Overtheclouds 's Dear Diary

November 27, 2023
Dear Diary, i just wanna kill myself. i hate myself. and i hate my circumstances.
Nov 27
November 19, 2023
Dear Diary, to be honest, the empty feeling is still right here. It feels as if it is on its way to fade away but it keeps turning back again and again.  Tomorrow i will have psychology exam and i am kinda prepared but kinda not. I cant focus o
Nov 19
why do they not care?.. tw..
Dear Diary, yesterday was another day of the prove that friendships are the worst thing one can have. surely one cannot say this about every friendship but .. every friendship i had was just.. i regret making friends. friends are here to fade aw
Nov 06
November 01, 2023 am i fat?
Dear Diary, i am freaking insecure about my body. to be honest, since many years. i starved a lot, i ate a lot, i did sports and diets but at the end, i end up crying and comparing myself to other people who are much skinnier than i am.  according
Nov 01
October 20, 2023
Dear older me, all i ever wanted was to be with you.
Oct 20
October 20, 2023
Dear Diary, i don't know why i love autumn and winter so much even though some terrible things have happened a few years ago during these seasons. i keep thinking of those things and im crying and regretting but nevertheless i feel home when we hav
Oct 20
October 20, 2023
Dear Diary, i. went. for. a. run. OUTSIDE. and im kinda proud of myself that i did it.
Oct 20
October 16, 2023, Should I just do it ?
Dear me, I wanna improve myself. (Since years actually.) However, I wanna be more sporty. My current goal: be skinny and sporty.  Goal for tomorrow (in a few hours): Wake up at 4am and workout for one or two hours. (In my bedroom.) After that, I w
Oct 16
October 16, 2023
Dear me, it's hard. It's all hard. Life is hard.
Oct 16