Almyhappinessisdead's Dear Diary

May 23, 2022
Dear God help me make it to the flight
May 23
May 21, 2022
Dear Diary, I know it means he doesn't care for me but sometimes I like to believe he does love me/ care for me but then again I shouldn't seek his approval. I always have hope that someone will see as worth their time and energy. I hope God will for
May 21
May 13, 2022
Dear Diary,I always write about how others feel about me like I'm always the problem? I wonder why i care about how others think of me. But anyways my life been kinda all over the place so many things i have to get done in my life. To be honest i wis
May 14
May 02, 2022
Dear Diary, I haven't really typed in here idk what to say I'm just trying to keep my head together. I have been that productive but I hope I can change that.
May 02
April 09, 2022 Toxic love
I feel the jealously raise off me, and live off the future that we can happen. I like being with you in the present though, you're delightful and you liking me oozes off of you in the dark. We both know it will never go far in the dark.but both of us
Apr 09
March 18, 2022
Dear Diary, the thing is when I'm high ...I'm so happy so happy to be myself. It werid because I'm not worried about things so much. Even men or peoples opinions. I feel what I think normal people feel,at least i think they do. I miss my old self wis
Mar 19
March 02, 2022
Dear Diary, the same thing different guy I can't tell if he likes me. Men only like me to be their company. I don't see this as wrong necessarily but it was be nice to know before I catch any feelings. I really do like seeing and sleeping with him. H
Mar 03
February 24, 2022
Hey its the sad girl again i need some advice. I've been seeing  a guy for a few days (new guy because the last guy broke it off two weeks ago) He seems really nice but I don't know if I like him like he's cute and stuff but he's really chill and I d
Feb 24
February 21, 2022 Never lover
Dear Diary, you know when somethings wrong? You still do it even though you know you'll regret it? I wish you were regrettable.
Feb 21
January 26, 2022
Dear Diary, I wish I had someone to love me for me all of me. That would go out of their way to see me. To embrace me. That looks at me with love and hope. That I can see myself marry them. I wouldn't feel like I have to tell them to be loved a certa
Jan 27
Stranger in my bed
Loving you is like loving the morning air. Fresh, morning air. I smile when I breathe you in that warm familiar smile. But I know you only last for so long.. You're smile isn't the same. I'm feeling a change in the air, a chill up my spine.Until I wa
Jan 09
January 07, 2022 Niki *A promise*
Why can't I stop thinking about what we could be? Hoping you could save me from my pathetic life. I just want you to hold me love me. Everyday I think about that night and how I thought "he wouldn't like me, nothing is going to happen" " he loves her
Jan 08
Dear Diary,So long story short I'm with my ex friends ex but they were together in high school.. I slept with him do I regret it no.. not at all I didnt expect it to happen either .. it was good like the passion and it was romantic... I didn't want i
Jan 04
December 23, 2021
Hi umm I feel like I growing a crush on someone but idk if I like them. ... I think I'm just desperate or lonely maybe both. He looks at me like a woman I've never had that but maybe because he hadn't had anyone in a while too. Um maybe I should thin
Dec 23
December 10, 2021 Loveless
I can't I just can't forget everything that happened I try to forget bury it until I have to face it. The physical pain is gone but the memory is strong it hurts, more than anything physical. A wound that wont heal and I cry inside every time I remem
Dec 11