Pink_Pill's Dear Diary

September 23, 2023
Dear Dirt bag. None of your rage makes sense. I heard you singing “I’m not here for a long time I’m here for a good time” with a shirt on the bed that said the same thing.  I asked you if i could ask a question and you immediately get an attitude
Sep 23
September 16, 2023
Dear Dirt bag,  I’m writing this while i rub my nose because i wonder if there is a physical mark. I don’t know how many times you hit me in the face, but I remember at least twice,  After I kissed Tori, you exploded. I remember getting in the c
Sep 16
August 03, 2023
Dear Dirt Bag,(husband) You’re lying to me. I know it. You admitted to a lot of things:   - you led her on - she thinks y’all are in a relationship  - she paid your $3,000 bail - you’re currently staying at her house while she’s “away” - yo
Aug 03
July 31, 2023
Dear anyone,  Yesterday my husband called our youngest son to get him to look for the laptops. I didn't say anything. He immediately found them and I could hear my husband saying through the speaker of the phone, "i would never put them in my offic
Jul 31
July 30, 2023
Dear dirt bag (soon to be ex), Well i just had to verify my intuition tonight …. You posted an $3,000 unspecified bond and walked to our house. You got in your truck, plugged in your phone, and immediately called her. I got curious if you wer
Jul 30
July 29, 2023
Dear Anyone, I don't know. It just keeps getting worse. On the way back home, my mom's car (which is my husband's old car he gifted her about 8 years ago that he threatens me he will take back during a divorce) broke down in the middle of a busy hi
Jul 29
July 19, 2023
Dear Dirt Bag, I’m so sad. I lost it earlier. You used my car (that i can’t afford on my own) to get items for your “trip” tomorrow. You have viagra (yes at 40 years old) and condoms. I just couldn’t compute. What did I do to deserve this? So wh
Jul 20
July 12, 2023
Dear dirt bag, Here we go again. You’re out late. Don’t communicate where you are and I’m home wanting to be loved and cuddled.  How can I make enough money to get away from you?  Will I meet someone who can save me?  I hate my life
Jul 13
July 09, 2023
Dear Dirt Bag (aka husband),  I get so confused when you tell me things didn’t happen so here I am documenting events.  Last night, I took a CBD gummy for my anxiety and went to bed. You, of course, were still running the streets.  When you came in,
Jul 10