to that person. Ehh i still think about you idk sometimes you just pop  to my mind and i can't do anything about it i try but it's still  hard. I know that someday it will get better but  idk for the first time i wanted something to work out so much. And sometimes at night when I'm drawing I'm thinking maybe if we would have met at different circumstances maybe just maybe we would  have worked out. I know  when we ended  i said that i didn't care that now you want to be just friends, but i did i didn't want to you to feel guilty about it but it hurted so much. I was so disappointed in my self  when i don't expect anything from people  i though maybe i can expect just a tiny little bit from you but... i couldn't  and it was my mistake not yours. And the problem is that even if i would text you right now, you would answer to me nicely and sweet, if i would ask to meet up you would and that's the hardest part  about moving on..